Brian Harsin’s name is spreading as a potential candidate for a job in Arizona

Two college Power Five coaching jobs have already opened before the fourth week of the season, and Written by Brian HarrisThe name was mentioned in the most recent opening.

We parted ways Arizona Herm Edwards On Sunday afternoon after the loss to Eastern Michigan, the Sun Devils pushed to 1-2 — and most importantly, in the wake of a mass exodus of staff and players, and a sharp decline in hiring following an ongoing NCAA investigation into program wrongdoing. joins Nebraska Scott Frost As top-level coaches they were ousted early in the season. National media speculated that Georgia Tech Jeff Collinswho went 9-25 in his first three seasons and was also at a 1-2 start, could be next.

A few hours after Edwards’ decision was publicly announced, ESPN’s Pete Tamil Tweet a few names To watch the opening. First coach listed? Harsin, whose Auburn team was blown up in their Pennsylvania home stadium on Saturday, 41-12.

It should be noted that Tamil suspended Harsin’s appointment to Auburn in December 2020, and also served as the first spokesperson for the Auburn coach in early February during the university’s “inquiry” about the football programme. Harsin contacted ESPN from Mexico while on vacation to express his frustration and defend himself against the bizarre investigation and “attacks on my character”.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd also featured Harsin on A List of potential candidates Arizona on Sunday.

Dodd said: “Harsin may be the next coach to leave the door, perhaps as soon as this week. We won’t bore you with the failures at Auburn. by Auburn. Harsin was a poor fit for The Plains, and his fault wasn’t so much of him. It was from the start. Harsin is a West Coast guy whose style and personality fit in with the Southwest. I expect him to come back to Boise. At some point if Arizona doesn’t lure him in.”

Harsin was asked Saturday after Penn State’s loss about how he handled outside questions about his job security and future as coach for Auburn.

“I always coach for this football team, well, these guys are number one,” Harsin said after the match. “I can’t control it. I can control what I do every day. … At the end of the day I am disappointed with our football team and my job is to make sure we put a plan and put a football team out there that can compete and play at a high level, that is always an expectation. The standard has to be better than it was, and that’s really all we’re going to focus on.”

The former Boise State coach, who went 69-19 at his alma mater and won three Mountain West titles, is 3-7 in his first 10 games in Auburn against Power Five, including five straight losses going back to last season.

Things won’t get any easier for tigers either. They have five ranked teams remaining in their table — No. 1 Georgia, No. 2 Alabama, No. 10 Arkansas, No. 16 All-Mace and No. 23 Texas A&M — including four in the top 20. Penn State has moved on to No. .14 ​​after what was Auburn’s worst first-leg defeat margin since the 2012 season – going 3-9 and shooting. Jane Chesick.

If fired, Harsin will owe 70% of the remaining $26.5 million in his five-year contract, according to the terms of his deal that Auburn Undercover obtained after his appointment. If Harrison leaves Auburn before his deal is struck, he will owe the program $5 million during the second year of his contract (this year), $3 million in the third year, $2 million in the fourth, and $1 million in the fifth.

Next is what is likely to be one of Auburn’s most win-win games this season: a home game with Missouri (11 a.m. CET, ESPN).