Expansion for the Top 12 College Football Playoffs: Week 3

College Football Super Expansion Top 12 Shows, 2022 Edition After Week 3

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pot forecast | CFN Ranking Week 3 1-131

Looks like we’re really going to get an extended look for the College Football Playoff in the near future. It will be a 12-team format with the top six champions in the conference with six big teams.

The top four teams get to say goodbye, the top seeds get the campus advantage in the first round, and the following rounds go to bowls – scroll down to see the inside and outside details of how it all works.

Here’s why we’re doing this – it’s going to be wild when this happens. For example, for the last place to enter—remember the top six champions get the call—there will be a big debate in the CFP committee room about North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Pennsylvania for last place.

Here’s how it’s likely to appear now and if it expands this year – and it isn’t.

Top 4 Seeds Expected After Week 3 (Conference Top Four Champions)

1. Georgia (SEC): Sugar Bowl
2. Ohio State (Big Ten): Rose Bowl
3. Clemson (ACC): Orange Bowl
4. Oklahoma (Big 12): Cotton Bowl

At-Large Seeds

12. Appalachian State (Sunbelt Champion) in
5. Alabama (SEC)

11. Tennessee (SEC) in
6. Michigan (Big Ten)

10. Arkansas (SEC) in
7. USC (Pac 12 Champion)

9. Kentucky (SEC) in
8. Oklahoma State (Big 12)

Here’s how it would work (this comes from the college football game):

1. The 12 teams will be the six highest-ranked Conference Champions by the selection committee (there is no minimum rating requirement), as well as the six highest-rated teams that are not included among the six highest-ranked Conference Champions.

2. Teams will continue to be ranked by a selection committee whose size, composition and method of selection will remain unchanged.

3. The four highest rated conference champions will be ranked from 1 to 4 and each will receive a farewell round in the first round.

4. The other eight teams in the first round will play with the higher seed hosting the lower seed either on campus or at other locations determined by the higher ranked institution (#12 at #5, #11 at #6, #10 at #7 and #9 in number 8.

5. The form permits first-round matches to be played on either the second or third weekend of December in a manner that suits the format and the participating teams, with a minimum of 12 days between the Conference Championship matches and the first-round games. The management committee will make the final decision on the evaluation.

6. Subject to an agreement with the tournaments, the four quarter-finals and two semi-finals of the playoffs will be played on a league basis.

7. The National Championship game will continue at a neutral venue.

8. Subject to an agreement with the bowls, the four highest-ranked Conference Champions will be assigned to the quarter-finals on selection day in order of standings, and given current contract bowl relationships if those bowls are selected for rotation. For example, if the Pac-12 Champion is ranked #1, the Big Ten Champion is #3, and the Rose Bowl is a quarter-finalist, the Pac-12 Champion will be assigned to the Rose Bowl and the Big Ten Champion will be assigned elsewhere .

9. With the four highest-ranked champions appointed for the bowling all-round quarter-final matches, the opponents of the first-round winners will be determined by the selection committee on the basis of the arc.

10. The highest seeded players will get a preferential position in the semi-final matches.

pot forecast | CFN Ranking Week 3 1-131

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