American River College football is back with a win over Sacramento City College – The American River Current

The Beavers brought home their first win of the season, with the final score 13-15

The American River College football team won the first game of season 13-15 against Sacramento City College on September 3 at ARC. (Photo by Carla Montaroli)

The American River College football team is back on the field. The team played its first game of the season at home against Sacramento City College on September 3.

The ARC soccer team came home with a 13-15 win.

“We got it! We got away with a win and it’s a great day to be a Beaver,” said ARC coach John Oosterhout.

The defensive line played a key role during the match. Her performance was a pitfall for most of the game. Forced to fumble in third place. ARC SCC’s defense minimized the first landing to allow for an excellent offensive field position.

Robert Freeman returned a 40-yard kick that, during the first quarter, ARC was leading 0-3, thanks to a field goal from Zach Schreiner.

During the second quarter, SCC advanced by dropping the scorer 7-3.

SCC’s defensive line played well, making it difficult for ARC quarterbacks Matt Carlisle and Kenneth Lueth.

“The team faced some trials during this match,” Osterhout said. “We did not play clean football and were ineffective in the offensive side of football.”

Osterhout also said that for the team, that’s just a reason to work harder and get back on the drawing board.

The players were thrilled with this win, but said they knew there were things that didn’t work out.

“It feels good to get a ‘W,'” said Avant Jacobs, returning to ARC, “but we didn’t play our best game ever.”

The offensive line had few attempts to move forward. After several attempts, during the second quarter, they scored a touchdown. Thanks to a full pass from Carlisle and an amazing catch from Grayson Barnes, the ARC tight end.

At this point, ARC was leading 7-10. But this progress was short-lived, in fact, the SCC scored another landing. They gained possession within the red zone.

In the third quarter, ARC took over the security.

The score was 13-12 with SCC leading, until the last 10 seconds of the match.

During one of his last plays, Carlisle threw a long pass to Ian Simpson that gave them a chance to hit a 50-yard field goal by Schreiner.

It was this play that led ARC to its first win of the season.

As the beavers took to the field, they could be heard chanting the team’s slogan, “You’ve got your back!”

“We strive to help each individual create the best possible version of themselves,” Osterhout said. “Have them play the game the right way within the limits of what we have asked of them, and usually the results are [in] favor [of] American River College”.

Players know what they need to work on and improve for the next match.

For the next game, Jacobs said, “I think we have to dive more into the mob, and see exactly what we’re doing.” “And now that I’m more focused, I feel like that can change a lot.”

The team’s next game is away to Fresno City College on September 17th at 5pm