Gunnar Henderson and Miguel Vargas top 10 potential MLB players to watch in September

by Rowan Kavner
FOX Sports MLB Writer

September is on the horizon, which means more potential major baseball players are set to make an impact at the level of the major leagues.

We’ve already seen teams add more of their top talent into the minor league in recent days and weeks. Auckland Call the highest potential customer Shea Langlers On August 16 a day later, mets slugger Britt Patty receive the call. on Monday, Arizona Added higher probability Corbin Carol.

The rosters will expand from 26 to 28 players starting September 1, leaving more room for some of baseball’s best potential players to make their mark.

Here are 10 interesting names that can make exciting late-season additions.

1. Gunnar Hendersons.s., incense

Scout Scouting Hit: 60, Strength: 60, Run: 55, Arm: 65, Field: 50, Total: 65

One round after picking the Orioles Madeleine Rochman In 2019, they took a short sports high school. This player, Henderson, is now a potential No. 2 overall Ranked by MLB Pipeline.

Henderson called up on Wednesday morning, and his versatility should provide immediate assistance to the Orioles. The 21-year-old can play in both short base and third base and also time clock on the right side of the field with Triple-A Norfolk. Henderson topped .500 in both Double-A and Triple-A this year, posting a .294/.414/.530 ​​slash with 19 homers and 20 base loot between the two stations.

2. Hunter Brown, RHP, Astros Scout Scouts: Fastball: 65, Curveball: 65, Slider: 55, Changeup: 45, Control: 45, Total: 55

The powerful right-handed man controlled the highest level of the palace just like any pitcher this year.

Brown leads all ERA-qualified Triple-A shooters (2.55), strike in all nine runs (11.38) and opponent hitting average (.185). What also stands out is how the organization has used it. He’s made 14 starts and nine out-of-game appearances this year, ready for whatever Houston might throw at him once he gets the call — and he is now.

Brown said he is not yet sure of his role in Houston. Since he was a leader, he was better at rest, catching opponents with a slash. He would often take the hill in the middle of the game and throw several turns. On June 12, he threw three goals-less innings from the field of play to earn a block.

3. KEN WALDICHUK, LHP, Athletics Scout Scouts: Fastball: 65, Curveball: 50, Slider: 55, Changeup: 55, Control: 50, Total: 55

The left-handed, the highest potential player that the athletics team got in the deal that was sent Frankie Montas to me YankeesHe is scheduled to play his first league game on Thursday.

Waldichuk, a fifth-round pick in 2019, has dominated the Double-A and Triple-A this year, combining 6-4 with a 2.84 ERA and 137 strikes in 95 rounds. In his last three starts with Triple-A Las Vegas, he scored a 2.35 ERA with 18 strikes in 15.1 innings. The Lefties has a .528 OPS against him, but the Right also hasn’t had much success (.687 OPS) against the 24-year-old.

4. Kyle MullerLHP, Bravery Scout Scouts: Fastball: 65, Curveball: 55, Slider: 55, Changeup: 50, Control: 45, Total: 50

This name should sound familiar. The 2016 second-round pick made his league debut last year, participating in nine games with the Braves with varying degrees of success. He only allowed one run in nine rounds in his first two major league games but gave up at least twice in all eight starts, and finished his first major league season with a 4.17 ERA.

This year, the 6-foot-7, 250-pound South kept his strike rate high (135 strikes outperform all Triple-A shooters) while halving his walk rate nearly.

That has yet to lead to sustained success in the Major League – he has 10.57 ERAs in two major league chances this year – but there is reason to call up the 24-year-old several times already to try to help out in a playoff. Brave Club Joined. In his two earlier starts with Triple-A Gwinnett, Muller allowed a run once while hitting 13 in 12 innings.

5. Miguel Vargas3b, Dodgers Scout Scouts: Hit: 60, Strength: 55, Run: 40, Arm: 55, Field: 45, Total: 55

Another prospect that has already wet his feet in the big leagues, Vargas doubled the RBI in his first career with the Dodgers earlier this month. The would-be player only played two games before being selected in an effort to secure a consistent playing time for the 22-year-old, but there are few questions about Vargas’ offensive readiness for the major tournaments. He cut .304/.402/.511 in Oklahoma City this year and tops all Triple-A players with 133 strokes.

Miguel, son of Cuban Olympian Lazaro Vargas, has the ability to hit all fields and control the strike zone. He has 17 house chambers and 32 doubles and has walked nearly (69) like hits (76) this year. The only question is where will he play at the next level, with Justin Turner And the Max Muncie Occupying its natural position in the third base. The Dodgers are starting to get Vargas left field work in Triple-A to try and find a way to get his racket into the lineup at the major league level. This time will come soon.

