College Football Week 4 – Scott Van Pelt Winners

We went 4-4 last week. Three a year. But a bunch of games that didn’t appear in the list shown on TV all hit – so you know what to do? We are just expanding the list. It’s not too hard to figure out, is it? Nine choices is too many, Scott. who talked? You are not my boss. This is just a TV show and this is free. You can just ignore them, or harass me if they lose, it’s okay. But there are nine. Just so we are clear.


Virginia in Syracuse (-10, 53.5)
7 p.m. ET on ESPN, JMA Wireless Dome, Syracuse, NY

Van Pelt’s pick: Virginia (+10)

We’re 0-2 in Friday picks and you know I hate losing on Friday night, it makes everyone sad. So, let’s be happy and face the team 2-0? Yes – that’s what we do. Virginia is in what they call a carrier dome now.

SVP: 5-2 all time when choosing Virginia


Missouri in Auburn
12 noon EST, Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn, Alabama

Van Pelt’s pick: Missouri (+7)

Missouri played a one way game and it looked horrible. But auburn is in the struggle bus, and we take a little dessert and miso at noon on the plains.

SVP: Lost 5 consecutive picks from Missouri

TCU at SMU (-2, 70.5)
12 noon EST on ESPNU, Gerald J. Ford Stadium, Dallas

Van Pelt’s pick: SMU (+2)

I saw the ponies last week and I’m a believer. I’m still not sure how Terps win the game, but we’re on SMU at home.

SVP: 3-1 pick SMU at home all the time

No. 22 Texas (-6.5, 60) at Texas Tech
3:30 p.m. Eastern time where ESPNAT&T Jones Stadium, Lubbock, Texas

Van Pelt’s pick: Texas Tech (+7)

Let’s go to Lubbock and go Guns Up and back the Red Raiders for a tudder for Texas.

SVP: 7-1 all time when an unranked team is selected against seeded Texas

No. 15 Oregon (-6.5, 57.5) in Washington State
4 p.m. EST, Martin Stadium, Pullman, Washington

Van Pelt’s pick: Washington State (+6.5)

Where does it get weirder, Lubbock or Pullman? Rhetorical question…Give us Coogs at home in Oregon, who looked great last week.

SVP: 6-4 all-time pickup against Oregon

Arkansas at Old Dominion (-5, 56.5)
6 p.m. EST, SB Ballard Stadium, Norfolk, Virginia

Van Pelt’s Pick: Arkansas State (+5)

Did someone say sun belt? What happens when it’s a conference game? I don’t know, but we’re working on figuring it out with Arkansas State in Norfolk to take on Old Dominion. Red wolves to keep this close.

SVP: 3-1 at all times selection of Sun Belt Conference games

Wisconsin at No. 3 Ohio State (-19, 57)
7:30 p.m. Eastern time where ABCOhio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio

Van Pelt’s pick: Wisconsin (+19)

Keep it close. That’s a lot to ask when you play Ohio State, who were last seen scoring 77 goals in Toledo, but the Badgers aren’t the Rockets, with all due respect. Sconnie plus the big number in the shoe.

SVP: 5-2 all-time pick Wisconsin

Kansas State at No. 6, Oklahoma (-12.5, 53)
8 p.m. ET, Memorial Stadium, Norman, Oklahoma

Van Pelt’s pick: Kansas State (+12.5)

Are we finished? no. There are still a few more countries to distribute. Kansas State just lost to Tulane. Oklahoma just devastated Nebraska. It takes guts to put purple here, but so is our guts. brains? Not sure about that. But EMAW and KSU plus two numbers in Norman.

SVP: 6-3 all-time pick-up against Oklahoma in the Conference Games

No. 7 USC (-6.5, 71) in Oregon
9:30 p.m. ET, Reser Stadium, Corvallis, Oregon

Van Pelt’s pick: Oregon (+6.5)

USC is a machine to attack. At some point, giving up all of those yards and the outrageous difference in turnover should equate to it. Are you looking for a good place in Corvallis. Beaver Nation – Whoa.

Senior Vice President: 19-12 At all times, the unseeded Pac-12 team is selected against the seeded Pac-12 team

This is 9… and there was more – as always. The full ticket cannot be given, the offer is for an hour only.