Baseball date dismantled, September 5th

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Cubbie Blue Bleed He is pleased to offer a light heart, Cubs– A focused look at baseball’s colorful past, with lots of Science And the various narratives to follow as they emerge over time. Here’s a handy schedule for the cubs, to help you continue. We also include Cubs player birthdays and a bit of world history, for context.

Today in baseball history:

  • 1918 – in Komiski ParkAnd the Babe Ruth subordinate red socks Six strokes Cubs In the opening match World Championship, 1-0. Fall Classic, which starts about a month earlier than usual because First World Warplayed in white socks home domain instead of Wegman’s Park (It will be renamed Wrigley field in 1926) due to the larger seating capacity. during the Seventh half extensionMilitary band playingshiny star banner” And the Fred Thomas, on vacation from the Navy, draws attention. (1,2)
  • 1931 – in CincinnatiThe Cubs He loses, 4-3, in 10 runs. Hack Wilsonin the kennel for the cubs to drink and not to be beaten, it is left in bull barn To warm the shooters at the manager Rogers HornsbyFew soccer players, inserts the bowler bud teaching in LF. On the train back to Chicago that night, Wilson began arguing with two clerks. When Pat Malone He wanders, joins the controversy, and, at Wilson’s encouragement, attacks both books. Malone will be fined $500 for his actions while president of the club Bill L Vic Wilson will be suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. In 112 games, Wilson has only hit .261 with 13 home runs, and the Cubs will send the tumbling player to Saint Louis during the winter. (2)
  • 1962Ken Hobbs subordinate Cubs Sets major league records in 2B for consecutive games without Error (78) consecutive chances are accepted (418) without error. His plan ends with a throwing foul in the fourth round like Cincinnati beats Chicago 4-1. (2)
  • 1964Ernie Banks Double belts and Homer in the same stroke, and Cubs Use the big score to beat cards8-5. Mike Cuellar take loss for Larry Jackson. (2)
  • 1969Billy Williams every four of Chicago Hits, as the Cubs lose 9-2 decision to Steve Blass and the pirates. There’s nothing cheap about Billy’s hits – my husband’s husband and two reptiles – and he sets National League Score the most hits in a game without any other results, equaling the major league record Kid Elberfeld (August 1And the 1903). Blass helps his cause with his only team in the league, a three-round blast Ken Holtzman, and three singles. The win is Pittsburgh’s first in Wrigley field Where July 5And the 1968, a series of 13 losses. They would win the next two to sweep the series and drop the Cubs’ lead to two and a half games. (2)
  • 1978 – The a statement multiply the Cubs, 10-8, in a nine-game match that featured 45 major league players. (2)

Cubs birthdays: Ed SteinAnd the Lefty LiefieldAnd the Maldonado dessertAnd the Cliff BartoshAnd the Jeff StevensAnd the Tyler Colvin*. Also note: Lajoie . nap HOF, Bill Mazrowski HOF.

Today in world history:

  • 1666 The Great Fire of London is over, leaving 13,200 homes destroyed and 8 dead.
  • 1698 Russian Tsar Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards.
  • 1882 – 10,000 workers march at the New York City Labor Day premiere.
  • 1901 The National League of Professional Baseball, known as Minor League Baseball, was formed at the Leyland Hotel in Chicago.
  • 1955 – WTTW TV Channel 11 in Chicago, IL (PBS) begins broadcasting.
  • 1966 Jerry Lewis has raised $1 million.

Common sources:

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