Goals and meetings: Cruz Azul 2-1 Lyon in Liga MX 2022 | 09/15/2022

10:07 PM 6 hours ago

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10:04 PM 6 hours ago

is over

The match ended, and Cruz Azul beat La Vieira in the last minutes of the match, winning the victory.

9:49 PM 6 hours ago


Gooooooool! Michael Stephen Estrada headed first for Cruz Azul.

9:42 PM 6 hours ago


Cruz Azul’s Cata Domínguez received the yellow card for a bad foul.

9:42 PM 6 hours ago


Replacing Cruz Azul, Gonzalo Rodrigo Carneiro, Jesús Alonso Escoboza enters.

9:39 PM 6 hours ago


Cruz Azul replaced, Angel Rodrigo Romero exited and Cristian Alejandro Tabo entered.

9:32 PM 7 hours ago


Cruz Azul replaced, Rafael Guerrero and Michael Stephen Estrada come in.

9:22 PM 7 hours ago


autogogoooooooool! Cruz Azul Cruzazolio Cruzazolio. Huscas from La Maquina misses his own goal.

9:20 PM 7 hours ago


Lyon’s defense prevents Cruz Azul from entering the penalty area and shooting the ball.

9:18 PM 7 hours ago


Carneiro player Cruz Azul presses the Lyon goalkeeper.

8:56 PM 7 hours ago

The first half is over

The first half ends in Azteca. Cruz Azul and Lyon are 0-0 at the moment.

8:48 PM 7 hours ago


Alvarado de Leon hit Celeste from outside the penalty area and the ball went far.

8:46 PM 7 hours ago


chin! Cruz Azul’s Romero took a free kick and sent his teammates away from Esmeralda’s goal.

8:45 PM 7 hours ago


Alvarado missed Leon’s Antona of Cruz Azul, who was approaching to shoot inside the Esmeralda area.

8:43 PM 7 hours ago


Bellón del León has been warned for dangerous play.

7 hours ago


Cruz Azul’s Antona hits Esmeralda from outside the penalty area, but the ball goes wide.

7 hours ago


Cruz Azul’s Romero tried to communicate with one of his teammates inside the Esmeralda area, but the ball was pushed away by the Lyon defense.

8:34 PM 8 hours ago


The game lost its pace and was played in half the field.

8:29 PM 8 hours ago


Lyon’s Alvarado nearly scored the first goal of the match inside the six-yard Cruz Azul square.

8:27 PM 8 hours ago


Rodriguez de Leon prevented Cruz Azul’s shot from entering Esmeralda’s goal. Guard Kota thanks him.

8 hours ago


It started raining on the Azteca! The field begins to fill up with water, hopefully not a factor in the match.

8:14 PM 8 hours ago


Cruz Azul’s Lira shot from outside the area and the ball rose over Esmeralda’s goal.

8 hours ago


Azteca stadium looks a bit empty, barely three thousand people arrived for the match.

8:02 PM 8 hours ago

In moments we start

The match kicks off in Coloso de Santa Ursula, Cruz Azul welcomes León and the two teams compete for the three points.

7:41 PM 8 hours ago

In a few moments we start

Moments later, we will start broadcasting the match between Cruz Azul and Leon from the Estadio Azteca, a match corresponding to the 16th round of the Liga MX League.

7:39 PM 8 hours ago

Lynn set ready

7:37 PM 9 hours ago

Azul cruise line ready

7:27 PM 9 hours ago

His last role as a celestial

According to “Francoterador”, he indicates in his column that Kata Dominguez and Rafael Baca are living their last matches in the blue shirt, and that although they are important and active players in the “Potro”, the decision was made in practice. Likewise, José de Jesús Corona will also be added to the list of departures, as the board of directors no longer considers it necessary for the team’s new restructuring.

7:25 pm 9 hours ago

lost value in the market

At FC Lyon, Colombian player Jairo Moreno went from being sought after by FC Porto to losing market value. Suite – A suite with great qualities that failed to blend in as expected. It is currently valued at $4 million and continues to decline; The 27-year-old Colombian has to recover as quickly as possible if he wants to think of another chance to make it to the Old Continent.

