Empoli vs Roma: Match Preview

The unfortunate truth of most of the early Europa League matches is that there is no way for a team like Rome to me Like; win is is expected. loss though? As we’ve seen in European competitions for as long as I can remember, there are a million different ways Roma lose, each more infuriating than the last. The Gilorossi’s embarrassing 4-0 loss to Udinese and their 2-1 loss to Ludogorets in the first game of the Europa League will remain painful for some time to come. However, Romanisti must remember that two defeats do not fundamentally destroy the season.

Three losses, though? This would be a very worrying trend for and lobby And Jose Mourinho. You can bet the bottom of the dollar that the Giallorossi will come out swinging tomorrow against 15th-placed Empoli. In the run-up to this match, Empoli coach Paolo Zanetti was quick to pay tribute to Roma and their manager, saying:

“We respect Roma but we don’t want to erect a barrier… It will be a very difficult match, Roma have champions in their squad and they will go in very angry because of what happened in the past week. But we have to play our game but also keep in mind that we are developing the foundations for our future.”

Although Zanetti will look to Udinese’s dominant win over Roma for ways to silence the Giallorossi’s attacking players, I would never be surprised to see a smaller Serie A team stop the bus in front of a bigger club; I hope Zanetti is right in the Giallorossi’s wrath. they should be; They have let themselves down over the past week and let down the fans who have made every game a big sale so far this season. A nice 2-0 or 3-0 win over Empoli would quickly correct the ship and restore the mood around Roma; Quite frankly, I don’t want to know what another loss would do to the Roman atmosphere.

Is it camara time?

Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

The midfield theme has always been for the Gieloroussi, as it was a key area in need of player improvement and overall rotation. You cannot accuse Thiago Pinto of not providing adequate and ready reinforcements in midfield; The signings of Jenny Wijnaldum, Nemanja Matic and Madi Kamara made it clear that developing actual midfield depth was the main priority for the summer. Market. However, the combination of Wijnaldum’s broken shin and the need for Mady Camara to rise quickly with Roma’s tactics forced Jose Mourinho to play a double pivot from Bryan Cristante/Nemanja Matić, with mixed results.

The good news is that several sources in Italy say Kamara is finally ready to start the match, which will allow the Giellorossi to rediscover what it’s like to turn the midfield and allow the aging Cristante and Matic not to shoulder the entire burden. while camara Not Ready to play the full 90 minutes, until we get 60 to 70 minutes from Guinea, hopefully it will do wonders for Roma’s ability to dominate midfield. Add another good performance from Edoardo Bove off the bench, and who knows, maybe Roma will stop losing Gini Wijnaldum as much as they currently do.

Does the return of injuries help the Giallorosi?

Rome - Atlanta BC - First Division

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Mady Camara’s slow progression towards being able to play a full match will undoubtedly help Roma’s ability to play at their level across multiple competitions. However, even after that, the Giallorossi look like they will receive additional reinforcements with Tammy Abraham and Rick Karsdorp returning from injury. Karsdorp, in particular, has yet to impress this season, and his mistake against Udinese will play into his nightmares and nightmares for months to come.

Despite this bug, it shouldn’t be my romance either very I was surprised that Roma were not as impressive as we know with the departure of Abraham and Karsdorp. They were Mourinho’s most used players last season for a while the reasonAnd, as their spinning options continued to learn with the side, there was bound to be a drop in quality as they both lost the trip to Ludogorets.

Hope for Rome she has That Karsdorp and Abraham will quickly and confidently return to their starting roles against Empoli and that Karsdorp, in particular, will be able to put his poor form in recent matches behind him. If they can do that, the Giallorossi should feel confident that three points are within reach tomorrow.