Barkley will be a reborn star with the performance of The Beast Giants

Nashville, Tenn. – Brian Dabol raised two fingers and gave Saquon Barkley that look. The Giants needed one for a draw, two for a win, and so the rookie coach closed his eyes as the star returned, and there was nothing else to be said.

“Yes,” Barclay thought to himself.

So he took the odd pass from Daniel Jones, and negotiated his way through the Titans to the finish zone, giving the Giants the cushion they needed. To survive a last-second TN kick that sailed wide to the left.

“I trust Saquon,” Daboll later said.

He trusted him to gamble for life in his first game as head coach in the NFL.

A star born again in Nashville, yes he was. His name is Saquon Barclay. Do you remember him, right?

Doraemon Pennsylvania who “touched the hand of God.” The man Dave Gittleman’s mother would have explored.

The man who had the skill, looks and charisma to be the biggest football star in New York since Joe Willie Namath.

Saquon Barkley walks off the field after the Giants win.
Saquon Barkley walks off the field after the Giants win.
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Saquon Barkley dives into the end zone to convert two points to the winner of the game.
Saquon Barkley dives into the end zone to convert two points to the winner of the game.

Saquon Barkley returned to the NFL on Sunday with loudest blasts, rushing for 164 yards on 18 stands, scoring touchdowns, changing the game with 68 yards in the third quarter and carrying the Giants when it was needed most.

“We got the best of the league back, and he showed that today,” said Sterling Shepherd, who got a 65-yard touchdown pass from Jones. “There is nothing else to say.

“I love the way he’s been running the ball in practice, and he’s brought it straight to the field. I’m very proud of him because he’s been working lately. He deserves it all, and I can’t wait to see him the rest of the season. This is a great start for him.”

Great start for the New York Football Giants, coming straight from left field.

“I saw the explosion, and it was fun to watch,” Jones said of his friend Barkley. As daring as Daboll’s call to defining the game, this two-point diversion game wasn’t really a bird-hunting game.

“Fortunately when you have Saquon Barkley, it works out,” Jones said.

Barclay defeated the great Derek Henry by an overwhelming majority. It was supposed to be the kind of star Henry was with the Titans, at least until his injuries, disappointed teammates, and lack of performance that conspired against the case.

I will be Barclay
The return of the Giants to Saquon Barkley was heroic.

“I’m ready to go crazy,” Barkley vowed in the podcast. He said he was eager to silence everyone.

Barkley did just that with a purposeful north-south running style and no east-west dance steps in sight.

“It kind of started to get into the zone,” he said of his sense after dashing 68 yards down the left sideline in the third quarter. “I’m starting to get locked up. I love being in that place.”

The Giants are a much better team with Barkley in that place. This Tennessee opener has long promised to be a heart-wrenching indoctrination for Dabol, whose former New England teammate Mike Frabel has built the kind of consistent post-season program the Giants can only dream of.

That’s exactly how I played off the jump, when the Giants started with a hat-trick and a ripped straight out of their worst nightmare – Barkley ran for 1 yard, followed by Berkley Jones ending with powerful kicks at the exposed quarterback.

Saquon Barkley takes delivery from Daniel Jones.
Saquon Barkley takes delivery from Daniel Jones.
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This was an ostensible springtime outing in the park compared to the 46-yard race, the Giants immediately gave up, followed by the 45-yard landing gear.

Oh man, it looked grim at that point. The Giants Twitter was bleak and bleak, and press box veterans here at the Titans’ home were preparing their pre-order.

But then Barkley started dropping out, and everything changed. If he is to become this type of player in 2022, the giants will remain relevant for much longer than many people think.