IOC President Bach discusses “challenges” for the 2026 Games

ROME (Associated Press) – Costly construction delays, a leadership vacancy linked to a volatile political climate and a lack of sponsors amid a pervasive financial crisis have prompted International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to acknowledge the “challenges” facing organizers of the 2026 Winter Games in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

With the IOC’s Coordination Committee’s visit to the Milan and Cortina sites postponed by three months until December due to national elections due in Italy later this month, it was left up to Bach to handle matters during a visit with outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi before receiving the award. . From the Italian Olympic Committee.

“As always before the Olympics, there are challenges – particularly in light of this new emerging world order and the financial and economic crisis,” Bach said on Friday.

“But we have overcome some challenges in the past two years,” Bach added, referring to matches held in Tokyo and Beijing amid the coronavirus pandemic. From our Italian friends.”

In an era of growing sensitivity about the cost of the Olympics – and the usual taxpayer-financed extra spending – Bach said one of the more expensive 2026 venue upgrades would not be included in Milan-Cortina’s official budgets.