Beechwood-CovCath highlights high school/college football weekend here

For the first time this season, no team from Northern Kentucky is playing a Thursday game this week. Although we didn’t know it until a couple of days ago when the Newport-Cincinnati College Prep Academy game was rescheduled Thursday through Friday with the rest of the local games. So here we go with this weekend’s previews.

Friday secondary school

NEWPORT (2-2) IN CINCINNATI COLLEGE PREP ACADEMY (1-3) At Norwood High School, 7 p.m.: You have to be quick on your feet to play this game. Maybe that’s why they call it football. But as of Tuesday, this match was scheduled for Thursday. Now she’s back on Friday and assigned to the Norwood High School field. It’s the only home game of the season for the Cincy College Prep, which opened with a win over Bethel-Tate, but was overshadowed by the likes of Purcell Marian (54-20) and Norwood (22-0). Wildcats head coach Ryan Hahn battles a tough 32-28 loss to Holmes after defeating Bishop Brussart and Pendleton County as they grow up around a big do-it-all star. Quincy Barber.

Walton Verona (3-1) at Bonn County (2-2), 7:30 p.m.: Berkats Walton Verona has made his way with a Class 5A Grant County, Class 4A Scott, and Class 2A Holy Cross before being tackled 40-21 last week by Class A Newport Central Catholic. But they are now heading to Florence where another 5A team, the Boone County Rebels, awaits. This is a crucial game for both teams as the Rebels defeated Russell and Scott before losing to Holmes and Lloyd. Flip a coin here.

CAMPBELL COUNTY (1-3) in CONNER (1-3), 7 p.m.: It wasn’t easy for any of these 1-3 teams. Class 5A Conner is a youngster, finally finding his way into the winner’s circuit in Week 4 with a point, 21-20, over Scott. Class 6A Campbell County, affected by an off-court problem two weeks ago, impressively won their opening games against NewCath, but have seen a major drop since then including last week’s 28-26 loss to Cooper. Another one of those games would be a huge loss for whoever comes out on the short end of this score in play in the area.

BEECHWOOD (4-0) in COVINGTON CATHOLIC (3-1), 7 p.m.: Another week, another battle for control of the Dixie Highway. But instead of facing a young Colonel from Dixie Heights on the road, an equally young Colonel from Class 5A CovCath will defend their Park Hills grounds against all-award winning Class 2A Tigers from the next house in Ft. Mitchell who just knocked out Class 6A Simon Kenton 30-7 last Friday, in Friday’s game of the week. And like that game, where Simon Kenton lost the quarterback Chase Crone In the previous week, CovCath had lost an impressive junior Evan Bitzer Injured in the Dixie Heights game. Not that Beechwood is not familiar with this scenario. The Tigers with 27 consecutive games, the longest in Kentucky football, lost the start, Clay Haydenthe last week of pre-season and I had a win with a freshman QB, cash harneyand guide them. Helps get stars like Tailback / linebacker / Punter / placekicker Mitch Burger and DB/WR/Wildcat QB Anthony Robinson Jr.and DE Xavier Campbell To rely on this match from coaches who have won 11 state championships, including (Beechwood Noel Rush With seven, kovkath Ed Eveston with four others). CovCath had opened the tightest schedule with Ohio No. 3 Cincinnati Elder in his only loss and defeated the strong Catholic Lexington team on the road, 7-6, two weeks ago. And the colonels have their own alternative QB to turn to – as they did last week with great success against Dixie Heights – on the first level. Zachary Roberts, who came to hit 12 of 14 and pass for 179 yards in a 47-14 win over Dixie Heights. The match of the week has to be here and the kind of challenge they’ll each bring – especially the CovCath – to the challenges of playing zone.

Lexington Sayre (2-1) at Dayton (2-2)7:30pm: Prior to last week’s 28-21 loss to Frankfurt, Lexington Sayer won their first two matches (against Emmenense and Fort. Knox) ​​by 78-0. So, this game is not suitable for up and down Greendevils in historic Davis Field. Pioneering accelerator Landin Hopper He managed to run 60 yards over 19 cars in last week’s 21-8 loss in Estill County but the Devils failed to complete one pass (throwing only two) and only totaled 118 yards from attack. Jesse Herbst Players will have to do better this week at home in the 1A tag team battle.

