Dodgers vs Diamondbacks preview, fixtures, match launches, TV

The Dodgers The road trip moves to Phoenix, with 3 matches against Diamondbacks Starting Monday night, with a division title that snatches well in hand.

San Diego is out on Monday, so the closest Dodgers could clinch the Western National League is on Tuesday. Los Angeles He has a magic number of two To grab the title of the ninth degree in ten years.

Dodgers/D-Back Match

stat Dodgers d- their backs
stat Dodgers d- their backs
register 96-43 (.691) 65-73 (.692)
split, rip 47-25 way 37-34 home
Matchup W 9 2
running teams. +310 (first) -12 (19)
rs / game 5.44 (first) 4.50 (eleventh)
wRC + 122 (first) 95 (first)
HR 190 (fourth) 154 (fourteenth)
SB 88 (t-6th) 81 (t-12th)
RA / game 3.21 (first) 4.59 (22nd)
era 2.88 (first) 4.28 (22nd)
era + 147 (first) 98 (twentieth)
FIP 3.52 (3rd) 4.20 (23rd)
IP / start 5.43 (9th) 5.34 (twelfth)
K rate. 24.6% (fifth) 19.9% ​​(23rd)
BB . rate 7.1% (3rd) 8.2% (15)

The Dodgers snatched a division once in Arizona, and it was quite memorable with the bulk of the 2013 team Running to celebrate in the pool behind the right field wall at Chase Field.

They face the Diamondbacks who have been playing better since before the All-Star break. Arizona fell in 13 games under .500 on July 16, but since then has been the 27-21 (.563) D quarterback, the second best player in the division for the Dodgers. During that time, Los Angeles and Arizona were the only teams in the division to outperform their opponents on aggregate.

The Dodgers are 9-2 against the Diamondbacks this season, including 5-2 in Phoenix. They lost two of three at Chase Field April 25-27, then the Dodgers swept four games in Arizona May 26-29. The Dodgers also swept the linebacker D in four games at Dodger Stadium from May 16-18.

New to Phoenix is ​​quick-defense player Corbin Carroll, the club’s top potential player who was called up on August 29. Carroll had three doubles and two home runs in his first 11 major league games, scoring .275/.341/.500 with an early 132 wRC+.

The Dodgers will miss Arizona’s Zach Gallen this time around, since Gallen scored 11 in six rounds in a win at Corse Field on Sunday. Gallen has allowed three runs, taking his point-free streak at 44, the longest streak in D linebacker history. But it’s very likely that they face Galen when the two teams meet in five games next week at Dodger Stadium, including a head-to-head game on Tuesday , September 20.

This means that there will be eight matches between the Dodgers and the D-backs over the next 11 days.

Dodgers-Diamondbacks pitching matches

Monday: Tyler Anderson vs Ren Nelson
6:40 p.m., SportsNet LA, MLB Network (out of market)

Tuesday: Clayton Kershaw vs Meryl Kelly
6:40 p.m., SportsNet LA

Wednesday: Fuck Zack Davis
6:40 p.m., SportsNet LA

Dustin May will be off for four days on Wednesday. If the Dodgers wanted to introduce a starting point to give the spinning extra convenience, the series’ final ending would likely be the day it came.