Bad Airplane Aggression Day Doesn’t Shake Faith in Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco was a duck sitting behind a makeshift attack line and still awoke and trapped Jets fans watching a three-yard dust offense and a cloud flashing back to last Halloween when Mike White (405 yards, three touchdowns) showed up one afternoon like Cinderella.

And so the Mike White hymns began with 4:48 left in the third quarter of Ravens 24, Jets 9 on opening day.

I asked Michael Carter running backwards if he heard the “Mike White” chant.

“No. I think that’s bulls — though,” he told the newspaper. “I love Mike White. I love him, and I know he can go around and know everything, but you have to believe in the guys that trade there. I know Mike White would have done well, but that’s like disrespecting Joe.”

“And you see that in the NFL where the vets, the top guys, the NFL are trying to throw them aside. Because it’s a quote, ‘Young League.’ It just isn’t worth it.”

Flacco did not. But when you’re the attacking midfielder of the Sominex with all the energy and urgency of the tortoise, it’s inevitably your fault, and

It’s Sunday football’s ritual that when the starting quarterback can’t sniff out the end zone for whatever reason, the backup quarterback becomes the people’s choice.

Woe to Flacco.

ALL BRAKE NO GAS offense midfielder.

Use the plane?

fear number.

Joe Flacco was fired during the Jets’ loss to the Ravens.
Bill Gastron

Flacco finished 37 of 59 for 307 yards, one litter touchdown and one interception. Flacco was under siege, an anachronism in a league designed for moving quarterbacks, fell victim to a foul by Bryce Hall and Tyler Conklin, and slipped over the middle by surprise started by Lawrence Kager’s court end pick.

“We have to keep it off the ground,” Carter said. We have to keep him off the ground. He’s a great quarterback when he’s upright, just like all quarterbacks – Patrick Mahomes, he’s great when he’s upright. Josh Allen, he’s great when he’s upright. Zach Wilson, he’s great when he’s upright. be erect.”

Wishful thinking right there on Wilson, who could have been more effective in running his life than Flacco, sure.

Not surprisingly, Flacco was unable to raise the players around him against these crows. For the Jets to win a game like this, Flacco needs more support from his protection, playmakers, defense and special teams. Because it’s not Lamar Jackson or Allen or Mahomes.

“There were plays when we weren’t helping Joe, and there were plays he wasn’t helping either,” said Robert Saleh.

Sadly, findings psychology tells us the team knows itself what’s out there (thank you, Bill Parcells), and Ya Gotta Believe hasn’t made its way into the franchise yet.

Flacco said, “I just go back to believing ourselves that we’re good, and I talk to myself too. I think every time we take the field, we just have to really believe we can, because we are. And I think that’s why we miss some of that.” Little juice here and there to get us off the hump. And like I said, I’m talking to myself, not just young men and things like that.”

Bryce Hall feeling the ball during the loss of Gates to the crows.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Learn about Loss Syndrome. Do your best not to listen to Same Old Jets.

“When you have guys who haven’t played in this league, and then when you have a bunch of veterans who haven’t won consistently over the last two years, you have to learn how to win football games, establish that winning culture, winning on Sunday is a big part. So “.

Of course, Flacco did not point the finger at his interception in the first half.

“I wish I had just done some checkups at 5 yards earlier in the game,” he said. “safety [Marcus Williams] He’s driving your car, you have a little bit of a bug running the road and the next thing you know you’re in a bad situation.”

Of course he didn’t throw his offensive line under the bus.

“These guys fought all day and I thought they played really well together,” Flacco said. “We all have to make small improvements like you talked about so we can take the next step.”

No Jets fan can watch the team’s loss to the Ravens on Sunday.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Conklin jumped to Flacco’s defense.

“He’s the same player he was, he can do all the throws, he’s smart, he’s a captain, we all love playing with him,” Conklin said. “We have to be better for him, too.”

Having more playing time for dynamic novice WR Garrett Wilson in the first half would be a good start, as would Forgotten Man CJ Uzomah. Conklin stumbled early in Baltimore 21 and Cory Davis had an early touchdown and Hall stumbled in the fourth quarter and time to speak already.

“We spoke in the locker room after the match,” Azoumah said. “We will not let that happen again.”

Conklin: “It’s not the same thing. We have a good team.”

Only positive emotions more than ever.