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This is a great morning to let your emotions flow

I’d like to go on record this morning by saying that I am totally fine that 2021 has been a huge lucky season for MY Bengals. It was magical, but apparently in two games in the 2022 season, the Bungals caught lightning in a bottle on their way to figuring out a way to win the Super Bowl.

I’m not as expert in football as you see it on TV, but I’ve watched enough football in Cincinnati to know that we’re dealing with a team that thinks they’re going to go into the 2022 season and have miraculous victories like 2021. The team that shook after the snap cost them a win over the Steelers and a team that allowed the Cooper Rush to beat. on them.

Throw in a quarterback who looks tepid and we have a real problem in Cincinnati.

Now, the only savings blessing here is that AFC North is the garbage fire I’ve come to expect. Crows are still a defensive disaster. Browns are brown and the Steelers should be 0-2.

The bad news for the Bengals is that the schedule is not a pleasant illusion Now she only has a 21% probability of making the playoffs.

Other notes from sitting on the patio watching football:

  1. Congratulations to the guy who spent $8 on Jags on the Gauntlet project as you started laughing. The joke is on me because the Jags will either lead or be in a tie with the AFC South by the end of the night. And since the Titans play the Bills, I’ll expect the Jags to have a head-to-head lead in week three.
  2. It might be time for Old Yeller Matt Ryan’s career (16 of 30, 195 yards, 3 INTs) in the NFL. Can? The ponies are officially on the clock to draft your quarterback.
  3. Just thinking about the smile on Jimmy G’s face this morning as he lay in bed with some Instagram model.
  4. Trey Lance was made in SF, right?
  5. The Seahawks rushed for 36 yards against the 49ers! This is the sixth speedy yard During a regular season game in the Pete Carroll era.
  6. Black has a comma offense. Now, Detroit fans will think I’m trolling them. The Lions just laid out 191 yards from the rush toward Washington. Now let’s see Detroit do a 140-yard sprint down the road and I’ll have complete confirmation that this is a playoff team.
  7. Congratulations to those of you who have drafted Amon Ra Saint Brown into the fantasy tournaments.
  8. This was a big prediction by Tony Romo:

Suburban weekend dilemma

• I was out on the patio having a few beers on a Saturday night with a neighbor and trying to get away from deep conversations when Colin started on Mrs. Screencaps by putting down his cell phone. He claims his daughter won’t get one until eighth grade and he’ll come up with serious terms.

Personally, I was just trying to watch Ohio State’s score of 77 on MY Toledo Rockets, but I assured him I’d be putting it up with the Screencaps community.

Help this guy by sharing your wisdom on the subject. Take us through the mobile phase.


Was Collinsworth always a pompous donkey?

• Gerard W wrote:

Was Chris Collinsworth always a pompous donkey? Is it like all the blue label journalists you’ve been working with? For f-ks…….

I think the thing that drives me even more crazy about Collinsworth is that he passed that sound on to his son who will now beat in our ear canals for at least the next 30 years. God help me if I’m hiding in the Florida double 30 years from now and Jack Collinsworth is the guy to play for the Google Sunday NFL Ticket.

Fires and bad football

• Indy Daryl was beating Russell Wilson before the Broncos scored a win in the fourth quarter:

Good evening! You don’t pay for any premium cable or football packages so you’re currently watching Cowboys vs Bengals. Sorry to see your cats struggling! Always root for Burrow and will continue to do so; Hopefully they can come back in the fourth quarter. Having said that, I think my Broncos are toast. They’re so awful with Wilson…ah it’s going to be a long season.

Glad I had a Saturday night as there was a deck fire (thanks Solo Stove!) and a grill fire with delicious wings! Get a good night’s rest and look forward to a great start to the week.

Jason D is back with an update on his wife’s 40th birthday

• You may remember Jason Dee as a Screencaps reader whose wife was going to celebrate her big birthday, but she didn’t want to take a vacation with friends because Jason was having some trouble with seizures.

