Aubameyang and Zakaria gear up for debut as Tuchel searches for ‘next step’ from Chelsea

Chelsea arrived in Croatia the Monday before Tuesday night Champions League The opening match in the group stage is against Dinamo Zagreb, and in addition to starting this campaign, we can witness a couple debuts as well. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Denis Zakaria traveled with the team on the deadline for engagements, with the latter sorting out his work permit and the former using a protective face mask.

On the other hand, Thiago Silva is staying in London after not getting a break this season, and while Edward Mendy is available after all, he may take a back seat to Kepa Arrizabalaga this season.

“We decided with Thiago that he will have a break from traveling and stress after playing every minute so far in very intense matches. It is time to give him a break instead of being put on the bench and facing travel issues. He is taking care of his recovery.

“We had the opportunity to take everyone who was in training and available to Zagreb for our last training. That includes Dennis and Oba. He had a test with his mask on, he felt fine, trained normally. If all goes well today, they will both be available. [Mendy is also] Available.”

“[For Auba] There was no issue yesterday. I hope there will be no problem today. Is he ready to start? naturally. He cannot play 90 minutes. It is up to us to decide how the minutes will be managed. He needs minutes to get his full fit and rhythm. We have to find a solution if he comes off the bench or if he starts.”

Chelsea’s win was surrounded by VAR controversy thanks to the narrative powers of media criticism, and it was also overshadowed by another largely lackluster performance from the Blues.

Photo by DENIS LOVROVIC/AFP via Getty Images

They may be easy dynamos on paper, but they are the big dogs in this part of the world and they may have a lot of sting in their bark. We’re going to have to be on top of our game, as usual – although that kind of consistency constantly eludes us.

“They are used to winning, it is a winning team. They are used to being at the top. That forms a certain mentality. They have made it through qualification, which is never easy. They deserve to be here and I am sure they will plan to play a very technical and emotional match. against us.

“They have individual quality as always, like every team in Dinamo Zagreb and any Croatian team. A lot of individual quality. Up front they have speed and dribbling on the flanks. They will use the role as underdog to overplay and make us underperform. That will be their plan. We know that. .

“We ourselves are in a moment when we need to improve, we are not completely happy with the results, with our performance. We need to take the next step. It is the Champions League, it is very exciting. We are fully aware of the challenge we have to play in our first away game in the group stage.” It’s tough. It can end up in complicated situations but I think it’s very important that we accept that and play a mediocre game, and don’t get bogged down in our expectations.

“We will accept the fight and the challenge and then we can also have the faith and confidence that we can win. We need to perform for sure.”

Thomas Tuchel. source: football london

Certainly, sure.