Buckeye Stock Market Report: Buckeyes Attack Machine Crushes Toledo Rockets

after all Ohio State During the 2022 football season, the LGHL will present its market analysis of the Buckeyes’ performance. Using the standard bond rating system, we’ll rate attack, defense, and special teams according to this formula:

AA: Very strong
BBB: Appropriate
BB: Facing great uncertainty

Next, we’ll look at which individual players have outperformed (one way or another!) and give them a stock rating: Blue Chip, Solid Performance, Penny Stock (similar to junk bonds, dangerously high risk).

Quick overview

This match against Toledo is what we have been waiting for so far this season: an attack that is simply unstoppable. Whether the play was a pass or a run, the Buckeyes moved the ball with seemingly very little resistance.

All questions arising from the first two Ohio games are answered in this game. Create rotation? The Bucks had nothing in the first two games and they got a interception and a recovery in this game. Sanctions ahead of time? In 60 minutes of play, the Buckeyes earned five yards. Consistent running offense? Even with TreVeyon Henderson leaving the game after the first offensive possession, OSU rushed for 281 yards.

If Ohio State entered this game looking to tune in and build confidence in playing in the league, it couldn’t get any better. Badger coaches and players watching this match will have a lot of interest.

a crime

Overall rating: AA Very strong

Here are the numbers, but the game looked more lopsided. The Buckeyes held the ball for 13 series of touchdowns. They scored touchdowns on 11 of them, shot on one (they fell on Toledo’s two-yard line), and watched the game clock hit zeros in the last game. It is almost unstoppable. Almost perfect. Passing offense saw CJ Stroud and Kyle McCord call in 27 of 34 passes (79.4%) for 482 yards and six touchdowns. The running game produced 281 netting yards on 44 buggies (6.39 yards per carry average) and five TDs. The Buckeyes made 78 plays for Toledo’s 56 plays, held the ball for 35:26 to 24:34 for the Rockets, and converted 11 of their third attempts.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Julian Fleming both came back from their injuries, and both played well, with Fleming scoring two relegation goals. But the other receivers – Cade Stover and Marvin Harrison, Jr. And Emeka Egbuka and Jayden Ballard also shone brightly.

And the advent of jogging? Henderson carried only four times, but Mian Williams got 77 yards over 10 yards, TC Caffey had an impressive 49-yard breakout between 57 yards, and new teammate Dallan Hayden led all the lunges with 108 yards on 17 buggies. Everyone played, everyone starred.


Overall Rating: A Strong

If the Rockets didn’t have a quarterback named Dequan Finn, I’d probably give Buckeye’s defense the highest possible rating here. But Finn has created problems as long as there has been. Buckeye’s defenders constantly put pressure on him, even knocking him out twice. But Finn is fast and dodgy, and he’s dashing over and over for yards. His death was also very accurate: 10/19 for 153 yards and two touchdowns. Yes, there is still some question about Buckeye’s pass defense.

Overall, the Bucks gave up just over 300 yards in total offense. They were brave against running, allowing 124 net yards to dash on 33 runs, averaging 3.76 yards per carry—mostly 70 yards from Finn.

Ronnie Hickman hooked up a misspelled pass for OSU’s first tournament of the season. We’ve seen Sonny Styles and how hard it is to hit him. I thought the defensive line played very well, and they look ready to take on the Badgers.

special teams

Overall Rating: A Strong

There’s not much to report here – except that some previous bugs have been taken care of. We didn’t see the Buckeye punt returning to kicks or being called up for penalties. The Bucks only shot once, but Jesse Mirko’s kick went out of bounds on the second rocket. Noah Ruggles took all of his bonus points kicks.

solo shows

blue chip

CJ Stroud. Maybe I should leave Stroud here until he has a bad game, but he probably won’t have one. Against Toledo, Stroud cemented his bid as a Heisman Prize nominee with an almost flawless night. He hit 22 of his 27 passes, for 367 yards and five touchdowns. He also (surprisingly) carried the ball in two rounds. Stroud distributed his cards to a number of receivers, most notably Stover, who opened up on two gentle paths.

Jayden Ballard. The Buckeyes had three receivers gaining more than 100 yards through the air. In this young season, we’ve come to expect that from Harrison, Jr. (102 yards) and Egbuka (116 yards), but it sure was nice to see Ballard break out. Playing with backup QB Kyle McCord, Ballard had four passes for 113 yards. He flashed his pace in a 72-yard reception for a fourth-quarter touchdown.

Dalan Hayden. I may have underestimated this guy last week. He has the things—strength, speed, vision—to be the No. 1 ball carrier. Sure, he handled the load last night, averaging 6.4 yards per carry and an accelerating TD record.

Jack Sawyer. Sawyer was everywhere. What an engine he has! He was credited with five tackles, two of them for a loss, and a sack. D plays best when in the game.

Javonte Jean Baptiste. He lobbied Rocket QBs all night and got them for two bags. It also forced Jean Baptiste into the confusion that caused the Buckeyes’ second spin of the game (and the season).

strong performance

Williams soup. While we hated seeing Henderson limping in the locker room, Williams, who regularly takes turns running anyway, didn’t feel like he was stepping down. Carry the ball 10 times – all in the first inning – for 77 yards (average 7.7). His longest run was 19 yards, so he probably doesn’t have that huge speed for Henderson (or Hayden), but he does run really hard.

Tommy Eichenberg. In the three games this season, Eichenberg has risen to the role of “Mr. Reliable.” He stops the run and can cover or blitz the playing passes. He looks as if he used to be the leader of the defence.

Julian Fleming. Looks like we’ve been waiting forever for this five-star recruit to showcase his talent. He did last night. Incredible hands. He only caught three for 23 yards, but two of them were touchdowns. What a great catch Fleming had to give the Buckeyes a fourth TD at the end of the first quarter.

TC Cafe. This first-year player should be mentioned here only in the long-term. He didn’t come down, breaking four or five tackles. Since he didn’t join the Buckeyes until early summer, we didn’t see Caffey at the spring game. So, his game against Toledo was a pleasant surprise.

offensive line. Solo play is hard to discern – unless it’s a blunder of some sort that replays multiple times. But, overall, the streak kept the rocket racers away from Stroud and McCord and opened up big opportunities for Buckeye to appear. I did well!

Penny Stock

She was 77-21. What do you not like? I will save any picking for the closest game.

Ohio’s crime was on full display against Toledo. Wisconsin would surely be a much better enemy. In fact, a couple of months ago, I declared the Badgers to be the hardest game on Buckeye’s schedule. With Pennsylvania and Michigan both looking better than I thought, Wisconsin doesn’t look huge. But it will be an important test of how good the Buckeyes are. Can they handle the top ten teams? Can they compete with Georgia?

Let’s hope Henderson’s injury isn’t too severe and the Buckeyes are at full strength as they make it to the Big Ten table.