Dre Jameson of Diamondbacks dominates Padres

As the days passed into July, with the baseball world focused heavily on Juan Soto and the upcoming trade deadline, Dre Jameson sat at the local club under a large Nevada field.

The mission in the pipeline was preparing to start the 48th minor league of his career, a Triple A rendezvous between Jameson Rhino Ice and the Salt Lake Bees. Despite this, Jameson thinks of his outings in the larger context. Every start of a minor league is an opportunity to grow. A chance to become Smage closer to being a major player in the league.

And in late July, as the Diamondbacks began to peek into the future, every start for Reno shooters was a test.

“It could be three domination starts and you’ll get the call or it could be three terrible starts and you won’t get the call all this year,” Jameson said then, speaking on the phone.

The primary goal at the time was to get to the threshold he crossed on Thursday night, when he made his major league debut in a massive 4-0 win over Padres. But Jameson had bigger ambitions, too.

Jameson said, “The goal is that once I’m there, I’m never going back.