B1G Ideas: Don’t Run Zero Cover at the End of Games and more ideas from Week 3 in the Big Ten

Every Monday after my top 10 games list, I’m going to give you some B1G’s thoughts on everything that happened! This will include analysis, statistics, key players, moments, and maybe a joke or two. Be sure to check out the I-70 Football Show in the Land-Grant Holy Land podcast feed for more in-depth analysis and a preview of the upcoming week of B1G games.

Bordeaux cannot overcome poor training and poor discipline

Bordion, the team formerly known as Bordeaux, lost a game against Syracuse in the most reckless way possible. The Big Ten West is full of coaches who don’t want to win and it’s ridiculous. Bordeaux went down 25-15 after quarterback Aidan O’Connell tried to give up the game by handing the ball to Syracuse and pushing them for Game Six. Many of us thought the game was over at this point, but O’Connell led the Boilermakers on consecutive touchdown drives that eventually led to Syracuse 29-25 with just 51 seconds away.

Then the world arose and did not sit still; Immediately after touchdown, Bordeaux received two foul penalties, one on a coach, which forced the next launch from Bordeaux’s 10-yard line. After gifting the orange ball in the midfield, they are then called up with five more penalty kicks, four of which have been accepted.

To make matters worse, Purdue decided to call Cover Zero, a man-to-man cover with exposed players taking off 12 seconds before the end of the game, and Syracuse punished them with a game-winning touchdown.

This was honestly just a disgrace to the coaches and players in a match they should have won.

Charlie Jones had a great day

Kettle-making wide receiver Charlie Jones is expelled from the evil spirit who represents Iowa’s crime, and the world is better off for it. WR has single-handedly done enough for Purdue to win this game including catching a 55-yard touchdown to mount Purdue’s comeback. He finished the game with 11 receptions for 188 yards and a touchdown.

After losing David Bell, Jones was a discovery for Purdue, showing off a relationship with O’Connell dating back to minor league baseball. Three games a season and Jones has 32 receptions for 474 yards and 5 touchdowns. It’s safe to say having a really special season, very bad Bordeaux keep finding ways to lose matches.

Blake x Five

blur michigan Yukon Saturday 59-0 finished one of the weakest non-conference rosters ever. Much of that can be attributed to Blake Corum who finished the game with five touchdowns. Three of the five TDs who came from a one-yard streak are worth discussing because Michigan is trying to replace their back-star Haskins, who handled all of his short yardage duties last year for the Big Ten Champions.

Pat Fitzgerald reports

In the northwest, it’s time to move on from Pat Fitzgerald. You don’t even need to fire him, let him retire, give him a job in management and put him in the school’s Hall of Fame. Do what you feel is necessary but his tenure as head coach must come to an end.

Northwestern are 1-2 on the season with the Duke losing and Southern Illinois losing, and their only win was against a Nebraska team coached by a man who was in line for an additional $7.5 million if he was fired before October 1. This is about more than one surprise, Fitzgerald was frightened, lost a coach, and his players were outdone in every aspect of the game.

His crew refuses to enlist, and they usually enlist in the third lowest tier of the Big Ten. Culture also appears to be eroding as star players like Brandon Joseph move in; Apparently Fitzgerald lost his fastball. This team is small and big, which is usually when Northwestern is at its best; Instead, his player development program has failed and many of them appear to be worse off than they were during Northwestern’s last Big Ten Championship campaign.

There is nothing left to save him here besides Fitzgerald’s pride and connection to the university. That shouldn’t be enough to stop them moving forward.

Nobody is safe (pun intended)

Maryland tamed the SMU Mustangs on Saturday with a 34-27 victory in a thrilling match in large part due to the safety of junior Beau Brade. Brade finished the game with 15 tackles, 2 pass breaks, and an interception. It was all over the field play after play as Maryland’s defense showed up in great shape at the end, allowing the attackers to score two goals in the fourth quarter to win the game.

Maryland isn’t known for defending, and they’re still down 27, but Brady’s emergence as a high school force is a good sign to move forward as they hope to make it into back-to-back bowling and make some noise. In the stacked Big Ten East.

Pennsylvania bullies in Auburn

Did you all know that the SEC is the best conference in college football, maybe the NFL too? It’s also the deepest and their lowest teams will beat even the best teams from other conferences because it just means more at the Southeastern Confernece.

Well, that belief took a hit this weekend when Penn State went into Jordan Hare and knocked out the Tigers 41-12. Last year, Penn State beat Auburn as well, but this was a lucky match and they had an advantage at home. According to SEC lifers, there’s no way Penn State could come south and beat the SEC team.

I wonder what they’ll say now that the Nittany Lions have dominated Auburn in every aspect of the game on their way to a dominant win. The Penn State has found a running game with new five-star Nick Singleton, and they’re entering the Big Ten with momentum as they hope to reclaim their place among the conference’s elite.

Why do college kickers exist?

What is Kickers College and why is it there? I’m starting to believe college kickers don’t train, they just show up at games, specifically the big moments with the sole purpose of breaking the hearts of their fan bases.

Three weeks into the season, it is as if the Kickers have missed every meaningful attempt this season leading to the failure of several turbulent bids. This error has entered the Big Ten as well; Before I stopped following the track, I scored three missed kicks at the big moments.

The Purdue kicker missed a 41-yard kick in a match they lost by three points. Western Kentucky lost a surprise attempt against Indiana after their player missed a 44-yard goal that would have won the game and earned a blocked 39-yard kick in overtime.

The kickers are clearly not dealing with their duties, it’s time to question whether coaches should stop kicking at all and just play for the touchdown.

Offensive Master

The offensive juggernaut is Ohio State Buckeyes woke up from his slumber Saturday, much to the chagrin of the Toledo Missiles. After a crisp show against our lady And knocking some Rust against Arkansas State, the Buckeyes went against a supernova against UT.

CJ Stroud drove Ohio State on seven direct touch drives, and the success didn’t stop as I scored backups when they were in the game as well. By the end of the game, OSU had put together 77 points and scored touchdowns on 11 out of 13 possessions as everyone ate against the overrunning missiles. Those 77 points were a sign of mercy because the foul could have scored multiple times if she wanted to.

Sure, it was Toledo, but Ohio put the rest of the country on notice that Buckeye’s offense had returned to God’s status.

landing walking

College football is full of stories of an unknown walk who is put into a scholarship in creative ways while the whole team celebrates. We are used to it, and I personally look forward to these videos every year.

What we don’t usually see is getting into a game and signing up for one of the best runs we’ve seen since Marshawn Lynch beast mode. After scoring against Toledo, Ohio State put the rally back on TC Caffery and decided to make a name for himself, refusing to go down despite multiple attempts.

It might be the only action he sees all season, but he’s already a legend in the eyes of Buckeye fans.

TC Lynch and Marshawn Caffrey, same thing:

Defenders are people too

Today’s college game is almost exclusively out, which is frustrating in my opinion. Teams rarely take shots under the center, even when short yard positions require it. The majority of teams don’t even have a full-back on the list.

So when a team below center lines up in formation I, it’s worth talking about. After getting inside the five-yard line, Ohio State lined up in the first formation and ran the ball twice in a row but failed to make it to the end zone. In third place, they did the one thing worth looking into and what 90% of programs would refuse to do; They ran a fullback dive to Mitch Rossi for a touchdown.

It was reminiscent of an old fashioned football, fitting for a season-long celebration of Ohio Stadium’s centenary. Hopefully the Buckeyes will continue to use I-Formation and find ways to engage the full-back.

Watch Mitch Rossi’s landing: