Can we really take the Cowboys led by Cooper Rush?

We found how much Duck Prescott Means point spread.

Last week, lookahead’s line Cincinnati Bengals in Cowboys in Dallas At week 2 the Cowboys were -2.5. Prescott fell with a thumb injury, and the streak turned dramatically. Cowboys are now 7.5 underdogs at BetMGM.

There is more to this 10-point transformation than just going from Prescott to Cooper Rush. Cowboys suffered other injuries. Dallas looked so miserable at a loss Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnd that was before Prescott was injured.

Still, 10 points is a lot. Especially against the Bengals who lose themselves in Week 1.

Rush doesn’t have the pedigree that would excite anyone—he came out of Central Michigan in 2017—but we saw him start once and he was pretty good. He had a last-minute starter in Sunday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings last season and threw for 325 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in a shock 20-16 win. It’s hard to sample too much from one game, but at least it was good.

The formula for the Cowboys for the next few weeks without Prescott is clear. They will want to rely on their running back and play a good defense. Having multiple hits up front makes the former a more difficult challenge, but the latter must work. Dallas’ defense should be good this season. Hopefully they can keep matches close and maybe the offense steals a little.

Either way, 10 points seems like an overreaction, and no week of overreaction in sports has been greater than the week after the NFL openers. It’s no fun taking Cowboys with Rush at QB, after what we saw last week. But Take a team that no one else will touch on It could be profitable in the NFL. Let’s choose cowboys and points. Sometimes winning tickets can come from the ugliest teams.

Cooper Rush will start the Dallas Cowboys in place of injured Dak Prescott. (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

Here are the rest of the picks against the spread of Week 2 of the NFL season, with spreads from BetMGM:

Chargers (+4) over heads

As I said At the Daily Suite todayIf Chargers are going to be a thing this season, this is a game that is still close. or win.

Crows (-3.5) above dolphins

Is it possible that we can be so excited about the dolphins after one game? Bill Belichick has faced some criticism for saying: “It was a really level game. Two big plays14 points, the game really skewed, “but he wasn’t wrong. Miami beat New England 307-271, lost 18 first points to 17 to New England, averaged 5.2 yards per game to 5.0 for the Patriots… Miami won, but it didn’t Overtakes New England. The lead was the lead and the result in an unwarranted tumble and collapse by New England to allow Jalen Waddell to drop 47 yards at halftime is the difference. Baltimore was solid in the first week, but hard to distinguish against the Jets, I liked the Ravens so much Its pre-season and I will ride with them.

Brown (-6) above the planes

It’s not like the Browns are all hot and I’m not sure I trust their attack that much, but the Jets looked miserable last week.

Black (-1.5) on the leaders

Lions were favored for the first time since November 2020, picking up a 24-game streak as an underdog ESPN . said She is the longest running in the Super Bowl era. Congratulations to Detroit. If the Lions couldn’t win this game, all that pre-season excitement would seem ridiculous, right?

Jaguar (+4) above the ponies

Not a comfortable choice. I want to believe Jaguar’s turn heads, but the first week was a step backwards. I’m starting to get very worried about Trevor Lawrence. But she’s still a reasonable underdog in the house, so let’s ride with that.

Saints (+2.5) on Pirates

All the attention was on the Cowboys on Sunday night, but it wasn’t a great night for the Bucs. They had two major injuries when receiver Chris Goodwin and tackle left Donovan Smith left the match. We’ll see if they play this week or how effective they are. The Bucs had a good defense against Dallas but offense had its problems. And the Saints defense has worked very well against Tampa Bay ever since Tom Brady came to Florida. I’d rather get +3 or better, but I’ll keep taking Saints.

Panthers (+2) on giants

This is the only board game I’ve been skipping, but since I pick every game every week, let’s flip a coin here. The Giants had a fantastic win last week and Saquon Barkley looked reborn, but it’s still a team I haven’t sold for this season. The Panthers are a team that I liked quite a bit in the season, so let’s go with them and score points.

Patriots (-2) vs Steelers

Does it worry me that the Steelers were a plus-five in the turning difference and needed an extra point blocked and missed the 29-yard field goal, when the Bengals had a long emergency snapper to win? definitely. And the injury to TJ Watt is one of the rare non-QB injuries that should change the streak. McJones should be fine after some back cramps. I may be stubborn on the Patriots but I think they can win a totally ugly game.

Hawks (+10.5) over rams

The Falcons didn’t look that bad, dating back to pre-season (whatever pre-season meaning). Perhaps they should have beaten the saints. The Rams are clearly still good, although the offensive line injuries do worry me a bit. With every double-digit NFL spread, I start making a case for the underdog, and I’m going to stick with it.

Seahawks (+9.5) over 49 years old

Not an overreaction to the weird Gno Smith mania we saw in the first half Monday night. In the second half, Gino was Gino. But it wasn’t a bad night for the Seahawks. All our 49ers have so far is a big loss in Chicago. And while I’ve been a huge supporter of Trey Lance in this off-season, there is a scenario in which San Francisco is in a completely strange position for the new quarterback by Sunday night. Which is higher than I want to admit.

Texas (+10) over the Broncos

The Houston team may be covering a lot of differences. Texas looked pretty good for three quarters last week. There’s some concern about them fading out in the fourth quarter, especially given Denver’s known dominance in thin air at home through September, but I’m still taking Texas for cover.

Raiders (-5.5) on Cardinals

Yes, I may be overreacting to the Cardinals’ loss. It’s just one game against a good team at the Chiefs. But it was really bad. I didn’t like one thing I saw from Arizona in week 1. Meanwhile, the Invaders might be very good. They lose out to chargers, but we’ll find there’s nothing wrong with that.

Packs (-10) above bears

I can’t bring myself to take the bears, unless they play in another monsoon. Green Bay will bounce back after losing the first week. Their defense will show and they will manage the ball well.

Titans (+10) over bills

This is an overreaction line. The bills look great. The titans lost at home to the titans. I picked the Bills to win the Super Bowl and I didn’t pick the Titans for the playoffs, so I understand why people are betting on the Bills. But let’s not forget that the Titans beat the Bills last season. I don’t think they are a bottom feeder. If the bills easily cover this, every price difference will be magnified for the rest of the season.

Eagles (-2) on Vikings

There is a lot of overreaction in this game as well. The Vikings looked good beating the Packers, but that was a very good spot for them in the first week. The Eagles also looked good in most of their victories over the Lions, but they let in too late and the bottom line was the result. The game seemed to be closer than it was. If the Vikings win Game Two on Monday night of Week Two, they are a serious NFC competitor. I’m not going that far yet.

last week: 7-9