Jason provides an update:

Hi Joe, It’s been a few weeks since I checked in. My wife’s 40th birthday came and went without tears, so I’ll take her. Thanks to the advice you and the screencaps community gave, I didn’t push her to take a girl trip to celebrate this achievement. She’s not ready to leave me alone because of my seizures. We agreed she’d be flying to Michigan in December to see a friend. I hope to be able to do that when the time comes.

Like most times in my life, I’ve been late to the garage fridge party. My wife called me a few weeks ago and told me I would need to find a way to pick up my “new” garage fridge that night. She had found a 1991 Whirlpool in a garage sale for $25. I was skeptical but excited. I’ve only mentioned how cool a garage fridge is a few times in existence. She lifted that away in her mind and found one at a random garage sale. She bought the fridge for me but her excitement level increased dramatically when I plugged in the fridge and loaded it up with some of her favorite things.

My brother and I went that night to get the fridge. The owners were older and were moving to a smaller house. They have lived in this house for 30 years and the refrigerator was brand new when they moved in. And as their children got older they installed the lock on the side. The owner shared that they loved their kids but they also loved beer so they had to find a way to protect both. As a father of three young children who will be in their teens someday, I don’t appreciate locking anymore.

My fridge sticker game is just getting started, but the photos shared by the screencap community gave me the motivation to get started. The Busch Light inventory at my local Sam’s Club has been empty for the past 3 weeks, so my current inventory is low. I already have some aging apple pie “moonshine” in the back of the fridge that should be ready in a couple of weeks. I’d be happy to send you a sample but I’m not sure drinking homemade “sunshine” from a guy in Missouri is at the top of your list. Thanks again Joe for reminding the general public that we’re in common for good reasons.

How long will this take?

I saw this guy cutting the lawn on a Saturday morning. Okay, so I guess he’s a professional and just doing his job.

This is the historic Selma Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia.

What do you think of the fonts?

What do you think of a single man working alone with a mower this size on a lot this size?

How long will that take?

Anyway, it’s a lovely property in a nice area – Leesburg. I recommend visiting some beautiful golf courses, wineries and hiking.

Thanks for all the fun content. keep it up!

Well, based on my 0.25-acre suburban spread, I have to assume this guy spent 7-10 hours, depending on how many beer stops he made along the way, to pull off a Saturday mowing session.

Or you could say he worked through GameDay & the Purdue-Syracuse early on and then finished while Auburn was kicking his ass on the Plains.

What do you think of one man taking this job? I think it’s totally obsessive behaviour, especially on a Saturday, but that’s definitely not the property owner organizing a silly Saturday session. Not when you have a swimming pool like that.

And I’m not a zero-sum guy, so I have no idea. Do these things have laser sights to keep the lines straight? There is a bit of vibration in those stripes.

Shoot in the fire pits

• Mike T. announced. In Idaho, fire pit season is:

• Of course, Screencaps readers’ 30 acres of burning space can’t let the suburbs have fun. Ryan O. had to go and brag about his hell:

Mississippi DOT Takes a Shot at the NCAA:

• Bill C. In Ridgeland, MS has been on to something of a dissuaded content in the past two weeks. Bill writes:

MDOT would like to give the NCAA more enforcement powers

Beer soap prices seem high

• Bill W. Books.

I hate to bother you again, but I saw this in Cabelas.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous that one bar of Busch soap costs more than six bottles of Busch Light? Thanks Biden.

sunrise perch fishing

• Beau in Toledo spent a weekend. There are very few things in life that are as rewarding as bringing them two sections at once in the western basin of Lake Erie on a lovely weekend morning:

Sunrise on Lake Erie with family and chick bars

We are now ready to start work this week. fall here. Prepare to sacrifice Saturdays for pumpkin patches and apple orchards. it is time.

Have a wonderful day in this wonderful place we call home.


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