College football star strength index: Nick Singleton shines at Penn State, Brock Powers dominates Georgia

Week three of the college football season produced star performances from players from across the country as the characters and stories of the 2022 campaign continued to emerge amid another crazy weekend. Some of those who starred on the big stage last week may turn out to be one-hit wonders, but there have also been some familiar faces and potential Heisman Award nominees who have popped up on the big stage.

One of the advantages of this sport is the breadth of its characters. This gradation extends from five-star potential clients who will be selected in the NFL draft to previous passes and transfers who make the most of whatever opportunities they can find. Things were no different last week as a variety of players stole the show in big wins for their teams.

As the season progresses in late September, we’re revisiting the Star Strength Index for the second time this season to see who’s brighter. This is not a Heisman Trophy watchlist or a rating of potential earnings based on players’ name, image and likeness, nor is it a NFL dummy project. There are a lot of places to find those things.

This is a list of players who are expanding their platform – whether for good performance or other reasons – to stand out as stars in the sport.

College Football Star Strength Index

Samson Evans, Eastern Michigan running back

Samson Evans hasn’t scored in his first two seasons in Yes As you struggle to find the field as a reserve it runs backwards and into the future. Over the past two seasons at Eastern Michigan, the former three-star prospect has played a backup role and finished the 2021 season as the third-placed Eagles. On Saturday, the Year 5 player delivered an all-time stellar performance as he stunned EMU Arizona 30-21 to enter the end of Herm Edwards’ tenure at Arizona State University. Evans hit 258 yards and landed on 36 as he crossed 100 yards and accelerated for the first time in his career.

Michael Benicks Jr., Washington quarterback

It was fair to wonder if Indiana The transfer had left a lot in the tank after a series of injuries derailed his promising career in the Big Ten. However, by three games, the 2022 season is the best in Penix’s five-year career. 397-yard win and four touchdowns at 39-28 . Huskies Michigan State Saturday earned his Pac12 Offensive Player of the Week award and beat Washington to 18th on the AP’s Top 25 Players list. He unleashed the greatness seen in the Penix earlier in his career. Washington does not play USC In the regular season, which means last week’s Huskies win over the Spartans could go down as the most-watched game of the season — and Penix has made it onto the big stage.

Nick Singleton, Pennsylvania state running back

In a tight win 28-20 Auburn Last season, Penn State won Although From her running game where Nittany Lions totaled just 84 yards off the ground while her back was hung at 2.4 yards per carry. In last week’s rematch in Auburn, the Nittany Lions . won Because of their ground game, where they made a 245-yard rise and five touchdowns in a 41-12 statement victory. Five-star freshman Nick Singleton led the attack with 124 yards and two touchdowns on 10 stands, which included 53 yards (shown below) and 38 yards, closing the door on Auburn in the fourth quarter. The 334 yard jog this season is the most for any PSU to come back by three games since Larry Johnson in 2002. Nittany Lions ranked 118 in sprint attack last season, but with Singleton playing at that level, Penn State would look like a program Which won 11 games three times in a four-year period between 2016-2019 more than the program that struggled to achieve a record 11-11 over the past two years.

Anthony Richardson, Florida quarterback

Richardson made his Star Power Index debut of the season after his heroic performance in Florida’s season-opening win over the then-No. 7 Utah. Now, two weeks later, he’s signed up for SPI for unpleasant reasons after suffering a UF loss Kentucky Week 2 won last week 31-28 ugly South Florida. The sophomore redshirt student is 24 of 53 for 255 yards with four interceptions and no touchdowns in the last two games, and the lights are about to turn bright again. Giant No. 20 plays in No. 11 Tennessee At SEC on CBS Game of the Week on Saturday, Richardson will be a big part of the game’s narrative, for better or worse. His talent is obvious, and few players are more important than Richardson to the success of a related national team. The trend that goes from here will be among the highlights of the SEC in the coming weeks.

johnny wilson, Florida wide future

Florida State has a long way ahead with five of its last nine games against teams currently ranked in the AP’s top 25. But the Seminoles came off 3-0 for the first time since 2015 in large part because of Jonny Wilson’s appearance at the receiver. The 6-foot-7 Arizona State transfer showed his four-pointing potential for 111 yards in his first two Fifa games, but Wilson truly stood out as the champion on Friday night with seven wins for 149 yards and two stars as the injury-destructive Seminole. Devoured by a 35-31 win in Louisville. Wilson equalized early in the fourth quarter and put the Seminoles in front for good a few minutes later with a ridiculous attack in the back corner of the end zone. Both results came from the arm of reserve quarterback Tate Rodemaker, who had high confidence in Wilson’s ability. In three games, Wilson nearly surpassed total yardage from two seasons at ASU.

Brock Powers, Georgia tight end

It’s unfair to Brock Powers that he won’t be eligible for the NFL draft until 2024. Georgia’s first-year tight end is likely ready after his distinguished first campaign, and he’s already proven unstoppable in his sophomore season . Not only did the Bulldogs use it as a traditional goal in the reception game during their 48-7 win in South Carolina, but offensive coordinator Todd Monken deployed him as an open field athlete on the pitches of a plane sweep and a reverse landing. The Bowers totaled three touchdowns – two receiving and one lunge. Powers took 6 yards to land Gamecocks defensive linebacker O’Donnell Fortune with 11:25 left in the second quarter of the game requiring a ridiculous combination of hands, athleticism and coordination. It also put Georgia 21-0 ahead and removed any doubt that Dogs were on their way to a convincing victory.

Will Anderson Jr., Alabama back

To win Heisman as a defensive player, you’ll need some lucky breaks and a couple of highlights that can help you break away from the pack. Anderson Alabama Edge, Will Anderson capitalized on both fronts in a 63-7 defeat to Crimson Tide Louisiana Monroe Last week he scored the first touchdown of his career. Anderson pulled off a skewed Charlie Rodgers pass and slipped 25 yards to score that put Crimson Tide ahead 14-0. In fact, the play requires quite a bit of high-level skill. Practically speaking, however, she caught the nation’s attention during a match that could have been completely overdone, as Alabama had a drama-free day. Expect to see Anderson pick Six highlight multiple times this season.