Are the wheels off Bayern Munich at the worst possible time?

It started on Thursday night when a report from Sport1 said some players were unhappy with their roles and playing time Bayern Munich. This alleged anger was confirmed by Bild the next day.

Rumors eventually developed into two other reports (Bild, Kicker) that broke out on Sunday stating that an unnamed player was really upset with the situation and that the locker room did not enjoy Julian Nagelsmann’s inability to take any blame on the latter team. Half of the average play.

So… what should we believe at this point? lets take alook.

Are there players who complain about their playing time and roles?

This is 100% believable. The locker rooms of professional teams aren’t filled with BFFs and LOLs all the time. It is a sport and a business where players have dedicated their lives to “make it”. There is big ego, bigger salaries and huge amounts of desire to be on the field. So yes, inevitably there are players who think they deserve more time to play – and a consistent role in the beginning.

According to my count, Bayern Munich has 18 players at the basic level… which seems to be a very difficult number to manage: Manuel Neuer, Benjamin Pavard, Nassir Mazraoui, Matisse de Ligt, Lucas Hernandez, Dayot Opicano, Alfonso Davies, Josep Stanicic, Joshua. Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Marcel Sabitzer, Ryan Gravenberch, Thomas Muller, Sadio Mane, Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Serge Gnabry, and Kingsley Coman.

There’s no way for Nagelsmann to please them all, but hey, that’s part of the party, you know?

OK, but are they uncomfortable about formation and tactics too?

Yes, without a doubt. You’ll never find a locker room where every player is cheering and second-guess training decisions are among the athlete’s birthrights in most places, so surely, there are some issues. At this point, all of this is normal.

Is Julian Nagelsmann on the hot seat? Does it have to be?

Just because some players may – or may not – be unhappy with the way Nagelsmann plans matches or the way he handles the “blame game” after poor performances, it doesn’t mean that anyone at the club is calling for the trigger to be pulled when the coach is fired.

Sure, there are players who are unhappy (there are plenty of talent on the team to stay satisfied riding on the bench), but there are also definitely players who are worried about when/role they’ve played on every team, everywhere (even Tom Adams)’ beer team. …maybe Accountant Joe should get more attacking time in midfield, but who am I to say?).

Regardless, it was too early to consider Nagelsmann’s canning and it is unlikely that anyone at Bayern Munich would consider that action now. Any decision like that would be a panic move and it doesn’t suit Bayern Munich how to operate.

What about Thomas Tuchel, is he available? Should Bayern act now if they have doubts about Nagelsmann?

There is very little chance that Bayern Munich will risk bringing in a coach who has been so polarizing at every stop at the moment. I think there should be a massive breakdown, public control of the media, and consistent public debate among coaches and players for Bayern Munich to consider this option anytime soon.

Tuchel is a short-term first aid kit, anyway. He’s super talented, but he’s also isolated every locker room he runs. This is the last type of coach that Bayern Munich needs.

But what about the mole… who is he? And the unnamed source?

It’s Muller!

We’re joking, of course. We have a long inside joke about who the mole is in the Bayern locker room, but in reality, many players are likely to use their contacts in the media.

While some dismiss unnamed sources (certainly, there’s a reason for that), more often than not, players will speak on the condition of anonymity to get their message across – without having to feel the heat of their teammates, coaches, or club.

It’s not any journalist’s preferred way of working, but sometimes it’s the only way to get the player – or other sources within the organization – to speak up.

As a fan, should I be concerned?

not yet. There is a long way to go this season and Bayern Munich are still unbeaten.

So… are the wheels going off at the worst time?

No… even if Bayern Munich loses F.C.BThings are not like that who – which bad so far. There is no reason to panic or even anger. This team is learning how to play together under the leadership of this coach. It will take time due to the number of transfers and changes that have occurred.

make sure it could It would be better, but it could also be Much worst. Let everything play out… As the old saying goes, this season is a marathon, not a sprint.