Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft watch: 25 college players to watch

to me Detroit Lions, This is an organizationally defined year for the quarterback position. Jared Gauff is on the cusp of a pivotal season, and his future with the team will be determined by his ability to achieve success in 2022. And while Gauff is reasonably signed during the 2024 season, the money guaranteed in his contract drops significantly in 2023 –Down to $10 million only– Which makes it easier to move from him in the next season if the team decides to switch in another direction.

In addition to Goff, the Lions’ reserve midfielder is even more troubled. Prior to this season, Detroit transitioned from both backup quarterbacks – Tim Boyle and David Plouffe – and signed Nate Sudfeld on the roster, a move that appears to be somewhat of a temporary fix.

So, as the Lions scouts compile their draft qualifying prospects list, they will certainly have plenty of quarterbacks on their tables for evaluation. If the team moves from Juff, they will likely be in the market to start a quarterback in the future. But even if they keep it, they may still be looking for backup options.

So with that in mind — and with the college football season heating up this weekend — it’s a good idea to start getting to know some of the best quarterbacks who are eligible to sign up for college football.

lessons learned

The quarterback is the most volatile position in football, especially at the college level.

This time last season, we’ve identified the top 12 potential analysts talking about pre-season, but only six of them have been drafted and the other half are back in school. Additionally, there were nine quarterbacks selected in the 2022 draft, the six we selected, plus three we didn’t pick, including the only quarterback selected in the first round: Kenny Pickett, who finished 20th in the first round. Pittsburgh Steelers.

So while the watch list behind the middle has doubled in size this season, there are sure to be some up-and-coming prospects that no one’s talking about right now that will play their part in the conversation by the end of the season.

On the flip side, there will also be many midfielders who many analysts believe will take another step forward in their development, but instead will falter or collapse under pressure – which seemed to happen almost every week last season.

So while this list will separate players into sections, it’s important to keep these lessons in mind and not be too rigid in deciding where they will land at the end of the season.

2023 quarterbacks and schedules

We’ll look into the details of the different quarterbacks throughout the season in our weekly Draft Watchlist articles, but for now, let’s take a look at the different categories of the 2023 draft quarterback category and what their schedules hold.

Expected buttons

There are two players in this group, Ohio State‘s CJ Stroud and Alabama Bryce Young. Both players are big competitors in highly rated shows with a large number of talents at their disposal. In addition, neither of them has a very demanding schedule. Stroud plays only four opponents ranked in the top 25 before the season, while Young faces only three, although he has two interesting matches against the unranked LSU and Texas.

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Kentucky Will Levis He is generally regarded as the third best quarterback in this draft cycle, but Stanford University Tanner Maki It’s a name to know too. Both players have NFL frame, NFL arm talent, and could play or cement their place in the first round with a solid season.

The person who usually challenges Levis in third-middle conversation is a Florida person Anthony Richardsonand the two will go head to head in the second week of the college season, September 10 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

eye rising

Richardson falls into this category because he only threw 66 career passes in college and became bloated with his raw talent. Miami Tyler Van Dyke He has more experience than Richardson, but he’s still scratching the surface and being talked about largely because of his upside. Clemson DJ Uiagalelei It’s not guaranteed that the season will continue as the starting quarterback, but the Tigers seem ready for a rebound season, and if they do run in the college football playoffs under his stewardship, his stock will quickly rise. Washington State‘s How come He’s the group sleeper, having just moved on from Incarnate Word, and while he’s creative with the ball, he’s also a funky thrower – often throwing like a short stopover – and is in the process of cleaning up his mechanics.

Richardson and Oyagalele will face each other on November 19, while Ward will face Stanford and Mackie on November 5.

The next Kenny Beckett?

This is a group of fourth, fifth and sixth year seniors looking to prove that they can still make great strides in their development, similar to what Beckett did in his fifth year in Pittsburgh last season. The group is themed Boston College Phil Gorkovich But it also features players who will be 25 years old before NFL Projectlike Tennessee Hendon Hooker And the BYU‘s hall of years.

This group will be tested quite a bit this season, and among the matches to watch are Jorkovic facing Uiagalelei and Clemson on October 1, Hooker against Young and Alabama on October 15, and Hall facing McKee and Stanford on November 26.

Will the transport help them level up?

Last season , Spencer Rattler It was pre-season talk, but he struggled to start the year, was put on the bench, and eventually moved to South Carolina. Still young in a red shirt, Ratler has a grueling schedule ahead of him, facing top 25 teams like Arkansas, Georgia and Texas A&Mas well as several head-to-head encounters with Levis, Richardson, Hooker and Uiagalelei.

Others include those looking to expand their games after the transfer Connor Basilak (Indiana via Missouri), Jaden Daniels (LSU via Arizona), Kidon sloves (Pittsburgh via USC), and Bo Knicks (Oregon via Auburn). Basilac Stroud and Ohio will debut on November 12, while Daniels meets Young and Alabama on November 5.

RPO/Option Processors, But Are There More?

The last two players to complete this watch list are Coastal Carolina Grayson McCall and Louisville Cunningham owner. Both players are really electrifying and make watching college football so exciting, but there are questions surrounding whether they can expand their games to a level where professional scouts can sell their skill sets to an NFL front office.

McCall’s schedule is the easiest of all the quarterbacks on this list, which will help highlight his film but could end up hurting his rating process. Meanwhile, Cunningham will face seven other (!) prospects on this list, more than any quarterback – so there will be plenty of tape for scouts.

At a Glance QB Clock Schedule Reference Guide

In order to help readers searching for the best games to watch each week to rate their quarterback, this is a quick reference guide of the top 25 potential teams heading into the season: