Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott to have surgery on his right thumb; He is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, sources say

Arlington, Texas – Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Duck Prescott He said he is expected to have surgery Monday on his right thumb after he injured him in a season opener 19-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night. He is expected to miss 6-8 weeks and the injury is likely to back up the casualty, according to multiple sources.

Prescott was injured in the fourth quarter when he collided with the outside back Shack Barrett while throwing a pass. Prescott will meet with a Cowboys hand specialist on Monday, but according to multiple sources, a pin and plate will be inserted into the area to secure the joint.

Prescott said he initially thought he had jammed a finger and didn’t think it was dangerous. But he went to the locker room for an X-ray, which showed a fracture.

“I was told it was a lot cleaner than it could have been,” Prescott said after the match, wearing a splint on his right hand.

“It’s a huge injury,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

Cowboys will go with Cooper Rush The quarterback also started early next week against the Cincinnati Bengals. Will Greer He is the number 3 midfielder on the team and is currently on the coaching staff.

Rush won his first career start last year against the Minnesota Vikings when Prescott knocked out with a right calf injury. He completed 7 of 13 passes for 64 yards after taking on Prescott’s job against Tampa Bay. He threw for 325 yards and two touchdowns in a 20-16 win against the Vikings.

“It’s very disappointing, but injuries do happen and they can’t necessarily be controlled, it’s unfortunate,” Prescott said. “Obviously he’s going to miss some time, I won’t be there for my team and that hurts more than anything, especially after the start we put there. I want to be able to respond, not necessarily having that chance for several weeks, yeah it’s a pity But I will do what I have always done whenever adversity comes, take it first and foremost and do my best and I am sure I will come out of this thing better.”

Prescott, who is now 2-5 at the start of the season in his career, completed 14 of 29 passes for 134 yards, was intercepted once and dismissed twice while the Cowboys were held without a touchdown early in the season for the first time since 2001.

The last time the Cowboys scored less than 6 points in a season opener was on September 10, 1989, with a 28-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints, which was the first game in Jones’ tenure as owner and general manager and first appearances for Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson.

The thumb injury capped an odd week for Prescott, who was limited to training last Thursday with an ankle inflammation he blamed on a new pair of cleats. Prescott continued to insist he was fine and said it wouldn’t be a problem against the Buccaneers after going through full practice on Friday and Saturday.

Prescott sustained a double fracture and dislocated his right ankle in Game Five of the 2020 season against the New York Giants. He returned to start 16 games last season, setting the Cowboys’ one-season record with 37 touchdown passes. He missed one start with a calf strain.

In Sunday’s opening round, Prescott completed passes to four different receivers as the Cowboys moved 54 yards in 14 plays to take 3-0 after a 51-yard field goal by Brett Maher. They went on series more than three before getting their first again—at 12 yards run by Prescott.

sir lamb I caught one pass after the first drive but one more pass from Prescott the rest of the way.

Prescott at 134 yards was the second-lowest in a game he started and finished in his career. He had 102 yards on 11 of 22, passing on November 30, 2017, against Washington.

Having started 69 consecutive games from 2016-20, Prescott has missed 12 games in the last two seasons and is looking to miss another seven this season. The Cowboys have them by November 6 and play at the Green Bay Packers on November 13.

“It’s obviously not what you want to hear, but it’s not the worst thing that has ever happened to me,” Prescott said. “Yes, it’s just another bump in the road and I will keep moving forward. Like I said I will do everything I can to get myself back so I can improve myself and help this team.”