Ex-Hosker talks about Scott Frost’s “betrayal”

As the Nebraska football program moves to put Scott Frost more and more In the rear view mirrormore and more evidence that the condition of the program and its coach was worse than previously known.

While there were some Ugly accusations about what Frost was doing As a head coach, including being late to meetings and generally not being well organized, former Nebraska quarterback Steve Taylor has some feelings about the way Frost handled himself away from the team. Talk to a local radio station 93.7 Ticket On Sunday evening, Taylor explained why Frost left a bad taste in Taylor’s mouth after two personal interactions.

Former quarterback Husker, who was a general on the Nebraska football team from 1985 to 1988, started tame it enough, simply saying that Frost had said a few things over the years which gave Taylor pause. However, when the hosts of The Ticket pressured him to be more specific, he obliged and talked about one event he had planned and tried to get Frost to attend and when Frost didn’t show up, he felt it was a betrayal of some sort.

Taylor said that when he got close to the former Nebraska football Coach About a reunion of sorts with several of Husker’s former players, he “couldn’t believe” the response he received.

The reunion in question was something that involved quite a few former Kornhusker players and coaches, including old Frost coach Tom Osborne, Trev Alberts, and many others who felt left out of the program.

Taylor said he asked Frost not to turn up as a Nebraska soccer coach but as a former player and made it clear that he feels like he’s wanted there.

“We were going to reunite everyone and we’d just break the bread, we’d have conversations and put that connection back on with some guys who felt their break up. Unfortunately, Scott kept talking for 30 minutes about things I couldn’t believe.”

It turns out that the man whose return to the Nebraska football program was celebrated even one of the local newspapers Making a comic book Clarifying what led to his appointment he felt he was not getting enough support. In particular, Frost felt as if the previous players weren’t supporting him.

I said ‘That’s blatantly untrue, don’t you remember the reception you got when you signed your contract, how were the players here?’ “He was losing matches and the players had their own voice, but they still supported Scott.”

Taylor then added that Frost was true to his word and did not attend the football reunion in Nebraska. While Taylor said he didn’t care because the turnout was “awesome,” he felt Frost eventually had to be there so the people in attendance could see him and know he could connect with everyone in attendance.

“And he didn’t come,” said the former Nebraska soccer quarterback.

While there were certainly more obvious problems with the system that had just finished than whether he had gone to a social event or not, it has become clear over the past few months that while Scott Frost was correcting the ship, he also seemed to be isolating himself. For those looking to support him.

It’s another sad story of the downfall of the Nebraska football golden boy who couldn’t make things go the way everyone involved hoped.