Fantasy Football Week 2 Running Back Preview: Jeff Wilson is a great feature, but not without risks

San Francisco 49ers vs Tennessee Titans
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Once it became clear that Nagy Harris was expected to play in the second week against patriotsJeff Wilson became the loudest clear concession wire. Wilson is expected to take charge of Elijah Mitchell against Seattle Seahawks. But any time we talk about Kyle Shanahan’s crime and use the word “expected,” we have to be careful.

Remember, last year no one expected Mitchell to be on top when Raheem Mostert fell. In fact, Shanahan hasn’t had the same lead contestant in back-to-back seasons for five consecutive years. Although, to be fair with Wilson, he was one of those to show up in 2020. Shanahan himself has said he would use a solid technique with Tyrion Davis-Pryce and Jordan Mason likely to get a chance. And the team just added Jordan Mason from the waiver wire.

Shanahan isn’t the only danger to Wilson. They can lead their backs running and still fall short. In the first week, she carried a combined Tre Lance for 21 yards and 106 yards. Wilson and Mitchell had 15 holders for 63 yards in that game. The 49ers The internal offensive line wasn’t impressive either.

None of this means you can’t start a Wilson in week 2. I’d feel more comfortable doing so with resilience expectations to boom or break than you would be number 2 in a row.

Now let’s move on to the rest of Week 2 RB Preview:

Week 2 RB . Preview

The following players are not expected to play Week Two at this time. Here’s what it means:

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Numbers to know

  • 194194 yards brawl Saquon Barkley vs. titans It was the fourth most of his career and the first time he lost a 130 yard scrimmage since 2019.
  • 120 Cordarrell Patterson scored a career high with 120 yards in his first week. His 22nd pregnancy may have had something to do with Damien Williams’ early injury.
  • 15th – AJ Dillion beats Aaron Jones 15-8 in the first week and deals with 10 stands to five Joneses. Jones led the team with 67% of the road participation. Both backs start.
  • 14 Rex Birkhead performed Dameon Pierce 14-11 in the first week. Luffy Smith says he wants Pierce to be more involved in Week Two.
  • 51% James Robinson and Travis Etienne each played 51% of the picks in the first week.
  • 7 Jamal Williams had seven touches in the red and stole two goals from Dandrey Swift.
  • 18% – Cam Akers’ surprise share in the first week. Sean McVeigh continues his role as one-back coach and Daryl Henderson is currently returning.
  • 8%Steelers Running was targeted in 8% of Mitch Trubesky’s first week pass attempts. At this rate, Nagy Harris could be in bankruptcy even if he stays healthy.
  • 19.4% Zach Moss saw nearly 20% of his target share in the first week.

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