Dreyer: The unrealistic return makes the Mariners ready for a big stage

It took the Atlanta Braves all 17 minutes to eliminate every little bit of good the Mariners had done in the past eight rounds. The four-round lead turned into a one-time deficit as the world championship champions took it to the top race of the majors since June 21, and it did so in dramatic fashion.

Until their final exit, the October permanent team crushed the newcomers. Reality has hit, and the division between major baseball teams, rookie teams, and entrants is still vast. The series wins for sailors, elusive.

Yes No. If there was any question at all, the Mariners showed on Sunday afternoon that they are ready for the big stage, here to play. This game, this series was theirs, and if you had in doubt for a moment, well, Julio Rodriguez clearly didn’t.

Sunday: The brave Mariners were stunned, returning from a penal collapse in an 8-7 win

When he sprinted from the bunker to start the ninth inning, he took his place in the center of the field, jumping up and down before throwing the first pitch. He’s done it a few times throughout the inning, and seems eager to get to the end of the game and celebrate. bounce after Michael Harris is the second home who cut Seattle’s lead to 6-5, and bounced back afterwards The Robbie Grossman blast that puts the bravest in the top 7-6.

Did not matter. Rodriguez came second at the bottom of the half. As he said in his interview on Mariners Radio, he knew he would have a chance to help his team. Captured by the cameras He smiles as he runs from the center After the sailors gave up five runs and lead at the top of the ninth inning.

Title-winner Eugenio Suarez admitted the mood was a little low in the dugout after the turn of events, but said Rodriguez quickly changed that feeling, yelling to his teammates that they should have this. And never give up.

You know what happened after that. Julio crushed a hanging slider 1-1 from the Braves near Kenley Jansen to tie the match at 7, as the Mariners set an 117.2 mph exit speed record on a ball that certainly left a dent on the left field hand scoreboard.

Two strokes later, Suarez made his fifth home career in his last four games and 30th of the season, returning to the World Championships and sending his teammates to that celebration Julio was looking for in the top half of the frame.

The word most used to describe the ending was “unreal”. Perhaps that word does not do justice to what the Mariners have been doing all year.

“What really excites me is that he is just an example for the team,” said Scott Service, head coach. “You don’t often get that on a professional level. It was great seeing everything together.”

Servais cited the work done in spring training, the early struggles and conversations that took place, and the players spoke of as key elements of “all coming together.”

The purchase was also important, and interestingly enough, outside players like Suárez were instrumental in getting everyone to the same page.

“We only trust our team,” said Suarez, who was acquired at the start of spring training from the Reds. “We believe in what we have and do better and better every day. The most important thing is the connection we have together. We’re not just teammates, we’re like family. We’re the Seattle Mariners. It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about Seattle.” Mariners”.

The Seattle Mariners are eyeing this award, an opportunity to do something special in breaking a decades-long post-season drought. The September matches saw a feeling of testing and tweaking, with fans doing their part to create the atmosphere.

Offensively, the Mariners changed his profile a bit, leading the MLS in its home runs in the second half of the season. On the promotional side, last week in particular we saw some tiles broken. George Kirby, big game ready? after, after Beginning with the brave Saturday night say so. And while we’re at it, Logan Gilbert sees an increase in September Which Servier said he expected to see.

The Mariners have had 22 test and tuning games ahead of them as they try to secure the AL’s #1 wild card spot, which would give them at least two post-season games at T-Mobile Park. In doing so, going 15-7 or better would book the second-best regular season record in franchise history, edging out teams with 93 wins in 2002 and 2003. It’s a first step back into the competition, as these steps leave them to be seen.

Judging from Sunday’s win, I don’t think Mariners fans could have asked for a better September.

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