College Football Rankings: Georgia overtakes Alabama, Notre Dame drops to CBS Sports 131


The week 2 schedule always looks less exciting than the results we see on the field, and this year was no different as three of the top ten teams lost all on the same day and the country’s supposed best team was moved to the wire on the road as a 20-point favorite. But now that all the dust has died down, the image above is sharper than ever – and this one paints the Georgia Bulldogs as the best team in the country.

Georgia took first place from Alabama in the latest issue of CBS Sports 131, an overall rating for every FBS team. Our voters, a group of college football experts from CBS Sports and 247Sports, moved Georgia ahead of Ohio State to finish second after the Bulldogs’ impressive season-opening win against Oregon. After Crimson Tide survived with a 20-19 win over Texas on Saturday, Georgia’s journey to number one was completed as the Bulldogs are the unanimous #1 team entering Week 3.

The reaction to Alabama’s approaching centuries-old approach almost cost them two spots in the rankings. A very thin margin separates Crimson Tide from Ohio State in third place. Michigan and Oklahoma are the next two teams to finish fourth and fifth, respectively, with USC advancing four places to sixth after that impressive. Winning at Stanford.

Kentucky made one of the biggest moves within the top 25 moves, jumping 13 places to 10th after winning the road in Florida. Notable moves included the massive declines of Notre Dame (from #8 to #40) and Texas A&M (from #7 to #33), but of course these upheavals also had positive results in Marshall’s rankings (top 39 spots to #32) and the Appalachian State ( Up to 19 centers up to No. 25). For more information on the biggest adjustments from week to week on CBS Sports 131 this week, check out the engine report below the Top 25 table.

College football experts from CBS Sports and 247Sports contribute their votes each week, which are averaged together for our rankings. You can see the top 25 below and 26-127 on our ranking page.

1 Georgia 2-0 2
2 Alabama 2-0 1
3 Ohio State 2-0 3
4 Michigan 2-0 4
5 Oklahoma 2-0 5
6 USC 2-0 10
7 Clemson 2-0 6
8 BYU 2-0 21
9 Arkansas 2-0 12
10 Kentucky 2-0 23
11 Oklahoma 2-0 16
12 Tennessee 2-0 22
13 Miami 2-0 15th
14 Michigan State 2-0 19
15th Pennsylvania state 2-0 18
16 North Carolina 2-0 17
17 Utah 1-1 13
18 Baylor 1-1 9
19 Be a beauty queen 2-0 27
20 Florida 1-1 11
21 Wake Forest 2-0 26
22 Texas 1-1 28
23 Mississippi 2-0 32
24 Cincinnati 1-1 25
25 Appalachian State 1-1 44

Biggest movers

  • No. 32 Marshall (+39): Charles Hoff led the Thundering Herd into the Sun Belt era with great fanfare, announcing Marshall’s plans to be among the top teams in the league with a surprise win at Notre Dame.
  • No. 29 Washington State (+33): The Cougars went to the Wisconsin home and beat the Badgers with their own style of play. Now 2-0 with a big win on the road, Washington State is a great addition to the Pac-12 summit.
  • No. 25 Appalachian State (+19): Oddly enough, she ranks first with a 63-61 home loss to North Carolina and a surprise 17-14 road win at Texas A&M. What is certain, however, is that this team does not belong in the top 30 after demonstrating its ability to compete against the Power Five in both a high-score shootout and a low-target defensive battle.
  • No. 8 BYU (+13): Down the top of two receivers, BYU quarterback Jaren Hall found a way to make enough plays to lead the Cougars to a 26-20 win in double overtime against Baylor. Next is a major challenge to the new BYU’s position as one of the best teams in the country, as it travels to Eugene for a road test against Oregon.
  • No. 10 Kentucky (+13): The Wildcats defense had all the answers for Anthony Richardson and made his claim as the second best team in SEC East with a tough road win in Florida.
  • No. 37 Wisconsin (-23): Wisconsin’s preseason rankings were based on the belief that this would be another year of consistency from the Badgers. But with home losses to Washington State and FBS not winning their name, it’s hard to say “consistency” is enough to rank Wisconsin in the top 30 in mid-September.
  • No. 33 Texas A&M (-26): With two games in, there’s very little to get excited about for Texas A&M, a team that’s still full of talent and offers a defense that will allow the Aggies to stay competitive even against SEC’s toughest foes. But until crime begins to find its rhythm, it will be very difficult to view Texas A&M as a serious threat to winning its division.
  • No. 40 Notre Dame (-32): A 0-2 start and a checkered quarterback left Notre Dame in a tricky situation staring at the remainder of a table that includes three teams currently ranked in the top ten in CBS Sports 131 – USC, Clemson and BYU.

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