Alabama Football: Undoing the Passing Game Problems in Texas

Happy Monday everyone. Alabama is no longer unanimous no. one team as Overtaken by Georgia in the AP استطلاع Poll. However, the tides fell in only one place, and he held the first place in the coaches poll. I would have preferred to see them fall a little more personally.

After the narrow escape in Austin, the question is whether we’re all wrong about Texas, Alabama, or both. My doubts are they are both, at least at this point in the season, but there is room for this Alabama team to grow. while he Maybe it wasn’t quite as terrible as it seemedThe The passing match was the most obvious interest.

– It would be great to take a look at the events of the Team of 22 because, in real time on the field, it looks like the Tide receivers couldn’t find much daylight. The fact that Jermaine Burton had only shot twice for 10 yards after being called the most consistent in pre-season is a turn of events.

-The third downward turn in the opening drive, 13 yards to Prentice was the only wide reception down until the fourth quarter. Let that sink in for a minute. The only other monitors between then were the Holden and Burton monitors that went for minus -1 and two hours respectively in back-to-back shots.

“Start with contact play. The choice to play Bill O’Brien was horrible at times. The offensive line didn’t help much, but thankfully you have the best quarterback in the country. But it was the penalties. Time and time again mistakes were made. Including some, very few who I can add it, by Will Anderson Jr., who many of us keep insisting he has to be in New York for the Heisman party. So there’s a lot to do.”

So, as usual, the offensive coordinator and offensive line are a fair game, but because the quarterback won the Heisman title last year, he’s beyond blame. I love Bryce like everyone else, but sometimes his cerebral approach to the game leads to more thinking and less response. The offense really started well, both with passing and running. Personally, I think two games in the second quarter led to some hesitation:

First, the sack in the A gap blitz where Bryce had absolutely no time because Jahmyr Gibbs blew his ban mission…

Then the third play where Kobe Prentice fails to sit in his area, resulting in what could have been a very dangerous situation.

Prentice will undoubtedly learn as he didn’t make it to campus until the summer, but nothing will create as few cobwebs for a quarterback like a lack of confidence in his protection or receivers where they are supposed to be. This can lead to some hesitation, but it also gives credit for defending Gary Patterson. They hid their coverage well and confused Young’s prior readings. In a play that should have been judged by a sack in the end zone, which actually turned out better for the Texans since they got the ball in the extra zone and scored a quick field goal, Jammer Gibbs was open on the field slide where the lightning came from.

This ball should come out once the fall is complete. Standing in the end zone for an extra second will not work.

Gibbs is a one-on-one linebacker with plenty of room underneath. He has a high chance of getting him to miss and take first place, but if not, he at least gives James Burnipe some breathing space and doesn’t hit Young. The offensive line had its loopholes, but there was plenty of time for this play.

All three items were a bit uneven on Saturday: passers-by, pass catchers, and pass blockers, but things are starting to look just in time. I was actually more upbeat after the re-watch, seeing some chemistry developing of late. With two more weeks to work out, I think crime has a chance to look like we all thought it would be by October, and it has to if Alabama is going to make it through this stretch.

As far as O’Brien’s criticism goes, both Saban and Young have praised his tutelage. Anytime I find myself agreeing with Finebaum’s hot stuff, I tend to reconsider, but your mileage may vary. Patterson did a great job mixing things up QB with a whole new set of goals, and the last time I checked Bryce and Bill they started in their roles at the same time.

We’ve seen Young play a little under Sark as a freshman and he wasn’t pretty, but you can’t draw much from that. We couldn’t see him as a novice under Sark, nor did we see what O’Brien might do with Tua/Mac, Najee and Rydeouts. When the players perform, the coach is a genius. When they don’t, he’s a tramp. We have a lot of people making assumptions here looking for someone to blame, but I think that’s just `Moreka’ for the time being.

If rat poison is a problem, that should take care of itself now. From Tamil House:

“All angles and receivers are in the same boat,” one NFL scout said. “They played but they were never the ‘man’ per se. Someone out there needs to step up their play.”

“I didn’t see a lot of speed,” added the second NFL scout.

Alabama would get a Texas-sized portion of the antithesis of rat poison, the kind of skepticism and negativity that Saban would inevitably use to shape and shape his team.

But as they look forward, it’s not crazy that Georgia is the SEC favorite and Alabama is in danger of losing many games in the regular season. If you lack skill and speed on the outside on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to compete in modern college football.

There’s plenty of speed in the back corner and receiver, but at this point none of the Alabama stoves have won the time. Of course, the fastest in the group has not yet made it to the field.

Harrell has Jameson Williams type speed and some experience, so I hope it helps. Field stretcher is badly needed.

You can probably guess from the many years of breakup leads that there is a fair amount of trash in the Texas fan base. Welp… (NSFW Language)

I can’t wait to add this group to the league!

Finally, I’m sure everyone here is aware of A&M’s loss to the Appalachian State on Saturday. Seems it was well deserved.

Yes really.

That’s about it for today. I had a fun week.

tide roll.