How quarterback Jalon Daniels led Kansas to a surprise undefeated Duke match

Lawrence, KS – The key to college quarterback success is stored on Brent Dearmon’s laptop. There it maintains next-level proprietary analytics — if you’re thinking of a next-level, proprietary and analytic Microsoft Excel basic file.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard this,” Dermon said, FAU’s attack coordinator. “I am a mathematician.”

This is a good place to start this week’s best underground success story to fortunes quarterback.

It’s Dermon, formerly kansasOffensive coordinator, who is largely credited with discovering Jayhawks quarterback Jalon Daniels. Daniels is largely responsible for leading Kansas to their first 3-0 start in 13 years.

The best story in the beginning of the season feel happy in this aspect of Appalachian State It spreads from there like crimson and blue ink spilled on a white tablecloth.

It includes a series of failures at a basketball school that just needed a football program they could be proud of.

It includes the likes of Les Miles, Charlie Weiss, David Beatty and Turner Gill. and loser. Lots of loss.

“People probably didn’t expect it,” said second-year Kuwait University coach Lance Leibold of Jayhawk’s turnaround. “It is water unknown to them.”

So much so, that the first Memorial Stadium sale in three years will see an undefeated showdown look a lot like Final Four: Kansas vs. duke.

So much so that LeBold himself is seen as a short temp so Nebraska Come contact.

So much so that Dermon, who worked under Miles, saw things that others had not. There are 12 quarterback themes tracked by Dearmon in this Excel file. for him 12 traits. burp numbers for him A version of the success of a quarterback, which these days should be as good as everyone else.

So much so that Daniels – a small-sized, unknown prospect with a smile that could light up the world – definitely has the game to show for it.

“JD, when I entered all the numbers, he ranked higher there with some of the fours and fivesThe country’s star quarterback,” said Dermon, who made his discovery in the middle as one of Kuwait University’s senior attack advisors in 2019.

“I loved it. I took [his tape] attack coordinator. I took him to the recruiting coordinator. Everyone was knocking at him, “Is he tall enough?” The ball comes out of his hand differently than any human I have ever seen. It whips.”

Daniels is outside Lawndale High School, which is located just miles from LAX and Los Angeles Beach. He was in the same recruiting class as fellow signal callers from California Bryce Young, DJ Oyagaleli and CJ Stroud. Somehow, it was overlooked. As a three star prospect, ranked 2305 overall by 247Sports, this is probably the case. Why It was overlooked.

“In that L.A. area, he kind of recruited because there are so many [great quarterbacks]Dermon said. I thought he got lost in the shuffle because of all those big names. “

Dermon heard about Daniels from Sam Fisher, the Southern California private quarterback coach who couldn’t get the kid out of his head.

Lundell won the state championship with Daniels in 2018, but Daniels initially only ended up two seasons. His only performances were on the “West Coast” of East Washington And the New Mexico State. Daniels knew he’d have to leave the house to make it happen, and he committed to in the end Middle Tennessee.

“I’ve never seen a ball go 70 yards so fast in my life,” Fisher said. “Gallon was smiling from ear to ear, that smile never went away. He didn’t have any. I was totally shocked.”

Is this an Excel file? Dearmon keeps track of the basics like drop-to-intercept ratio. It also tracks the win. That was enough for Dermon, who played quarterback at small Bethel University in Mackenzie, Tennessee.

height thing? Dermon and Fisher can’t understand it. Daniels is 6 feet tall. Young just won the Heisman Cup at 5 feet 11. Baker Mayfield is 6 feet 1 tall.

“The older school guys on the West Coast were like, ‘Oh, we want a 6- to 4-year-old,'” Dermon said. You have grown up. “

All of that was enough for Dermon to stay on top of Daniels, who flipped from MTSU to Kansas just two days before he was named to his LOI.

Daniels matured in Kansas. When he started at 17 in 2020, he was getting balls back in his face and, figuratively speaking, his brain permeated. After the worst decade in program history (21-99 from 2010-19), the Jayhawks went 0-9 in Miles’ second and final season in 2020.

Two months later, Dermon announced that he was leaving for Central Tennessee. The man who stood at the table for Daniels in the staff room now leaves his project behind.

Dermon looks back sadly. If Daniels had stayed with his original commitment to Middle Tennessee, they would have been together today.

“He kept it with me 100% the whole time,” Daniels said of Dermon.

Now, some of the same offensive line protectors who succumbed to 63 sacks in the last two seasons won’t let anything go through 70 attempts in 2022.

Saturday’s Jayhawks entered the top five in scoring (3.0 points per game, fourth), third-tier conversions (68.6%, second), touchdown dash (13, fourth) and yards per dash (7.13, second after Alabama).

The only “Coach K” associated with Saturday’s competition is Kansas offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki. Added a triple option element to Daniels’ game.

You may have already noticed. Jalon Daniels outperformed a California quarterback — former No. 1 recruiter GT Daniels — in an overtime win in the West Virginia. Run a gallon (123 yards) and throw (three touchdowns) all over Houston Last Saturday at 48-30 upset.

Those wins marked the program’s first consecutive wins since 2007.

But there were signs along the way. Daniels led one of the biggest upsets of 2021, capturing two points in overtime to win the match. Texas. That cut short a 13-year and 56-game losing streak on the road in the Big 12. In that game, we saw what Daniels could become when he threw three touchdowns in his career and ran for 45 yards.

The game was also a turning point in the program for another reason. This was Daniels’ fourth game of the season. Because of a recent NCAA rule change, he could finish his season there and retain an additional year of eligibility as a red jersey.

Instead, Daniels finished the season. This is an important reason why the Jayhawks exist at this moment.

“It was one of the most selfless things [program] “The things you want,” said Leibold. It is no longer common today. [Players say] “Where’s me?” He’s seen the big picture. For us to be where we want to be, that was a big message.”

“If I quit this way, it would stop all the momentum,” Daniels added.

Leibold embraced it all. He hinted twice this week that he will stay in Kansas despite his deep coaching roots in Nebraska (Nebraska and Nebraska-Omaha from 1994-2006).

Leopold was 3-0 before at previous stops at Wisconsin-Whitewater and buffalo, but being 3-0 in the Power Five – even if it’s like KS – is different. He and his players were in demand from the national media this week.

In the past two weeks, former KU coaches Jill, Glenn Mason and Mark Mangino have reached out.

The three know what it means to lose 10 games in Kansas, but Mason and Mangino eventually flipped with the Jayhawks to win over At least 10 games. In fact, Mangino – the last coach to start 3-0 – keeps in touch with Leopold regularly through text messages.

This is one of them from Mangino: If you win in Kansas, they will crawl on the nails for you.