Giants Wilmer Flores agrees two-year, $13 million extension

12:30 pm: Daniel Alvarez Montes from El Extra Base It details the contract, with Flores earning $6.5 million each year from the deal totaling $13 million.

08:00: player Wilmer Flores The Giants agree to a two-year extension, according to Joel Sherman from The New York Post. The deal also has a mutual option and is awaiting physical review. The financial terms are not yet known.

Flores, 31, played six seasons with the Mets and one with the Diamondbacks to start his career. Ahead of the 2020 season, he signed with the Giants a two-year deal with a $6.25 million guarantee. That came in the form of a $3 million salary in 2020 and 2021, with a $250,000 buyout option valued at $3.5 million for 2022.

Although he was never an All-Star, Flores has been consistently above average on the board for years, and that was true during his time in San Fran as well. In 2020, he made 12 home runs in the shortened season and produced a hitting streak of .268/.315/.515. This production was 19% higher than the league average, as evidenced by 119 wRC+. He followed that up with 18 Homer in 2021 and a streak of .262/.335/.447, 112 wRC+. The Giants made the easy call to exercise their 2022 option and were rewarded with another strong Flores season. He’s added another 18 homers this year, with a total slash of .235/.319/.414, wRC+ from 107. This is the seventh consecutive season that Flores has scored a WRC+ between 102 and 119. Instead of returning to the open market, they will He remains in San Francisco for two more seasons.

It consistently produced solid action on the board while also giving defensive versatility to the Giants, something they clearly appreciate in players. In all his three seasons with the Giants, he bounced between first base, second base, and third base as needed. This was especially important for a club with some older or injury-prone regulars like Evan LongoriaAnd the Brandon belt And the Tommy La Stella. Going forward, La Stella has an extra year on his contract, but he hasn’t played much this year, playing on the field for only 66 runs so far. It’s also possible that Longoria and Bildt won’t be next year. Bilt is heading to free agency after this year and faces an uncertain path forward, having just undergone surgery on his injured knee. Longoria could be kept for next year through a $13 million club option with a $5 million buyout, though he said Susan Sluser of the San Francisco Chronicle He at least thought about retirement.

Given the uncertainty surrounding these hackers, it makes sense to lock up a trusted and versatile contributor like Flores. Pencil can now be placed in an interior mix that includes La Stella, the rookie David VillarAnd the Thiro EstradaAnd the Brandon CrawfordAnd the J.D. Daviswith Lamonte Wade Jr. Maybe play some first rules or get back to work on the court with precision. Both Crawford and La Stella are set to become free agents after 2023, which will shrink this group for the second year of the Flores deal.

The financial expenditure of this contract is unknown but it is not likely to have a significant impact on the budget of the overseas giants. The club ran an opening day payroll of $155 million here in 2022, according to baby bed contracts. Their 2023 commitments are currently $89 million, at an estimate Jason Martinez at Roster Resource. This does not include increased refereeing for players like Mike Jastrzemski or Logan Webbut it includes Carlos Rodon$22.5 million. As long as Rodon finishes the season in good health, he will practice opting out of his deal and return to Free Agency in search of a bigger payday.

It’s been a disappointing season for the Giants, as they followed up their 107-win run in 2021 with 67-73 so far in 2022. Holes to be filled but there is plenty of salary space available to tackle them. Anthony Disclavani He is the only player on contract for 2024 and the slate is completely clean after that, giving the Giants the ability to make a major commitment or commitments ahead of spring training. But for now, they’ve retained one of their most consistent and dependable players to bolster their land mix, giving them one less thing to worry about over winter.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.