Dak Prescott is in pain, and Mike McCarthy is in trouble

Jerry Jones spent the sabbatical giving Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy a string of endorsements and a vote of confidence, for the Dallas Cowboys coach, because Jerry loves to speak his will to reality. Our best team in years is here For the nineteenth year in a row.

So of course you know what happened. Dak Prescott’s hand was turned to a crumpled sheet of tin to crown a disastrous season so far, riddled with injuries and a night of unhappy performances against the Brady Bunch. Will Prescott rThey need surgery and are said to be out for a few weeks. The season has fallen apart, McCarthy, who Jones confirmed would end the year in glory, is likely to spend the day before hanging Halloween decorations at a neighborhood haunted house instead of coaching the team against the Chicago Bears. The season has just started, and it’s already ruined.

Not dead, mind you. This is the NFC East, where dreams go to create dry rot and dark rot, and as we know from recent history, seven wins could also be 15. Don’t care what you think after the Eagles, Giants and Cornish – miss the leaders everyone won on opening day. They will all suck because they are all bad (see Magari, comrade). Cowboys are not from nothing unless you include respect, dignity and aspirations for greater things. As any Eagles fan will tell you, 2017 won’t pass through that barn door.

But cowboys have always believed in Gere’s big dreams and always pictured the larynx because a) he’s the boss, and b) what else is there? They went 12-5 a year ago and then lost in a wild card game to a team that couldn’t wait (and yet failed) to give up the middle. They’re still a source of appraisal and a generator of hope, but this is a muscle memory rather than contemporary accomplishments – at least when it comes to January, when all the signs are called.

But January feels like two pointless games in Tennessee and at home against the Snyder Flats. Don’t make the NBC broadcast crew grumble over and over about your injury list, then lose your quarterback for half the season with no repercussions, and if nothing else, the first fork would be McCarthy.

McCarthy is guilty of many things depending on your frantic imagination, the details of which we encourage you to keep to yourself, but he’s mostly guilty of two things: crossing over with Ayahuasca State superstar, Aaron Rodgers, and shaping up like a Russian doll. McCarthy always seemed like the guy who didn’t get Rodgers, and even growing out a beard to look more with her didn’t make a difference. Until the 2010 Super Bowl season won him more exceptional defense than Rodgers’ brilliance, and eventually the two parted ways. In other words, Rodgers won the first of his many power struggles with the Green Bay power structure, while McCarthy became a fun figure.

Fun, that is, fully explained by the word “hatred.”

But this was the year he got a velvety rise in expectations based on a surplus of talent, so much so that the man who runs the entire league came out of his leg to support his hiring and continuation of the business. Now Prescott, the reason the Cowboys work, they can’t, and between now and farewell week, the potential 6-2 record looks a lot like 2-6, and the only thing on Jerry Jones’ mind is that it’s always open to being changed by its owner.

Now McCarthy might be getting an entire season because of the Gere curse, or maybe because the fact that no other coach could better salvage this mess gives him one final bang, but either way, Prescott’s halved season means McCarthy’s season is over. Basically, all along. With all the seasons after that. McCarthy has always been way worse than his fair abilities might suggest (his career win percentage is lower than that of Bill Walsh and Tom Landry, so he can’t be the blocks he’s portraying), but realization is the only reality, and in a sport she has 17 Opportunity just doesn’t sound like undiagnosed growth, every failure is a disaster once you’re flagged for firing — and McCarthy has been flagged for a chop for seven years now, including all 35 games in Dallas. Too bad too; It sounds like a dead bell for my friend Riley, who taught me everything I know about wine (“If you can wrestle it in your yoghurt, why bother with its finish or its aroma?”).

Now, though, he looks like the last hammer to the head, for this season and for McCarthy. This will impress some Cowboys fans who think the losses in pursuit of pink slip are always worth the momentary stench of dread, but that goes for every fan base, and let’s be honest, if fans are worth enough to be transformed into winter coats, there will be a payoff for them.

By that criterion and that alone, Dak Prescott might actually be a better player in collateral damage alone. In a team that hasn’t had any titles for 27 years, that should be a big deal. For now, all that matters is another season of creosote sandwiches and broken glass.