Football in Alabama: The tides are strongly favored in Texas

Happy Labor Day to all. The opening streaks are starting to appear for Saturday’s game in Texas, and now Alabama is favored by about three touchdowns. This is a big spread for the Power Five road contest, especially this early in the season.

Nick Saban was happy enough with the 55-0 win over Utah State, but he’s already interested in clearing some bugs ahead of the tougher competition.

Whatever holes can be made in these two shows, it will be revealed in front of a national television audience to see when Crimson Tide travels to Austin in week two for its first real test of the season.

Without specifically mentioning Texas, Alabama coach Nick Saban referred to it.

“There is no disrespect for Utah, their players played hard, they have a good little team. We are going to play with teams that are more physical, aggressive and talented than they are now,” Saban said. “

Alabama will face one of two passers-by who moved to Texas in the off-season.

Sarkissian said it was not for anything that happened during Billingsley’s tenure in Texas but at his previous stop, Alabama.

Billingsley moved to Texas (1-0) in the offseason.

“It’s on the way (commentary),” Sarkissian said. “He has five more matches to play. We will bring him back to play the top 12.”

We don’t know the situation here, but six games is the standard suspension for an NCAA drug test failure.

Bryce is not giving up anything in his quest for a second Heisman.

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young He started his Heisman Cup defense on Saturday with six touchdowns in the season opener with a 55-0 win over the team Utah.

join Toa Tagoviloa As the only players in Alabama history with six or more touchdowns in the game. Tagovailoa had seven touchdowns in the 2019 match against the Ole Miss.

Young completed 18 of 28 passing attempts for 195 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions. All his passes came in the first half.

Bryce Young And the crimson tide is still good, too. Alabama She may have fallen in the title match last year, but she didn’t fall far. Young, who finished last season with exactly no flush yards (side note: can we stop counting sacks as rush attempts?) showed off his wheels on Saturday against Utahjogs 63 yards to land as part of a day of six TD.

Young’s closest competitor for this year’s Heisman Trophy provided an exciting motive to the rescue Ohio State From a close surprise. CJ Stroud Spent a lot of Saturday night frustrated our ladyA gritty defense, but with the match on the line, QB advanced in a big way. Stroud helped engineer a 14-game, 95-yard touchdown campaign that lasted nearly seven minutes in the fourth quarter, and topped the Buckeyes Fighting Irish 21-10.

We are very lucky to get him to run the attack.

Finally, in case you missed it, the extended match is approved.

“If history is a lesson to help us understand the future, it will not be easy,” Sankey said. But minds change, motivations change. … there is a set of moving parts. This is where I wish we could use the last nine months for work. We’ll have to speed up our thinking to make it happen.”

On Friday, the College Football Playoff board of directors voted unanimously to expand the playoffs to 12 teams starting in 2026. But the board, which is made up of 11 presidents and advisors, encouraged sports commissioners to try to implement the expanded coordination as soon as possible by 2024.

I only have one thing to say: blech.

This is about ir for today. I had a fun week.

tide roll.