‘Delete this likable’: NFL attempts to peddle Latinos, muddled by social media

Social media users have been ruthless in assigning blame to NFL To detect a targeted advertising campaign Latin social communication.

The NFL has unveiled its second annual “Por la Cultura” campaign to celebrate Latin Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15. As part of the campaign, the NFL launched an alternate logo with a distinctive letter N, which the league claims add an “unmistakable Latin flavor” to its campaign. Twitter users were not entertained, and they angered the league for their outrageous attempt to please Latinos.

“The NFL is proud to celebrate Latin Heritage Month by highlighting NFL players, coaches and staff while partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Hispanic Alliance to Advance the Profession,” the NFL said on Twitter. “We look forward to continued collaborations with Latino creators, artists and writers. We are here to amplify the voices of the Latino community inside and outside the football field.”

The league also included an image in its tweet highlighting the accent tag. “This shield incorporates an unmistakable Latino flavor and is central to our ongoing 365-day initiative,” the NFL wrote. “The electric brushstroke of ‘eñe’ is full of infectious personality that is carried through the rest of the look and feel.”

Twitter users haven’t held back the NFL roasting.

“Well at least nfl doesn’t use a latin word this time,” conservative activist and former congressional candidate Matthew Fuldi Tweet, including a screenshot from the league’s “Latinx History Month” tweet from 2021.

“They literally put an artistic tilde on the shield, I’m dying,” SB Nation Los Angeles Football Reporter Alicia Rodriguez mocked them. “Way to spend 7 seconds on this.”

“It’s weird how huge companies that spend millions on PR don’t seem to hire one person whose job is to just look at everything first and say ‘Yeah they’re going to protect you online for this,'” an Arkansas sports reporter said. Tyler Cass chirp.

“Delete this profile name” Alex MedinaCreative Books by LeBron James “Uninterrupt”.

“We will now be known as Forward Madisoñ,” the American Football Club Madison FC striker answered.

Writer of “The Gringos At It Again” Juan C. Renew answered.

“I’m afraid I don’t see the unmistakable Latin flavor,” the cartoonist Especially the karaz chirp.

“Eñe efe ele? La Mames, someone in @NFL Marketing. Woke up this morning and put this together in 30 minutes because they forgot Spanish Heritage Month,” Social Media Manager Anna Gallegos-Cannon opened. “How to call a phone, eñe efe ele.”

Several users have also shared memes from the TV show The Office, in which Ryan Howard’s character draws a tilde sign on a bottle of lemonade and then places it next to a sign that says “Mexican Lemonade.”

The NFL unveiled a similar campaign last year for “Latino Heritage Month,” using a new gender-inclusive term “Latinx,” a term used by only 2% of self-identified Latinos and plurality of Latinos40% said it was abusive in a recent poll, the Daily Wire reported in June.

Union wrote in press release Announcing the 2021 campaign. “The campaign introduces a new logo, ‘Por La Cultura,’ to signify how the NFL aims to support diversity and vitality for its fans, players, and staff. The league will also include a simple hand-drawn tilde sign above the N in the NFL shield American football, a reference to the Spanish language and the Latin community.”