Future Hogs – Week 3: A look at the college footballers who can help Washington’s leaders

The third week of the college football season hasn’t seen as many major disruptions as last week. None of the top ten teams lost, but 11th-ranked Michigan State fell to Washington, 12th-ranked PU University lost to Oregon, and 13th-ranked Miami lost to Texas A&M. Arkansas, Wake Forest, and Florida had close connections, but they emerged victorious. Looking back at week four, I can’t wait for this undefeated juggernaut rivalry: Kansas vs. Duke to come along. Don’t sleep on every team’s base… I mean quarterback.

Below is a list of the players who stood out for their performance in Week 3. Tell me what you think and feel free to add players that you think can help the leaders.

Michael Bennix Jr., QB – Washington

The fifth-year move from Indiana may have been familiar with the Michigan defense because Michael Bennix Jr. tore it up. QB went to 24 of 40 for 397 yards and four touchdowns, making accurate throws deep into the field and fitting some passes in the tight windows. Injuries are a huge blow against him, having suffered end-of-season injuries every year of his career.

Mohamed Ibrahim, RB – Minnesota

Mohamed Ibrahim was arguably the best player in college football before last season, as he sustained a foot injury in his first game that ended his season. In good health this year, Ibrahim has been incredibly productive. The Big rushed for 202 yards on 23 buggies, finding the final zone three times against Colorado.

Johnny Wilson, WR – Florida State

I focused on the large wide because size is the only thing missing from the receiving wide Washington Corps. Johnny Wilson might be the biggest wide receiver in college football at 6’7″, 235 lbs. You might think he wouldn’t be athletic, but he has great body control. The sophomore transition from a redshirt has achieved seven catches for 149 Yards and two yards.If he can’t break through in WR, he’s an excellent candidate for switching to the tight end.

Kid Stover, TE – Ohio

Recruited as a quarterback, Cade Stover is a tight end who must contribute to a game of running and passing. The narrow end is more than a capable blocker and the load comes down at 6’5″, 255 lbs. He only shot in three catches but they went for 83 yards. That’s pretty impressive with a tight end with all the talent at the Ohio wide receiver. And hey, If he can’t break through in the end, go back to it back.

Andrew Rimm, C – Oklahoma

Chase Rollier is arguably the best offensive lineman for leaders. A major injury cut short his 2021 season and the same appears to be true in 2022. I expect him to recover, but if there are concerns about his health or his playing, Andrew Reem will be worth considering. The little one has a good size and very good blocking of the drive. This weekend, he opened holes for Eric Gray, helping him to dash for 113 yards on 11 buggies.

Jason Ademilola, DT – Notre Dame

Notre Dame got its first win of the season in large part because of playing its defensive line. Both defensive tackles were impressive, but I’m focusing on Jason Ademilola here because of his speed and handy use. He scored four interventions, 1.5 for a loss, and 1.5 sacks. If leaders want to speed up a bit in the middle of their line of defense, Ademilola fits the mold.

Evan Pace Jr., left back – Cincinnati

A big move from Miami in Ohio, Pace was solid in the middle of the Bearcats defense. He had a productive day against his old team with eight tackles, two for a loss, and a sack. Pace is talented at dodging blockers and has a nose for soccer.

Galen Kemper, CB – Florida

After a brutal loss to Kentucky, Florida returned with a close victory over South Florida. Redshirt’s sophomore Galen Kemper played a big role in the win. He had three tackles, breakup passes, and six picks. Transferring from Georgia, Kimber did a great job staying in touch with the recipients and breaking passes.

Jayer Brown, S – Pennsylvania

Were you disappointed when the leaders didn’t recruit Jaguan Presquer? I was. So why not recruit his former teammate? He plays less in the penalty area than Presker, but plays better in the backend of the defense. The big player had five tackles, a sack, a forced tumble, and an interception in the way of the Nittany Lions’ win over Auburn. Leaders like Versatile Cabinets and Browns can do a little bit of everything.

Kylon Brown, DB – North Texas

Many people were disappointed by Dax Millen’s decision to return the ball against Detroit. Many people yearn for the good days when we were known as the football team and Deandre Carter had his kicks back. Kaylon Brown for North Texas is a talented returnee, starting his run 99 yards from home against UNLV. The only problem is that he will only have a chance to make a team as a return because he doesn’t have any defensive stats.