Build the perfect Dodgers squad to race the World Championship

The Los Angeles Dodgers are effectively in control of the pace the rest of the season, as the team all still has a first-round bye and is ranked number one in the National League closed. The only thing a team has to play for is All-time record of victoriesAnd it’s not completely out of the picture.

The final two weeks of the season for the Dodgers are all about keeping players healthy and in their groove. They’re also all about messing with the lineup Answer any possible questions Before October, when the games start showing up again.

The Dodgers are sure to have different lineups on different nights, and all it takes is becoming one hot guy to play his way into the starting lineup. However, this season presents fewer opportunities for factions with the nature of how the roster is created.

Unless someone shows up in the final two weeks of the season, the Dodgers’ best lineup in October looks pretty clear.

The Dodgers’ perfect lineup for the World Championship boost:

Top lineup: Mookie Betts (RF), Trea Turner (SS), Freddie Freeman (1B)

This is beautiful in stone. Those were the top three in the standings for most of the season, and the Dodgers wouldn’t suddenly change that in the playoffs. This is the beating heart of the squad, and if the boys in blue win the World Championship, it will be on the backs of these three line-hitters.

The rest of the lineup is the exact part of Dave Roberts.

Midfield: Will Smith (C), Max Muncie (DH), Justin Turner (3B)

This has been the middle of the lineup over the past few weeks, with Justin Turner turning into one of the hottest hitters on the planet. You could make the argument that Turner should move to the cleanup spot, but having him in sixth place expands the lineup.

Smith wasn’t the typical No. 4 hitter, but he did take the lead in running when the Dodgers needed him. Max Muncy really skipped a corner in the second half of the season, too. In September, own the .986 OPS.

The arrow appears to be pointing down on Smith while pointing up at Turner and Muncie. That shouldn’t cause Roberts to change the heart of a squad that has succeeded so far. If Smith continues to struggle and is playing really badly along the stretch, then take him to sixth and raise Turner to clean. Muncie should remain fifth.

Bottom lineup: Trayce Thompson (CF), Gavin Lux (2B), Chris Taylor (LF)

Not Cody Bellinger. No joey gallo. Sure, Bellinger has been a wedded qualifier in the past, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that he and Gallo are better in this area, too. It’s really hard to justify putting either of them, especially Bellinger, in the squad.

Bellinger has been one of the worst hitters in baseball for the past two seasons and he’s getting worse. In September, Bellinger plays a .418-caliber OPS. he has three times The number of hits he hits.

The decision between Gallo and Taylor is more subtle, because both weren’t very good and Gallo is the better player. However, Taylor’s percentage is 125 points higher than Gallo’s. It’s better to have that than Gallo’s gallo’s swing-house and fail-operability.

There are some concerns about this lineup (the fact that there aren’t any good right-handed hitters on the bench), but playing the field isn’t one of them. In fact, Trayce Thompson has more Defensive points saved In the ballpark more than Cody Bellinger. So playing it in the middle isn’t a sacrifice at all.