Finally, Adams’ beauty trade is paying off for airplanes

after 26 matches, New York Jets I’m finally starting to see tangible results from Jamal Adams trade.

Broad rookie Garrett Wilson, chosen by the Jets for 10th in 2022 with the second first-round pick they got from Seattle Seahawks In the Adams deal, Caught eight receptions for 102 yards and two touchdowns. Its second result too Crowned with a big win in the comeback Over the Cleveland Browns in week 2.

Wilson’s performance and subsequent win for the Jets may have been the first real example of the team’s groundbreaking commercial proof of victory since New York tackled their own safe star ahead of the 2020 season.

We Invited Quickly summarize this step: The Jets received a 2021 first-round selection, 2021 third-round selection, 2022 first-round selection and Bradley McDougald’s safety, while Seahawks received Adams and 2022 fourth-round selection. After last year’s draft, they ended up with two Rookie Jets: guard Alijah Vera-Tucker and Wilson (the Jets used that third player in 2021 to trade up to No. 14 to take over Vera-Tucker). Meanwhile, the Seahawks own and draft rookie cornerback Coby Bryant with the Jets pick (who, coincidentally, was the Jets’ fourth-choice college teammate of 2022, Ahmed Gardner).

When dealing with Adams, Jets general manager Joe Douglas described the deal as “a unique opportunity to improve our team with multiple first-round selections in both the next two years and the flexibility to continue building this team for the future.” He did that with Vera-Tucker and Wilson, but only now are the Jets finally seeing the results of that move. Both look like important pieces to whatever Douglas and Gates are building in New York.

Vera-Tucker had a solid starter campaign but seemed to have improved a lot as a sophomore. He is the sixth highest ranked goalkeeper according to Pro Football Focus within two weeks and the third highest blocker of play. Vera-Tucker has some work to do in pass protection, though, having allowed three presses in each of their past two games.

But Wilson is the crown jewel. He entered the year as the third-team receiver behind Corey Davis and Elijah Moore, but quickly established himself as the #1 choice against Brown. His fluidity and speed were announced before the draft and all the positives around him were on display in his second career match. The Jets still don’t know what they have in quarterback Zach Wilson, but at least the team should feel confident enough in the pass catchers after Wilson’s other breakout performance.

Now, the Seahawks didn’t lose This is a trade in itself. Adams was a Pro Bowler when he joined the team in 2020 and is still considered one of the best safety in the NFL. But he also was incredibly injury prone in Seattle. By the end of this year, he will have played only half of the 50 Seahawks games over the past three seasons after struggling torn quad The first week that required end-of-season surgery. Seattle also pays him the third-most money ever in the NFL, money they would have spent elsewhere had they not also shipped his three picks.

Jamal Adams will only play half of the Seahawks’ matches in the past three seasons since 2020 (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

Bryant, the Seahawks’ other acquisition in the trade, didn’t do very well during the first two NFL games. He’s allowed five receptions on six goals for 100 yards and one touchdown so far this year. But Bryant is just the fourth rookie player. He has room to grow. Nor is his progress as important as Adams’ impact on the team. Though, Adams’ inability to stay on the field doesn’t necessarily make him a positive addition either.

The results of the trade take some time to fully show, especially when dealing with first-round picks. And early returns sometimes mean nothing.

Remember the Browns-Philadelphia Eagles trade for Carson Wentz in 2016? The Browns enjoyed a slew of picks that they thought would reshape their future and the deal looked like a slam for the Eagles in 2017 when Wentz led Philadelphia to a record 11-2. Six years later, neither team saw much of anything from that deal, with Wentz on his third team and Brown blew most of their picks.

But for now, one of the biggest non-Quarterback bargains in the past few years is back Pendulum toward Jets, which now has two starters on entry-level contracts while the Seahawks have an expensive, injured safety.

The New York Jets' comeback in Adams' beauty trade began to pay off with Garrett Wilson.  (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

The New York Jets’ comeback in Adams’ beauty trade began to pay off with Garrett Wilson. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)