Football’s 12 biggest powers rankings: Week 4

The The 2022 college football season ended in the third week Big 12 had a quieter week than the second, but it’s exciting nonetheless. There were future Big 12 showdowns like Kansas and Houston, an old Big 12 showdown in Oklahoma against Nebraska, and many more cupcakes.

So now it’s time for our big 12 power ratings. Here’s a reminder of how you’ve done it for years: It’s about how your team looks and how it played, not Always About whether your team won or lost. Last week’s rankings have little effect on this week. That’s what makes this fun. These are also not predictions for how the season will end, they are just strength ratings based on the latest performances.

With that being said, here are the football powerhouse rankings for the third week of the Big 12.

1. Kansas Jayhawks (last week: 5)

The Jayhawks 3-0 for the first time In 13 years after beating Houston on Saturday. For the second week in a row, Kuwait University trailed by 14 points and came back to win. Quarterback Jalon Daniels has become one of the most exciting players to watch in the Big 12 and has secured the #1 spot in Kansas Walter Camp Football Foundation National Player of the Week after his performance on Saturday.

The bad news for Kansas: In the past two weeks, our first team (Baylor, Kay State) ended up losing the following week.

2. Texas Longhorns (last week: 2)

Texas got off to a little slow start after beating the No. 1 in Alabama last week, but it ended up being Rolling UTSA in the second half For a comfortable win on Saturday. Bejan Robinson carried the load at 183 yards and three degrees. And with the Hudson Card outage still going, Robinson may have to do a lot of heavy lifting for the foreseeable future.

3. Oklahoma Cowboys (last week: 4)

The Cowboys had their game with Arkansas-Pine Bluff finished by the end of the first quarter when it was 28-0 and then won 63-7. The non-conference encounters haven’t been great for OSU this season, but they have had comfortable wins against Central Michigan, Arizona State and the UAPB. We’ll learn more about OSU after a farewell week when we get a second Big 12 Championship match against Baylor on October 1.

4. Close in Oklahoma (last week: 8)

Soon it looked as good as it was early in the season, crush nebraska 49-14. But this game also says a lot about how bad Nebraska’s football program is now, as the game took place just days after Scott Frost was fired. Offense was straightforward and could have scored a lot, while defense is solid and continues to show growth under Brent Venables. Things are shaping up well for the OU’s entry into multiplayer, but it’s fair to say that this was the weakest non-conference roster in the Big 12.

5. Iowa (last week: 6)

Iowa State is now 3-0 after rolling Ohio on Saturday. Hunter Dekkers continues to look really good in the middle after finishing 28/36 for 268 yards and three touchdowns. Defensively, the team had four sacks and seven tackles to lose. But now the competition is progressing with Baylor at home this weekend in one of the most underrated matches ever. College football roster in week four.

6. Baylor Bears (last week: 7)

Baylor returns home after losing to Baylor and You did what you were supposed to do against Texas. There wasn’t much to learn or take advantage of from the game, but for the Bears, they are 2-1 after playing without a conference and they have everything in front of them trying to defend their Big 12 title. They definitely can do it.

7. Texas Tech Red Raiders (last week: 3)

There was a lot to disappoint Saturday night for the Red Raiders. Training decisions were very questionable, like going 4th and 10th from 35 to 13 with 15 minutes left. huh? The offensive line showed all the holes we expected, and more, going back to pre-season. As a result, QB Donovan Smith had a rough night, and he had absolutely no time to rest. The defense actually played well, but was put into several bad spots during the match.

8. K-State Wildcats (last week: 1)

Well that was ugly. Like, really ugly. K-State lost to Tulane in a classic trap game between Missouri and Oklahoma. I chose Tulane for coverage, but I didn’t expect an outright loss. The gameplay recall for K-State was suspicious and Adrien Martinez was shy for most of the game. The talent is there for KSU to compete near the top of the Big 12, but the passing game needs to get something done or else there will be a lot of losses 17-10 in the cats’ future.

9. Horned Frogs TCU (last week: 9)

The TCU schedule so far is looking weaker by the day because Colorado is in absolute chaos and Tarlton is, well, Tarlton. The TCU was last weekend, but they will face SMU in this weekend’s Iron Skillet fight, which will tell us a lot more about what the Sonny Dykes can do this season.

10. West Virginia Mountaineers (last week: 10)

Sorry, West Virginia. Hitting a Tucson doesn’t get you out of the basement. Beat Virginia Tech and start getting back on track in the Big 12 play and we can start talking about that.