Fantasy football injuries, news, and notes: Allen Lazard suddenly questioned in Week 1 as other WR returns

The Packers Enter the NFL season with a slew of question marks about the hierarchy he’s taking, and there’s a chance we won’t learn as much about it as we’d like in the first week because, while coach Matt Lafleur told reporters he hoped Christian Watson would. Being able to play after missing knee surgery, Allen Lazard put on Suddenly it seems to be in the air.

Lazard missed training last week for “undisclosed reasons” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Monday, and LaFleur did not commit to having Lazard available for the week against Vikings. At this point, that’s all we know, but the nice thing about getting out of training camp and into the regular season is that by Tuesday, the Packers have to include Lazard in their training report, so we’ll have more details then, at least.

I treat Packers as if there’s no real No. 1 receiver, which isn’t necessarily the way most people would phrase Lazard, who tends to draft about five or more rounds before the likes of Watson or Romeo Doubs, not to mention presumably appetizers Sammy Watkins or Randall. Glass. That means I haven’t drafted a Lazard this year, although I have Doubs and Watson on a few teams where the bullish bets are late. It would be frustrating if Lazard didn’t play in Week 1 just because it would delay getting real information about the hierarchy here, so we’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this throughout the week. But I don’t plan to start Lazard this week at this point.

We received a lot of other news widely on Monday, and most of it was good news. Here’s a quick rundown of some other WR notes before moving on to the rest of the news from around the league

  • Jaylen Waddle (leg) is back in training Waddle has been dealing with an unspecified lower leg injury for a few weeks, but coach Mike McDaniel has been pretty consistent in his belief that Waddle will be able to play in Week 1 against patriots. This is a tough match, but Waddle is still worth watching as the WR2 opener.
  • Drake London (knee) is back in training – London suffered an injury while hawksPre-season opener and this is the first time he’s been able to train. The Falcons are cautious in their top-of-the-table picks in the first round, but the lack of those key practices and pre-season reps makes it difficult to trust London as a fantasy rookie even if they are allowed to play in the first week against the team. saints. This is a tough enough match that you’ll probably want to walk away from it either way.
  • Tee Higgins (shoulder) is back in practice – Higgins had surgery in the off-season but there has been little concern about it in Fantasy circuits, as he is a WR1 limit. He has been limited all camp in training but is looking to get on the right track to play in the first week against Steelersas expected.

Here’s the rest of the news and notes from Monday you need to know, starting with the news mixed into one high-profile WR:

Chris Goodwin threw his knee brace

The good news is that Goodwin was seen in training on Monday without a knee brace for the first time as he continues to work his way back from a ruptured ACL. However, he has yet to be allowed to connect and this will be the last big step before we can expect him to play. This week will probably come, but in my first ranking of the first week, I expect Godwin not to play. That would play Julio Jones and Russell Gage as WR’s top 40 players in what should be a penalty shootout with Cowboys.

James Robinson will be active for the first week

Jaguar Coach Doug Pederson told reporters that Robinson will be available for the first week. Robinson ruptured his Achilles tendon in Week 16 last season, but after watching Cam Akers come back from the same injury in less than six months, it’s no surprise Robinson is ready to go. . The bigger question is what kind of role he is ready for and whether he can be effective. Robinson is a good late dice roll, and his presence is a complicating factor if you’re drafting Travis Etienne in the third or fourth round, but it’s also possible that he won’t be effective enough to matter to more than one role player.

Zach Wilson Not left out for the first week

Wilson suffered a sprained knee during the team’s pre-season opener and was given a 2-4 week schedule to come back – that was about four weeks ago now, so it’s not out of the question that he could be back. However, he has not yet practiced, and Planes The first player in 2021 is unlikely to throw in there unless he’s 100% healthy, so I still expect Joe Flacco to start a showdown. crows Sunday. Coach Robert Saleh said the team Will make a decision on Wednesday.

Logan Thomas remains in question for the first week

Thomas told reporters on Monday that his knee “feels good.” But no decision has been made about the first week yet. Earlier in training camp, ESPN reported that the team expects to play Thomas by week two at the latest, so it shouldn’t be long either way. However, we obviously want to give Thomas a chance to get his legs under him from his ACL tear, so let him prove he’s healthy and potent before we expect him to make an impact on Fantasy.