BELLEVUE (0-4) in GALLATIN COUNTY (0-3), 7:30 p.m.: Bellevue road warriors have already traveled to different ends of the state with trips to Metcalfe County and Maguven County, so an I-71 motorway trip to Warsaw shouldn’t be much of a problem. Nor should the Gallatin feral cats that have already lost a first-class Ludlow of Northern Kentucky. The good news for the Super Junior with five starting players is that they managed to score their first points of the season – 20 – in a 65-20 loss to Maguvin. But that still leaves the Tigers with a 207-20 drop in total scoring in four games. Bellevue has a 9-6 advantage in the 15-game series against Class 2A Gallatin County dating back to 2007.

Newport Catholic Central (3-1) at HOLY CROSS (1-3), at Thomas More, 7 p.m.: NewCath, having rammed his toe in an opening loss at Campbell County, now rolls 40-21 on 2A’s previously unbeaten Walton Verona. Not so for the Class 2A Holy Cross going in the opposite direction, with an opening win and then three straight losses including a 14-0 shutdown at the hands of the Walton-Verona who put out a NewCath 40 last week while Holy Cross had a hard loss 8-11 in front of Bishop Prosart. NewCath based on WR/DB Saab Luke Runyon and talented juniors RB/LB Dmitrik Welch and QB Colton Smith. Landin Phillips Indians drive in both rush and pass. Getting some help will be key to Bruce Kozersky comrades.

Bishop Prossart (3-1) in LLOYD MEMORIAL (2-2)At 7 p.m.: Another game out of the box between a strong Division 1 team Brossart against a strong Division 2A team at Erlanger in what appears to be another “flip-a-coin” game here in northern Kentucky. Evan Orth He leads a Brossart run averaging 76.2 yards each time Kayden Zolager He does the same for Lloyd with 116.2 yards in the game. Lloyd is a two-point loss (to Dixie Heights and Clarksville, Ind. Providence) from an unbeaten record while Brossart lost 7-0 to Newport in the week after losing QB Keegan Jolie to injury. Both teams know that their records don’t tell the whole story.

Carol County (1-3) at Ludlow (2-1), 7 p.m.: Two big wins – 48-20 over Gallatin County, 46-21 over Lockland (Ohio) and one big loss for Paris (42-8) draw a question mark over the Class A Panthers shirts as they host 1-3 class Carroll County side 2A at Rigney Stadium. quarterback Jackson Rice He is a Ludlow man leading the Panthers in the lunge (48 for 387 yards, 129.0 game), passing (12 of 34 for 116 yards, 2 TD), scoring (14.0 dpi), and specials (9 of 10 in pat).

Highlands (2-2) on Rail (3-1), 7:30 p.m.: Here’s our pick for Game of the Week II with the way the Highlands’ Class 5A Bluebirds score an impressive win over 6A Campbell County, 44-13, and Class A power Raceland, 24-14, the past two weeks. They’ll head to Union where the heavily defended Class 6A Rail team awaits a defense of three consecutive opponents for one touchdown each – Conner (21-7 win), Cooper (13-10 win) and Davis County (23-7 win). The Raiders’ lone loss to Lexington Catholics on the road, 27-21. This one will highlight QB’s big passes in the Highlands Brody seatand noon running Cam Geiser And the Dawson Hoseaand all purposes charlie nun with big leg Davis Burley Who is six-for-seven in field goals (including one from 46 yards) and 14 of 14 in pat. QB Logan Verax Ryle leads with 165.2 passing yards–and 66.5 fast yards–in the game. Jace Harden Adds 82.0 yards to the game on the ground while Caden Gardner Total 93.8 yards receiving and one TD game for the Raiders. Whoever wins – or even loses – can continue in this game for a successful season in their category, but doing so will probably be easier with the win here.

Grant County (0-4) at Scott (1-3), 7:30 p.m.: Pair of 1 point losses (for Boone County, 14-13, and Conner, 21-20) 4A Scott Eagles must have had a bit of a feel for the Snakes but how would you like to be a 5A Brave no win? They conceded 185 points (46.3 per game) in four lopsided losses. Find the guys who knocked out Taylor Mill’s way to put themselves back on the winning track here.

Saturday College

Thomas More (1-2) in Campbellsville (2-0), 7 p.m.: Don’t let the records fool you into this. Thomas More’s losses came at the hands of the talented Bluefield and Division I Duquesne. Campbellsville’s victories were against St Andrews and Union. Then there is history here. TMU is 3-0 all-time against Campbellsville including a 73-28 win a year ago. Looks like a good chance to bounce back from a brutal 42-35 loss to Bluefield and a 34-14 loss at Duquesne, when the Dukes beat TMU outpacing the Saints, 506 yards to 177, by a 249-47 lead. Earth. The opening of the Mid-South Conference for the first year coach Chris Norwell The TMU team feels like a more appropriate physical match.