Harbaugh hopes that players will get a profit share from the 12 CFP teams

by: Larry Lagg, AP sports writer

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Ann Arbor, Michigan (AP) – Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is hoping players will get a cut of the money he generates Extended college football interval.

“I think the players should get a share of the revenue from the huge TV deals that have been set up,” Harbo said on Monday at his weekly press conference. 8th place Wolverine Hawaii hosts.

Plan to expand CFP Of the four teams approved on Friday, the new-look tournament will start as early as 2024 and as late as 2026.

“Great,” Harbo said. “all of that.”

The 11-game tournament segment could be worth up to $2 billion in media rights for conferences playing Major College Football, starting in 2026. If the new format starts before the current 12-year contract with ESPN expires, conferences could bring in an additional $450 million over the last two years. The current deal, which expires after the 2025 season, pays out about $470 million a year.

CFP CEO Bill Hancock said ESPN will have the first show on any new playoff stock added in 2024 and 2025. After 2025, there is no television contract for a playoff. The plan is to move the new format to the open market and possibly involve several TV partners rather than just ESPN.

In the new playoff format, six of the highest-ranking conference champions and six general selections from the selection committee will earn a place. The top four seeded will be the conference champions, and will bid farewell in the second round. First round matches will be played on campus and the remainder at bowl locations.

The CFP Management Committee, which includes conference delegates and our lady He is scheduled to meet athletic director Jack Swarbrick Thursday in Dallas. Match times, host locations, available TV windows and impact on the regular season schedule are among the topics expected to be discussed.