7:23 PM 9 hours ago

Still short of a full lineup

Raul Gutierrez will be without his full squad in one of the most important matches in which La Machina will give everything he has to reach the playoffs. Among the players who will not be able to play against La Vieira are Alejandro Mayorga, defender Juan Escobar and Argentine Rodolfo Rotondi, who suffers from pain in the right thigh.

7:12 PM 9 hours ago

Lyon’s last match

Leon traveled to Nuevo Leon to face the Tigres at Vulcan University. La Vieira produced a game worthy of this magnitude, as both teams suggested in the home and away match, but an own goal by Samir Santos in the 24th minute scored the only goal of the match for Los Panzas Verdes, ending the match 0-1 for the visitors who returned home with three precious points. And they lost a big loss to Los Regios.

7:12 PM 9 hours ago

Cruz Azul’s last match

The blue-and-white Cruz Azul faced the Mazatlán Cannon in the last round at Azteca Stadium. Cruz Azul’s team had to beat the visitors if they were to have aspirations to advance to the playing fields of national football. The team started with a goal through Gonzalo Carneiro in the 21st minute and then Angel Villamayor scored the final goal 2-0 for the light blue team to keep the three points at home.

7:11 pm 9 hours ago

The waiting time is over

The wait in Liga MX is over, Mexican football events continue with the duel between Cruz Azul and León in Coloso de Santa rsula, the two teams will play the corresponding match of the 16th day, which was presented to all teams due to the tight schedule. for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. On the other hand, La máquina will look to continue its winning streak after beating Mazatlan 2-0 in Azteca; But they face Lyon, the team that defeated Tigres by the lowest margin and cemented its place in the final stage.

8:22 PM a day ago

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Watch out for this Cruz Azul player:

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8:02 pm one day ago

Lion’s latest lineup:

R. coat; O. Rodriguez, P. Bellon, J. Sweeper, L. Cervates Godinez; Moreno, J. Rodriguez, F. Ambrese, J. Campbell; De Yorio, Alvarado.

7:57 PM 1 day ago

Cruz Azul’s latest lineup:

J. Crown; Escoposa A, Funes R, Ramirez RJ, Dominguez G; C. Rotondi, E. Lira, I. Rivero, C. Antuna; M Estrada, C Rodriguez.

7:52 PM a day ago


Cruz Azul and Leon have faced each other on a total of 32 occasions (13 wins for La Máquina, 10 draws and 8 wins for La Fiera), with the balance tipping the scales in favor of Cruz Azul. In terms of the number of goals scored, it is the capital’s team that has the advantage with 42 goals against 37 for Lyon. Their last encounter dates back to the fourth round of last year’s championship, when Cruz Azul narrowly defeated Lyon.

7:42 PM a day ago

They want to win on the road

For their part, Lyon’s green bellies will be looking to win as visitors at the Estadio Azteca and give Cementera fans a blow of supremacy. Lyon are in the playoffs and will be looking to stay between fourth and eighth in the league in order to host the play-off match at home and not have to play the elimination match away from home. Lyon currently occupies the eighth place with 14 matches in which he has achieved 5 wins, 3 confrontations and 6 defeats. They also average 19 goals and 24 goals against them, leaving them with a goal difference of -5, for a total of 18 points.

7:37 PM a day ago

To raise their heads and win their own land

The Blues and Whites will be looking to enter the fight for the playoff spots having had an erratic moment throughout the tournament, where they were unable to break out of the lower positions in the competition’s overall table, too, Azteca Stadium was not able to sway in favor of the light blue team, so, now that Faced with an old and familiar opponent going through a better moment, both the fans and the team will have to make the Santa Ursula stadium weighty in their quest for the three points and not to miss the big party of Mexican football.

7:32 PM 1 day ago

The road to the address continues

Liga MX continues with all the action and excitement of every tournament, in this half of the tournament the teams have had a month full of action and intensity to continue navigating the so-called Apertura 2022 Adventure, a tournament that will have high intensity without rest from now until November, so this time the teams will have to deliver 100% at all times to win the championship at the end of the road. In this round of 16, Cruz Azul will face Leon in Coloso de Santa Ursula in a duel marked by the urgent need to obtain three points from La Maquina and enter the fight for a place in the national qualifiers, as well as in La Vieira, which wants to ensure its participation in the final stage of the tournament And to be among the first four places in the qualifiers that will get the elimination duel on its home soil.

7:22 PM a day ago

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