College football disruption alert: Experts pick the underdogs in Week 4 with the best odds of winning

The heavyweights took an interest in business last week, with the Associated Press’s top nine ranked teams winning with an average of 43.3 points. But there are still major troubles to discover. Eastern Michigan, Rice, Charlotte, Tulane, Southern Illinois, Bowling Green, and Wyoming dogs all won double-digits, and Troy, South Alabama, and Old Dominion lost in the last game of the game, missing out on that list.

We love the turmoil here at the Underdog Challenge, although most of the time we’re a little reluctant to predict it. Given where you really are in the rankings, I might catch some double-digit dogs soon enough.

Rules for Contest Newbies: Our experts expect three inconveniences per week. If this happens, the expert earns the number of points the team was underdog.

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Ranking after the third week
place Noun register points
1. Bill Bender 4-5 15th
2. Mike Decorsi 3-6 11.5
3. Zac Al-Kateeb 1-8 3.5
4. Bill Trochi 1-8 2.5

to turmoil

Odds courtesy of Ceasars Sportsbook

Bill Bender, college football writer

Baylor (+2.5) vs Iowa

The host team has won the last four matches, and those matches have been decided by seven points or less. Iowa State is tough at Ames, but the Bears’ balanced attack will pay off, and they’ll sneak in with a close win to begin next week’s showdown against Oklahoma State.

No. 16 Arkansas (+2) vs No. 23 Texas A&M

This will be a fun game. Arkansas averages 500.3 yards per game, which makes it seem easy if not for a defense that allows 352.7 yards per game in turn. Texas A&M, for all its offensive problems, could work against that with Max Johnson. We still count on the tandem of KJ Jefferson and Raheim Sanders to lead the Hogs to victory.

Duke (+7.5) in KS

We’ll try to do it without a basketball reference. Both teams were 3-0 surprises early in the season, and this is an exciting quarterback match between Yalon Daniels and Riley Leonard. Kansas scores 53.0 points per game with Lance Leipold, and they will be tested by Mike Elko’s defense allowing 14.3 points per game. The difference is too big and Doc could steal this. Go with the blue devils at the bell.

Mike Decoracy, Senior Writer

Indiana (+16.5) in Cincinnati

A week ago, the Hoosiers needed extra time to beat Western Kentucky. First, I’d like to point out that it was the second time I lost a surprise pick in overtime, and here I am petitioning the authorities in the Underdog Challenge to realize that any tiebreak necessary in this contest should be decided in favor of the one who lost the most upsets in the OT. Second, I’ll point out that Western Kentucky scores big every time it’s done, so maybe the 30 who commented on Hoosiers than IU probably said. The Bearcats were pugnacious in Arkansas, even in defeat, but there have been plenty of missed receivers and passing passes against a lesser opponent since.

Rutgers (+7.5) vs. Iowa

The results of these two teams so far indicate that 7.5 may be the only points traded on Saturday evening at SHI Stadium in North Jersey. (Well, someone has to score at the end, even if it’s a field goal in overtime.) The Knights average 18 points against the FBS competition. After managing a combined 14 points against South Dakota State (yikes) and imposing rival Iowa State, the Hawkeyes accumulated 27 points against Nevada, if you want to count that. (Me, no). At home, knights can pull this off.

Duke (+7.5) in KS

I’ll make it clear what we’re all thinking: This is going to be one hell of a college basketball game. Sure, but if you look at what happened over the first few weeks of this season, it’s one of the coolest matches on the football schedule. This is the first time in history that these two people, North Carolina and Kentucky, started their football seasons with 3-0 records. And the only thing keeping this quartet from rampaging to 4-0 — well, not the only thing, but the one inevitable thing — is that these two are going to play each other.

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Zach Khatib, Content Producer

No. 10 Arkansas (+2) vs No. 23 Texas A&M

That the Razorbacks are underdogs of any kind is a shock. Arkansas looks like a legitimate team under Year 3 head coach Sam Bateman, who has stellar playback from quarterback KJ Jefferson and trailing back Rahim Sanders. Yes, Arkansas has one of the worst passing defenses in the country – but they’re up against Max Johnson, who wasn’t exactly stunning in the win over Miami. Search Arkansas for a winning statement.

Rutgers (+7.5) vs. Iowa

The reason I chose Rutgers is still the same as I chose Iowa’s second week on hockey: quarterback Spencer Petras. Although he improved his base streak in the 27-0 win over Nevada, he should have had a tougher game against the Scarlet Knights. And despite the fact that Rutgers isn’t the same as the world’s racket (having just survived Temple with a 16-14 victory), it makes sense that this team has something that other Rutgers teams don’t have: confidence.

Washington State (+6.5) vs. No. 15, Oregon

Do you think cougars are as good as ducks? No, but I didn’t think they were as good as Wisconsin, and they went to Madison, Wisconsin, to defeat the Badgers 17-14. They will face a team more capable of scoring in Oregon, the team that bounced well from the first week’s embarrassment against Georgia to score a combined 111 against Eastern Washington and BYU. Wazzu will need stellar play from quarterback Cameron Ward and maybe a spin or two to win. Hey, if he can do it against Wisconsin, he can do it again.

Bill Trucchi, Senior Editor

Washington State (+6.5) vs. No. 15, Oregon

Rely on a little “Bo Nix experience” here, which should have its own Twitter account at this point. Of course, the previous five stars could be really good (see: BYU game) and not really good (see: Georgia game). I’m dealing downhill from last week’s really good match against BYU against a team that is at home and has their own top level QB in Cam Ward. Teased with annoyance.

Arizona (+3) in Cal

I think the hype is about these “new” wild cats, whose only loss this year coincides with the only time I’ve picked them (on par on the course). North Dakota State is a good win, San Diego State is a good win and now Cal is going to be a quality win. The bears are still somewhat dizzy after riding that rollercoaster at Notre Dame last week.

Rutgers (+7) vs. Iowa

Footballs will fly… off Two feet of the Australian gambler. The 131st-ranked Iowa offensive (out of 131 teams) faces the 10th-ranked Rutgers defense, and the 90th-ranked Rutgers offensive faces the 4th-ranked Iowa defense. It’s going to be uphill in New Jersey, similar to a 10-7 Iowa-Iowa game, and it says here that the riders figure out a way to get it out.