Atletico vs Real Madrid: What is the controversy surrounding Vinicius Junior’s dances in goal celebrations?

Provocative goal celebrations are rarely rare in football One of the most common ways a player invites an opponent’s fans to keep their opinions to themselves is an arched hand in the ear or a finger on the lips. La Liga found itself in the crosshairs of another storm because of the Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior’s way of scoring a goal: a dance. Also, players pulling out of small routines is nothing new in the game, and Brazilians are known for their elaborate celebrations. From “Baby swing” for Bebeto in the 1994 World Cup against Ronaldo, Romario, Neymar and Lucas PaquetaI became a part of Brazilian football as much as beautiful game.

The issue isn’t Vinicius’ dances, it’s the reaction to them in some Spanish game circles. LaLiga has a checkered history when it comes to tackling racism in stadiums, with monkey chants until recently being fairly common.and the views broadcast by football agent Pedro Bravo on a Spanish TV show beach bar It was widely condemned. Bravo, who is also the president of the Spanish Federation of Football Agents, negotiated the deal that transferred Sergio Ramos from Seville to Real Madrid in 2005, He suggested that Vinicius should “stop representing the ape”.

Abuse in Spanish stadiums

The Spanish phrase Bravo used was Enough deceptionwhich can also be translated as stop playing the clown or represent the fooland immediately apologized for using the words “out of context”, but there was a huge backlash and understanding to his comment, which comes at the same time with A group of Espanyol fans are being tried in court for hate crimes and discrimination after hurling racist abuse at Athletic striker Inaki Williams. In January 2020. This is far from an isolated incident.

Vinicius was at the end of the violations during the Clasico in October 2021 And at Son Moix, home of Real Mallorca, in March 2022. Nico Williamsthe brother of Inaki who was just called up in Spain, received racist insults at Villamarín Betis. In the same month and defender San Jose Earthquakes Carlos Acabo was abused at Los Carmenes stadium in Granada While playing with Cadiz last February.

Bravo released a clarification on social mediasaying that he used the expression “monkey” to say that Vinicius was “doing stupid things”.

“I want to make it clear that the phrase ‘playing monkey’ which he misused to qualify the Vinicius goal celebration dance was metaphorical,” he said. “Since my intention was not to offend anyone, I sincerely apologize. I am sorry!

World football came out to support Vinicius

Vinicius also received criticism from other quarters Due to an apparent disrespect for opponents, but Bravo’s comments on a popular TV show that attracts an audience of different ages was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Real Madrid threatened to take legal action. Players from all over the world, including Atlético de Madrid, gave their support “Keep dancing,” she told Vinicius. He’s been a topic in nearly every press conference ahead of this weekend’s Liga matches and Brazilian public figures including Pele and Lola da Silva have their weight.

“Football is fun. It’s a dance. It’s a real party. Although racism continues to exist, we will not allow it to stop us from continuing to smilePele wrote on Twitter.

Vinicius: “Dance is not for me alone”

Meanwhile, Vinicius said he does not intend to scale back his festivities. My dances celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. “Accept her, respect her, I won’t stop,” he wrote on Instagram. “Weeks ago, some people started criticizing my dancing. But dancing is not for me alone. They belong to Ronaldinho, Neymar, Paqueta, Griezmann, Joao Felix, Matthews Cunha… Brazilian funk singers, samba dancers, Latin American and black reggaeton singers. They are dances to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. They say happiness bothers you. The happiness of a successful black Brazilian in Europe disturbs much more. But my will to win, my smile and the sparkle in my eyes is much greater than that. “