6. JOSH JUNG, 3B, Notice Scout Scouts: Hit: 60, Strength: 55, Run: 40, Arm: 55, Field: 50, Total: 55

Left shoulder surgery in February delayed Jung’s progress and prevented the hitter and prospective senior Rangers from competing for the third base job early this year, but it looks like the time may finally arrive in September.

The 2019 first-round pick made his debut in the 2022 Triple-A Championship earlier this month and didn’t skip a beat. The month started on 10 straight hits, during which he cut .390/.444/.878 with an additional 10 base strokes. Jung currently has a 1,013 OPS, picking up where he left off after posting a .348/.436/.652 slash in 35 games with Round Rock last year.

7. Gabriel Morenoc, blue jays Scout Scouts: Hit: 60, Strength: 50, Run: 45, Arm: 55, Field: 55, Total: 60

Yes, Blue Jays has an all-star mask Alejandro Kirk. Yes, they have too Danny Janssen, who has a 118 OPS+ in a career high this year. But Moreno has already made his major debut, cutting .276/.300/.293 in 18 games for the Blue Jays earlier this summer while Janssen was injured, and that stint showed Toronto’s faith in the 22-year-old Venezuelan. . Another major league call may not be far away.

Moreno, ranked world seventh in baseball by MLB Pipeline, made a strong start at Double-A New Hampshire last season, cutting .373/.441/.651 with eight players in 32 games before a thumbs up. infection. He hasn’t shown the same strength this year — two homers in 57 triples games — and will need to work on getting the ball up more, but he has a 43% steal rate behind the board, and his touch rate is evident in his .320/.383/.416 slash This year with Triple-A Buffalo.

He also did this 2 weeks ago:

8. Triston Homes, 1b, red socks Scout Scouts: Hit: 55, Strength: 65, Run: 30, Arm: 60, Field: 55, Total: 55

Eric Hosmer He’s on the injured list, the Red Sox as a 24th-ranked senior team in first base fWAR, and Boston’s hopes of the playoffs are hanging by a thread. It looks like a top man such as Casas, who was picked in the first round of 2018 with .863 OPS and 127 wRC+ in Triple-A, could help, even if manager Alex Cora Lately it seems non-binding around it.

The Red Sox are hoping to get more representatives for the Casas in Triple-A – he’s played in just 68 games in Triple-A this year after picking up an ankle injury this summer – but he may be the best option for Boston in the long run, even if Only in a platoon against the right. The 22-year-old controls the strike zone well and has 20 doubles and 10 hurdles despite the downtime. Since August 16, Casas has been cutting .372/.509/.558 with more walks (12) than hits (eight) in 12 games.

9. Alec Burleson, basics Scout Scouts: Hit: 60, Strength: 50, Run: 35, Arm: 50, Field: 45, Total: 55

The Cardinals felt comfortable dealing with it Harrison Bader to me Yankees vs Jordan Montgomery A very useful step into the deadline – in large part because of the external depth they already possess. However, Burleson can support the group and look ready for the major league, despite being drafted just two years ago from East Carolina.

His batting average of 0.325 is tied for the lead among qualified triple-batters this year, and he can play anywhere in the corner. The 23-year-old stepped through the system last year, and his racket has taken an important step forward this year. He has 20 house chambers and 22 doubles and only tracks Vargas for the most hits in a Triple-A level. The left has a 0.951 OPS against the rightists this year.

10. Bo Naylor, C., guards Scout Scouts: Hit: 45, Strength: 50, Run: 45, Arm: 55, Field: 55, Total: 55

Could the Guardians, in the midst of a playoff race, add a novice hunter to the mix in early September? No, maybe not. Would it be cool to see Bo Naylor play with his older brother, josh, while Cleveland is pushing it? Yes, yes, you will.

It’s impossible to ignore the jump in Naylor’s offensive production and at least leave open the possibility of upgrading. After posting the .612 OPS in Double-A Akron last season, the 2018 first-round pick cut .268/.409/.479 with 14 home runs and 22 doubles between Akron and Triple-A Columbus this year.

He drastically reduced his strike rate, nearly doubled his gait rate and didn’t seem at all overwhelmed by Triple-A. Naylor could provide a welcome boost behind the board for the Guardians, whose hunters are ranked 25th in the big OPS as a group. He’s also in the midst of one of his best runs in Triple-A, going 10 for 29 (.345) in eight straight games.

Rowan Kavner covers the Dodgers and NL West for FOX Sports. Previously he was Dodgers Editor for digital and print publications. Follow him on Twitter at @Rowan Kavner.

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