Fifa players talking 3-0 at start, showing off Boston College

The Seminoles, Florida They score an impressive win against Louisville Cardinals Last weekend on the road and looking forward to a showdown Boston Eagles College It is on Saturday.

Head coach Mike Norville said in his interview on Tuesday that he loves the spirit his players have, but there are still some things to clean up.

“I thought today was a good day, you know, I really liked the spirit that guys bring into practice, you know, there are still some moments today, things like minute details that we have to clean up.”

Derek McClendon finished last weekend’s game with three tackles, a sack and a TFL and is looking to improve on those numbers against Boston College. He attributed the team’s overall success by saying that they are the same team every week.

“Just understanding what the coach is looking for, understanding the strength that he expects us to come out with every day. We’ve shown that in the last two games, so MO is the same person every day. So if we go out on Monday and have very intense training, we have to go out on Tuesday. Very intense practice as well on Wednesday and that’s just part of the process.”

In preparation for Boston College, McClendon says the team is ready to take on their heavy attack despite everything They only rush for 48 yards on average during the start of the season, but Knowles seems to be focusing more on themselves than numbers.

“Just like you guys saw the first game, and in the second game, we ran. I mean just being able to redeem ourselves from that previous game to show everyone that we can stop running too, I mean playing at Boston College for the three years I’ve been here, And I know they’re a heavy-running team so I can’t. Wait for the challenge. We can’t wait for the challenge.” Adding, “I come to work with a lunch pail every day. I come to improve myself every day as long as I’m getting better, and as long as I can do the things I know I can do, I know I can’t be stopped.”

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Trey Benson ran out of a close to 100-yard game this past weekend with an average of seven yards per game. When he talked about the running game last weekend, he said it was a little rusty, but it was fun to start in the second half.

“I know I looked a little rusty in the first half, but we kind of picked the second half as a group and just took over the game.

When Jordan Travis fell late in the game, Benson said he felt the running defenders needed to step up.

“We felt we needed it. We felt it was going to be our group and Tate did a great job as well as we expected.” Adding that his patience helped him in the final quarter, “I was being patient and you learned to trust God. I knew my time would come. It took the actors, and I let the game come to me.”

Boston College’s running defense is rated twice over 90 each So these matches should be interesting to watch this weekend.

Attacking lineman Dimitri Emmanuel has emerged after his move from Charlotte as a reliable player in his position and feels he can do better. He also said he thinks it could be better, too.

“I think so far we’ve played really well. I know we know we can, there are definitely some things we can definitely clean up but, you know, we have to keep working every day. Training on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is really important for our group just to make sure we’re on the cusp of Straight out but I think we played well as a group. I’ve played well so far and I know there is a level I can take advantage of.”

Emmanuel, after coming off one of the best matches of his career against Louisville, said every game should be his best.

“I just feel a little bit more comfortable with the season going so far. I want to keep improving every week so that’s the goal in every game to be my new best game. I just want to keep improving and that’s what I’m focused on.”

Emmanuel’s full interview can be seen below:

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