Friday football spreads: Photo of Ja’Marr Chase, Minkah Fitzpatrick during the Steelers win went viral; Previous House of the Tiger rips Bill Belichick

This week’s edition of “Friday Football Footnotes” has a viral moment from last week’s Steelers-Bengals match. Former House Panther tears up Bill Belichick. Aaron Rodgers is looking to maintain his dominance against the Chicago Bears.

And Duquesne may not be the big underdog you expect to be in Hawaii this weekend.

Captured on camera

During the Steelers’ 23-20 overtime win in Cincinnati, the Bengals received Ja’Marr Chase Captured on camera Giving the Steelers safety Minka Fitzpatrick – how can I say this – ‘double jumper’?

Salute the first two guns. Double “You are number 1.” At least one port has already converted the image in a shirt.

Chase laughed at the attention the shot was getting.

That picture should add some fuel to the already hot fire between these two teams and these guys.

Chase had 10 catches for 129 yards and a touchdown on Sunday against the Steelers. Fitzpatrick intercepted the touchdown and saved the game from an extra point.

Shady throwing shadows

Former Pete Panther Laysan “Shady” McCoy slams New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“It’s over for Belichick. “It’s over,” McCoy said, during an appearance on FOX Sports’ SPEAK. “This is the real Belichick. The percentage of winning by playing with Brady is 77%. Without Tom Brady 47%. He hasn’t won a game without Tom Brady.”

Belichick and the Pats are coming to Pittsburgh this Sunday, and the former NFL All-Pro doesn’t expect much from New England.

“Since Tom Brady left, they have seemed very regular.” McCoy continued. “When I watch the tape, they get beaten up front in a sprint, the defenders lose tackles – they look bad. They can do nothing in the case of attack. Every coach in the AFC, all these years that Tom Brady has been, they say the same thing I am saying now. “Without Tom Brady, Belichick is a good coach. Stop it all. He’s the greatest ever. Not him.”

I’m not sure who McCoy thinks is better than Belichick and his six rings and nine Super Bowl games as head coach. But that’s still compelling evidence to the contrary in McCoy’s point, even if Brady is the quarterback.

More Steelers news

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Now that’s a track record

If you doubt the Packers’ chances of rebounding against the Chicago Bears in Week Two, I can’t blame you. After all, Green Bay did bad in a 23-7 Week 1 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Aaron Rodgers and his receptors seemed completely out of sync. But if there is a chance for them to land on the same page, this is it. Look at Rodgers’ career numbers against the Bears.

Perhaps Rodgers wasn’t that far off when he told the Bears team,I still have youLast year. The Packers players are the 9-point favorites this weekend at home against the Bears at Sunday Night Football.

Uh! So, this is how they make money

As sports betting becomes legal throughout the United States, more and more people are becoming aware of the pain of “bad strokes.”

Those bets that you were pretty close to winning, but…

Here’s one from Thursday night’s NFL game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs. BetRivers predicted total melee yardage in Los Angeles for back Austin Eckler to be 94.5.

Eckler finished the match with – wait – 94! So if (*writer clears throat*) “someone” had bet on Ekeler to win over 94.5, “they” lost. Keep in mind that Ekeler had a dip in the fourth quarter on a play that would have gained at least a few yards. He was also dropped along the sideline when he clearly had some space to capture a few more yards during the Chargers’ final drive.

The Chargers ended up losing the match 27-24. But (*writer clears his throat*) “Someone” didn’t bet on the point spread or the total points, so…who cares about that?

Hello Honolulu

Duquesne FC (1-2) has a good chance of defeating a school at FBS for the second year in a row.

The Dukes did it 28-26 against Ohio University last year. Now Jerry Schmidt’s club heads to Hawaii for a game at midnight ET from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

Admittedly, the Dukes line-up from the Northeast Conference in the ranks of the FCS. But they are only 6 points underdog against the struggling Rainbow Warriors, According to

Granted, Duquesne’s only win (34-14) came last Sunday against Thomas More of the NAIA.

The Dukes outperformed 78-21 in losses against Florida State and Youngstown State to start the season.

But Hawaii is awful. They lost to Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky, and Michigan by a total score of 168-37.

So, the Dukes have a chance to bring home more than one pineapple and tan when they head back to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

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