Buffalo Bills dominate in Week 2 as Tennessee Titans win

The buffalo bills The Tennessee Titans beat the Tennessee in a convincing fashion Monday night, adding to the tradition of the 2022 season. A 41-7 Week 2 win won’t give them EnergyBut Buffalo has done everything they’ve been asked up to this point in the season.

With week two over, here are my quick points from the game.

Allen and Diggs reign supreme

This is exactly how you earn an MVP. Cast a couple of big season kick-off shows on national TV, grab a set of touchdowns, and let the field chase you. The connection between the two has always been great, but these two lived the match of their lives on Monday. On 14 goals, Stefon Diggs had 12 receptions, 148 yards, and three touchdowns including a bomb as Diggs turned the rookie corner inside out. (I wrote that baseline in the third quarter, and didn’t expect it to be the final number because the buffalo defense turned the screws.) That was the story of the night, really; Diggs tutored the defender and Josh Allen found him. With wide receiver Gabby Davis sidelined at the ankle, the Diggs was all the Buffalo needed at night and Allen was more than happy to feed him.

Earthing Derek Henry

The Bills completely dominated the streak of scrimmage against the Titans, and the Tennessee brought their star out of the game in the third quarter. When the Bills advanced 27-7, Henry had 11 carry for 14 yards. This includes five ten-yard stands for light boxes (six or less) per ESPN. He finished with 13 holders for 25 yards and a punch at the goal line. The Giants pulled him out of the match 19 minutes before the end of the match along with Ryan Tanehill.

Defensive injuries accumulate on buffaloes

There was a scary spectacle just before halftime when corner back Dine Jackson was loaded into an ambulance after suffering a severe blow that left his head and neck bent. Salameh Mika Hyde left the match with a neck injury. Defensive interference Jordan Phillips and full-back Matt Milan left the match near the beginning of the fourth quarter. With a short week before confronting the influencer (I said it) Miami Dolphin Crime, bills should be concerned. Defensive interventions Ed Oliver and Tim Settle missed the match due to their injuries.

Jordan Phillips is his best

Coach Sean McDermott likes to say guys come to the Bills to be the best version of themselves and no one proves that more than Jordan Phillips. The massive 6’6″, 330-pound defensive tackle was all over the place again on Monday. He’s had pressure and tackles, sure, but he’s also been a key member of the squad that pumps fans after the big plays. He loves it here, fuels the fans, and appears in the stadium.

Linebacker fun night

The Bills quarterback was everywhere. Even Tyrel Dodson, who stuck to the specials, recovered impossibly upon the boat’s return. Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano were all over the place. Edmunds had a nice sack trying to play a pass, and then when he fell into coverage he made a pass with his long arms picked by Jordan Boyer. Milano had his own pick, bringing it back down as an exclamation point for the game.

Celebrate the fun

Many of us remember games on the wrong side of results like this. I hope you all enjoy.