Dest confirms his desire for a permanent transfer and compares Milan’s style to Barcelona and Ajax

Sergio Dest has revealed his desire to convince Milan of the need to make his loan spell from Barcelona a permanent deal next summer.

the athlete He recently provided some background on how Dest faced a whirlwind in the latter part of the summer transfer window, when it looked like he could have ended up joining Manchester United, Villarreal or Borussia Dortmund before he ended up in Milan.

Dest will have a desire to prove himself at Milan given that the Barcelona hierarchy made a detour in their stance on keeping him for the 2022-23 season and instead actively sought to offload him, with the Rossoneri secured a loan deal that includes an option to buy around €20m.

The US full-back has already appeared in two games coming off the bench against both Red Bull Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League, but today was the day of the unveiling of his press conference and his comments have been relayed before. Milan News.

Like your father, Waldo Juliet and Seedorf was also born in Suriname. Was your arrival in Milan destiny?

“It’s the kind of fate that got me here. I’m a rather conservative guy, and I don’t like to talk about my family. It’s a great honor to be here, and I hope to perform as well at Milan as Seedorf did.”

What can this experience in Italy offer you? Also from a tactical point of view…

“I am a versatile defender, I can play left and right. My favorite position is full-back, but if I need to, I can play up front.”

Why should Milan buy you permanently in June?

“I will give 100% and show that at the end of the season Milan should decide to keep me. The only thing I can do now is give my best.”

You are American and the ownership of Milan is American…

“I am focusing more on football. I am happy that the ownership is American, but it did not affect my choice. I still focus only on the pitch.”

How is your adaptation to Milan and Italy going?

“Everything is going well. We play every three days, so I did not have time to look around and visit the city. Everyone in the team is very welcome, it is not easy to remember all the names, but the coach helps me.”

Have you heard of Serginho?

“I know him, I know he has done great things for Milan. I focus on myself and my development. I have to do my best for Milan.”

What are you working on the most? How do you see the Italian League?

“It is a different league and here I can become a more complete player. I have to focus on improving my defensive skills. Changing teams and leagues is an excellent opportunity for growth.”

Do you feel ready for Milan style? Defenders often play on the field as well…

“I am happy to be here. Pioli’s game is very good, he can allow me to develop my game in the best possible way. This season can be an opportunity for me to help the team, developing both my offensive and defensive qualities.”

Did you bond with any of your teammates in particular in these early days at Milan?

“I arrived recently. Everyone helps me, but I want to integrate into the whole group without being associated with anyone specifically.”

What is the difference between AC Milan, Barcelona and Ajax? What has surprised you the most in the world of the Rossoneri so far?

“Ajax and Barcelona have a similar match, based on possession of the ball. In Milan there is a faster game to reach the goal as quickly as possible. To make a comparison, however, I prefer to wait until the end of this season.”

Did you like any player from Milan’s past? Who impressed you more than your teammates?

“Milan has a great past. There are many great players like Ronaldinho and Maldini. Leao is a great player. The important thing is the team, not the individual. Team play leads to victories.”