Greener’s absence from the World Cup affects his US teammates

Sydney (AFP) – The absence of Britney Grenier weighs on the minds of her NBA teammates, who are trying to fill the void created by her absence as they prepare for the Basketball World Cup.

The Americans are expected to win without the 6-foot-8 Greiner, but replacing her spirit and influence on and off the field is a difficult task.

Greiner has starred with the United States at the two previous Olympics, but not with the team in Australia. The 31-year-old is located 9,000 miles away in a Russian prison after being sentenced last month to nine years in prison for drug possession.

Brian Stewart said, “I think we’re missing the fun-loving person that she was. Someone who could pull a group together and was able to have a conversation with anyone and that just shows how rooted she was. The way she cared about people is something you don’t see all the time, especially in the stars.” We miss her and hope she comes home soon.”

American players keep Greener in their minds by not having anyone wear her No. 15. At the World Cup, they’ll use a 4-14 and No. 16 – which is what Breonna Jones would wear.

“The best way to honor her is to not reveal her number,” USA Basketball CEO Jim Toile told The Associated Press. “I put it on our staff and they loved the idea. Our numbering system is very sacred to us and we’ve only used four to 15 in our organization’s history. We’re now giving 16 because we don’t want to give up Britney 15 because she was going to be here. It’s a small way to honor her and we’re thinking about her.”

Tooley said he emailed Griner through her attorney a short while ago to let her know what NBA is doing. He’s known Greiner since 2013 when she first came to an American training camp and felt she was going to be great with this young team the Americans had.