Fantasy Football Believe It or Not: Drop Aaron Rodgers and Amary Cooper or too early to hit the panic button?

This week could be one of the toughest Fantasy Football analysis. We’ve spent six months adjusting standings and expectations, and now an afternoon of football threatens everything. Knowing when to stay consistent and when to make quick changes is very difficult and very important.

As a general rule, I’m more likely to change my mind after one week of things I didn’t feel all that confident in the first place. I’m also more willing to change my mind about usage than I am about my competence. But for the most part, I’ll stay consistent after the first week. But I will admit that I will be Barkley tested.

Saquon Barkley is one of the top five RB right-backs for the rest of the season

the case: Barkley was the #1 drop in PPR in the first week vs. A titans A defense that gave up the fewest Fantasy points for running back in 2021. He ran a whopping 164 yards on 18 carry-ons and drove giants In both goals (7) and receptions (6).

If you’re looking for an indication of 2018 Barkley’s return, I’m not sure you can order more than 68 yards of game-breaking and a 33% target stake from Daniel Jones. If he doesn’t get hurt, he could be the best in football this season.

Verdict: Don’t believe it. Until now.

It may take an extra one week for me to buy this, but one monster’s performance isn’t enough to take a guy from 12th to top 5. It is close though.

I still prefer Jonathan Taylor, Christian McCaffrey and Austin Eckler for sure. I’m going to have a hard time making a final argument for Barkley on D’Andre Swift after the way Swift ran, and I’m not quite ready to restart the Giants in front of Derek Henry and Joe Mixon. I’d even give Aaron Jones an extra week.

But the truth is that Barkley has reintroduced himself into this conversation and it appears once again that he’s one of a handful of backs who could be RB1 overall at the end of the year. Let’s hope he can stay healthy.

Aaron Rodgers falls in one QB . Leagues

the case: One of the things I was most interested in seeing was how Aaron Rodgers did without Davante Adams and how Patrick Mahomes did without Terrick Hill. Mahomes finished first in the first quarter of the week with 360 yards and five touchdowns. Rodgers has finished as the QB30, and that’s only because as of the time I’m writing this Bronco And the Seahawks Not launched yet.

Rodgers’ leading receiver in this game was AJ Dillon with 46 yards. He doesn’t have enough help this year in Green Bay. You can find someone better at waiver wire.

Verdict: Don’t believe it.

First, we have to remember that Rodgers did worse in the first week of last year when he finished the QB35 Championship with a score of 1.3 Fantasia. From week two onwards, only Josh Allen scored more Fantasy points per game. Well, maybe we shouldn’t let Rodgers go because of a bad first week.

At the very least, we need to see what that offense looks like with Allen Lazard, who Rodgers told us would be the No. 1 candidate at large. Hope it happens this week against bear. so this Packers The crime looks that bad against the bears? Then we can start talking about dropping Rodgers.

As for receivers, I’ll try to stick with the beginners but I’m OK to drop Sammy Watkins and Randall Cope.

James Robinson will be the best Jaguar RB in Fantasy this season

the case: In one of the biggest shocks of the week, Robinson played 51% of the shots in his first game after an Achilles tear, beating Travis Etienne 12 to 6. Robinson turned those 12 touches for 69 yards and two touchdowns on his way to what appears to be his best 12 touches of the week. 2.

If Robinson played 51% of the picks in his first game, we should expect his role only to grow. He started running backwards and Etienne became a touch player.

Verdict: charity.

Given that no comeback has come from this injury and he looked good, caution should be exercised here. But if Robinson can say healthy, it’s hard to prove that Etienne would be better than him. Just don’t take this to mean Etienne will be bad. He had two chances where he could have scored a touchdown in this game as well.

I expect Jaguars to have a bit of an ups and downs, as they often are. View both as high quality folds with an upside. But as long as he stays healthy, I expect Robinson to be the best of the season.

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are the only ones Brown Which to put on the list (within the next two months)

the case: Jacob Brissett celebrates winning the Cleveland Browns season opener over Carolina Panthers Meanwhile, we mentioned what Brisset’s crime looks like. Chubb and Hunt combined for 211 yards of attack and two touchdowns. The rest of the team combined for 144 yards and four field goals.

Donovan Peoples-Jones led the wide receivers with six catches for 60 yards on 11 targets while Harrison Bryant led the narrow ends with two catches for 18 yards on four targets. The two pass holdings we’ve already crafted, Amari Cooper and David Ngoku, combined for 6.4 Fantasy Points on seven goals. You don’t need to list any of them.

Verdict: Don’t believe it.

I had major concerns about this cross-attack pre-season, but I seriously don’t think Donovan Peoples-Jones would outsmart Cooper like this on a regular basis. I expect there will be a 10-goal game for Cooper around the corner. He may even find the end zone once or twice. I would have kept him at least through week 3. If things haven’t improved by then, you can let him go.

Ngoku is a different story. If you need a tight start this week, I’ll have a few options in the position preview. Gerald Everett will probably be at the top of the list. If you really believe in Njoku, you can take him back in November a week or two before Deshaun Watson returns.

Drake London is already a three-time WR League Player of the Week

the case: London tied with Kyle Bates to lead the team in goals and easily led the team in production in the passing game. He’s a top 10 player who just placed 12.4 points of PPR Fantasy on his debut against Merchandise saints defense. London played 81% of the team’s passes and had 31% of the team’s aerial yards.

Verdict: charity

A target share of 22% for a talented wide receiver like London would be more than enough to support the WR3 boom/break season from London. But like Robinson, I expected his role to only grow. Remember that London was partly involved in practice until this week as well. There are 20 best climbs here, especially if Marcus Mariota could do a little better as a trailhead.