Arrowhead Pride adds 12 new contributors to its team

with the Kansas City Chiefs2022 season is on Arrowhead Pride Added 12 new contributors to his team. In his first post, each new contributor (listed alphabetically) shares what led them to Arrowhead Pride:

Brice Carter

I am a Kansas City native, born and raised on the Chiefs football team. Growing up, I was probably the only kid who would have trouble changing all the radios in the house to a sports talk radio. She has been writing and covering the Chiefs since 2020, contributing to many successful websites and launching an NFL podcast as well. My analysis focuses on the analyzes of objectivity and opinion. When I’m not covering and talking to chiefs, I love spending time with my wife and son and helping my dad in the local dirt track scene.

Nate Christensen

O heads of the kingdom! My name is Nate Christensen, and I am a sophomore studying business administration at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. My greatest passion is the Kansas City Chiefs, and I am happy to write about them for them Arrowhead Pride. I will analyze the movie during the week. follow my Twitter for movie clips. Go chiefs!

Justin Eichmann

Kingdom of Chiefs, let’s ride (I’m kidding).

On a serious note, I am excited to write about a team that helped shape my love for football while growing up. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas and went to play football at Butler Community College Kansas State. Now, as a former player, I have more time on my hands to watch the bosses up close than ever before. I wanted to use an outlet to talk about the game I love with a wider audience. I have followed Pete and the rest of the members Arrowhead Pride The team and they have a lot of respect for all the coverage they give Chiefs Football. With that being said, I’m ready to get this thing done!

Maurice Elston

Kingdom heads! I am just a kid from Kansas City, passionate about writing and loving football and crazy about Kansas City Chiefs. Arrowhead Pride It’s been my go-to source for Heads news for over a decade now, and I’m looking forward to adding my flavor to this amazing team. This is a dream come true for me. I’m really excited and I hope you are! How bout these presidents!!

Zach Gunther

Although there is not much experience published, my love for football and writing runs deep. Born and raised in Kansas City, The Chiefs are in my blood. This is inappropriate, I mostly wrote about 2022 NFL Draft – With miscellaneous news and other fiction articles also published.

advanced to Arrowhead Pride Because I love Chiefs Kingdom and I want to reach out to more of you. I look forward to writing to all of you! Go chiefs!

Conner Helm

Although I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad from Kansas City made sure that I’ve lived and breathed the Red President since the day I was born. I suffered through the dark ages and celebrated the golden ages with all of you. Some of Arrowhead’s experiences include: being in the crowd for the world record game “Loudest Crowd Noise” against the Patriots, Dante Hall’s return against the Broncos match and 2019 AFC Championship Game.

I recently worked for NFL media In the Next Generation stats section for three seasons, and I’ll bring it up now Arrowhead Pride In-depth reports using advanced analytics.

Ashley Justice

Just another Kansas City native who lives in the Chiefs Kingdom. After years of shouting the praises of my superiors into the void, I’m so glad I found myself in this void Arrowhead Pride. A little bit about me: I have tons of photos of my dog ​​(according to my iCloud storage), sushi and Chipotle are my main food group and there’s a video of me crying after The Chiefs Energy LIV wins on my Instagram, it’s fun if you feel like watching.

– Rico Mendoza

How’s it going, AP! I am honored to be among the many new and talented contributors that have been added to Arrowhead Pride Team. Coming to you straight from a rival district of Southern California, nothing makes me happier than seeing murmurs and groans around town as the dominant game-day bosses triumph. Regardless, I am just a regular sports fan, who, like many of you, has loved football since I was a kid. I am grateful for this opportunity to work on the site and will do my best to keep us all here Arrowhead Pride Informed and up-to-date with the latest news surrounding the team. Let’s go chiefs!

Stan Nelson

Hello kingdom heads! I was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My first memories of football were the immaculate reception as it happened live, so the NFL has been in my blood since I was seven. I moved to Kansas City after high school in the mid-1980s and became not only a fan of the Chiefs, but also a huge fan – live and die by my presidents. I’ve been part of the kingdom since the days of Carl and Marty and have held season tickets for many years. I’ve been to games where I’ve ranged from absolute ecstasy to having my heart ripped out. I started following AP Since its early days and has been a daily visitor to the site ever since. It is an absolute honor to become a contributor to a site that I have admired for so long. I look forward to celebrating with you the moments we’ve all been waiting for. In my nearly 50 years of being an NFL fan, there’s never been a better time than now to be a Chiefs fan.

Tom Ruprecht

As a fan of the Chiefs living in New Jersey, Arrowhead Pride He was invaluable in helping me feel connected to Kansas City. I’m excited that they’re letting me be a part of it.

I’ve spent the past 20 years working as a television comedian (Late Show with David Letterman, How I Met Your Mother etc) While I’m proud of the jokes I wrote, I must admit I’ve never come up with anything as funny as Tyreek’s claim that Tua is more accurate than Mahomes.

Nick Schwert

Having spent the first decade of my radio career (you can hear me as a producer on “Cody & Gold”) 610 Sports Radio), I decided I wanted to branch out and try something new. I approached Pete Sweeney with a simple question.

“How can I share my thoughts and opinions without actually speaking?” I asked.

“Do you mean to write?” Pete replied.

In this way, my career in Arrowhead Pride seem. I will write periodically throughout the week, as well as take on assignments Our Instagram page The gameday tweets live on AP Twitter account.

Dakota Watson

O heads of the kingdom! Lifelong Chiefs is a fan here and an old reader of Arrowhead Pride. From the days of watching every minute of 12 or 14 seasons lost to the euphoria of being among the Arrowhead crowd watching “13 Seconds,” I will always love this team.

I am now a Ph.D. practicing in the Kansas City metro – and can’t wait to combine my passion for physical therapy and writing for this great community. I won’t always be right – and neither is any medical provider, but I hope at least I know and know where I can. I can’t think of a more exciting time than now to be involved in the KC esports market. Let’s roll!