Denver Broncos: 11 winners, 4 losers in a 16-9 win over the Houston Texans

A win is a win, but that was ugly.

Nathaniel Hackett and Denver Broncos No doubt it has some serious issues to solve. But all that matters is that Denver found a way to win 16-9 at Houston Texas.

The Broncos (1-1) overcome these problems to win over Houston (0-1-1) in another difficult loss.

As usual, I have to forget someone, leave them, or put them in the wrong category, so please mention it in the comments.


Cortland Sutton

The Denver recipient was getting through his day. Sutton finished with seven high grabs for another game at 122 yards. When the Broncos needed a big play, Sutton was the man. I hope he will be able to make it to the end zone.

Russell Wilson

Wilson’s offense and Denver offense didn’t look good during most of the game, but Wilson threw the Broncos’ first “game winning drive.” His 22-yard touchdown in front of Eric Subert early in the fourth quarter was pretty impressive. Wilson finished 14 of 31 passing for 219 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Hopefully Wilson and Crime can build this up and get some confidence. Wilson also earned his first win as a member of the Broncos.

Eric Sobert

Denver’s tight end only had one catch but he made the most of it. You can make a list of winners when you get the only landing in the game.

Javonte Williams

Oh man, it’s so much fun to watch Pookie carry the rock. Eventually, someone will break it. Williams led the Broncos with 15 holders for 75 yards and an average of 5 yards per carry. He also had one catch for 10 yards.

Melvin Gordon

Gordon averaged nearly 5 yards per lunge over his 10 campaigns for 47 yards. As a team, the Broncos finished with 31 carrying 149 yards and 4.8 yards per lunge. An honorable reference to Denver’s offensive line, but Williams and Gordon wrestled a lot on Sunday over the line of scrimmage.

Randy Gregory

Gregory made some big plays for the Broncos defense. And when Denver needed someone to step up and perform a play, Gregory was there to help. He finished with 3 tackles (2 singles), three QB hits, one sack, and one tackle to lose.

Caden Stearns

Interfering with the leader’s role in defense and one of the NFL’s best safety gear is enormous. But Stearns did really well in a tough spot. He led the Broncos in interventions with 6 (5 singles).

Dremont Jones

It’s best for opposing teams not to forget about Dre. Sorry, I had to do that. Pushing off the defensive line is key to the defense’s success and Jones made his turn on Sunday. Tied with Stearns in team senior competitions with 6 (4 singles), 2 sacks, 1 entry for loss and 1 hit QB.

Damari Matisse

Mattis has seen more movement at the defensive back since Pat Serten II’s shoulder injury. All Matisse did was score 5 tackles and one pass he defended.

Bronco’s defense

Anytime you hit an NFL offense to 9 points, you make the list.

Bronco country

Mile High Salute for fans to help Wilson and the Broncos tell the time on the clock. While it may have been a sarcastic hymn, it seemed to help. This is not exactly talking about clock management and cool games.


Nathaniel Hackett

Anytime a head coach gets his first NFL win, I simply can’t put him on the game’s “losers” list. However, Hackett gets both for Sunday. The clock and management of the game was totally awkward. And we thought Vic Fangio was bad.

The sequence in the middle of the third quarter highlights all of this.

Hackett summons the 3rd and 1st delivery of the Houston 35…to the end of Andrew Peck’s court. The play lose a yard.

After that, Hackett initially decided to go for him in fourth and second, but secondly guess himself and send the field goal unit. He just waited too long, and probably didn’t want to use his second time, he was late in taking a penalty.

This is a master class in clock management and circus-level games.

Not to mention Denver’s 13 penalties.

The good news is the Broncos win.


Clock and game management

Hackett and Wilson bear the brunt of this, but this comedy of errors rests with the entire team. In two weeks, the Broncos are still not ready.


This also falls to the training. 25 penalties in two games are the most in franchise history to start the season. This should improve. Against better teams, Denver can’t commit penalties that push the offense back or relegate the offense first to the offense.

The red zone and the third down offense

The red zone is still a problem. Against Houston, Wilson and the Broncos were again 0 for 2, this time 0 for 2. Denver is now 0 for 6 in the red for their first two games.

In third place, the Broncos were 3 of 12.

Lose Vegas Raiders

There is no better way to beat a Denver win than to lose an epic Raiders. Josh McDaniels and Loss Vegas rose 20 points over Arizona Cardinals What a pity. LOLRaiders.