Herbert Chargers bruised and battered in a 27-24 loss at KC

Kansas City, Mo. (AP) — Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was left to walk cautiously into the coach’s room inside Arrowhead Stadium, his left arm stuck tightly to his damaged ribs, after Los Angeles blew up a 10-point lead at halftime and lost 27-24 to Kansas City Chiefs, their western rival in the AFC, Thursday evening.

Herbert was expected to get X-rays after being crushed by Chiefs defensive Mike Dana midway through the fourth quarter, but Chargers coach Brandon Staley was quick to say he thought his Pro Bowl team would be fine.

Herbert missed play only after the hit before bravely trying to rally his team to victory.

“It was just a tough game in the NFL and he had some big successes. None of those big hits had any effect on getting his team back like they always do,” Staley said. He loses wind and (injures) that area of ​​his body.”

When asked if he was concerned about Herbert’s progress, Staley replied, “No, because it’s Justin Herbert.”